Team News:

5th December: Team to play Fairwater on Saturday – 

Players to meet at ground – Waterhall Park – 12.45 for a 1.00 team meeting. 
Fussey, Jock, Dobbie, Archie, Bagsy, Rhys Meredith, Matt Courfield, Elliot Regan Rob Ryan, Jon Morris, Matt O’Brien, Bryn Evans, Josh Kelly, Ozzie Flowers, Matt Arnold

Reps (from) Ed Poynter, Dan Evans, Jack Hoskins, Tom Cummings, Dyson.

20th November: Team to face Cardiff Harlequins on Saturday 23rd November. All players to meet at 12.15 at the club.

  1. Mike Fussey
  2. Scott Carmichael
  3. Ed Dobbs
  4. Arturs Kozels
  5. Kris Barry
  6. Richie Thomas
  7. Tom Cummings
  8. Rhys Meredith
  9. Tom O’Brien
  10. John Morris
  11. Oscar Flowers
  12. Bryn Evans
  13. Josh Kelly
  14. Sean O’Brien
  15. Matt Arnold (C)
  16. David Price
  17. Jack Smith
  18. Lewis Dawes
  19. Matt O’Brien

9th November:

Training Arrangements week commencing Monday 11th November 2013:

A further Crossfit session has been arranged for ALL senior players at Dragon Crossfit, Curran Road at 7.30pm Monday 11/11/13.

There will also be an outdoor session Wednesday 13/11/13 as usual.

Training the following week commencing 18/11/13 will revert to 2 outdoor sessions at the club Monday & Wednesday before the Quins game on the Saturday. Players need to train to be considered for selection for that very important game.

Any queries or unavailability for training or the Quins should be reported to the Team Manager Paul O’Brien.

**Physio Treatment** Any senior player requiring treatment from the Physio must first notify the Team Manager for the necessary arrangements/appointment to be made.


30th October 2013: Team to play against Aberdare 2nd November. 12.15 meet for 12.30 departure

1 Mike Fussey
2 Scott Carmicahel
3 Ed Dobbs
4 Artus Kozels
5 Kris barry
6 Richie Thomas
7 Jack Cook
8 Rhys Meredith
9 Tom O’Brien
10 John Morris
11 Sean O’Brien
12 Bryn Evans
13 Josh Kelly
14 Oscar Flowers
15 Dan Evans
16 Lewis Dawes
17 Josh O’Neil
18 Rob O’Brien
19 Jack Smith