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22nd May: Rocks Under 8s make the Echo with the Chief. Photo.

9th May: Report by Denfa

Under 8`s won the abergavenny tournament beating Pontypridd in the semi 3/1 and Neath in the final 2/0. the biggest tourny in Europe? The Team did fantastic and by team i mean team.all 33 players who played helped to win the trophy .every thing we do we do as a team. we train as a team we play as a team we lose as team. and when we win we win as team. We are Pontyclun plate winners, we are St Peters home tournament champions , we are Cardiff district and vale champions, We are Abergavenny champions
Our regular season results
This season we played 119 games – won 75 games, lost 31, drew 13, scored 764 tries
We are Team!!!


21st April: Report by Denfa

nine games played to day up at rumney a fixture error with cymru cardydd and the never turned up and a small fixture`s mistake by our sevens meant they never made it no worries we had 24 players and we gave the rumney under sevens there first taste of tag rugby . all three teams played them the tigers, panthers, lions going easy on them ,but no need they had some keen players and after some quick coaching and some errant reffing they competed well sam miller and the 2 toms played really well also kav and lincon have an eye for the gap rumney under sevens performed well we gave them three draws and all there players scored tries this can be done by some inventive reffing . on the whole they will have no worries next year well done Tony the defector you are doing a great job up the hill
just a note Balchy hasnt been crossing the white wash as often as he has in the past His mam in an effort to getting him going . offered a fiver a try . so that’s £20 please mum !! Ta!!

69 tries scored in all with just about every shirt scoring . the ones that missed out were to busy giving class pass`s and making the hard yards for the try finishers . this is how teams play ? take note Mrs Owen ? and dont be loosing another Score to balchy . cheers all the same Claire he played well and everyone deserved £20 today
The day as a whole won 6 drew 1 and lost 2 as ever the t he games against rumney are tight affairs with good competitive rugby being played this year we have only played them once this is a change they are our usual default team . and last year we played them 6 times weather and stronger fixtures have meant that this was only the second time so to win as many as we did was a great day . the 8s match`s were tight affairs as you will read but this time the rocks did the business ? and got the glory this could have been the other way when you see the scores

our first staoe knew to the game is Mike the mic weston
lost 7 10
Luke in corner after good pace
Rumney level
Westy tagged just short and Saul changes direction to score
R equalise quickly
Westy and Luke combine to see luke go over in corner
R score to level then turn over to take the lead
Westy carwyn and saul combine well for carwyn to level.
R take the lead again
Rocks tagged out for turnover…
R score from long range to go ahead by 2
Westy steps nicely to go over before halftime and make it 6-5


R score from kick off
Rogue pass from lions leads to a turnover try for R
Excellent pace from muzzy on last tag to score in corner
Poor tagging from lions and R score again
Try from R
Good pace again from muzzy for another try
Full time
won 9/11 R score down the left with lovely running.
Harley run feeds saul to score at the restart.
Good support running sees r go over again
Good run from harry scores in the corner
Breakaway from r to go in the corner again
Westy go over from short fed by Saul
Good passing from r for another try in the corner
Westy over again for try after some better passing from lions
Luke picks up a dropped ball to score a breakaway
R score from close and we go to 5 vs 7 even though the scores are tied
R score again to take the lead
Half time
Excellent score from r from the restart from long range.
Lions shambles passing leads to a turnover and r score again from long range
Luke scores in corner after a good run
R score in corner after some good pace
Harry shows good pace to finish off a long effort
R score again after some woeful tagging from lions
Westy good support running to score in corner
Luke scores again after a great take and pass from carwyn
R score again to finish the game
here is the tigers results from our ever present dazza a man of few words but everyone of them worth hearing
Here are the results from Aled’s team.
1st game St Peter 10 Rumney 9
Try Scorers –
Baulchy 3
Gethin 3
Ben Elliott 3
Finners 1

2nd game St Peters 7 Rumney 6
Try scorers –
Ben Elliott 3
Eamon 2
Finners 1
Griff 1

Last game against Rumney under 7s
No score taken although If mentioned Balchy will gain extra try monies making his count for the day 4 and Louisa had a great game pulling of the famous Rhydefelin move, well done.

Cheers Daz this is what i mean he noticed how well Luisa played in a team full of tigers . she steps up the the mark every time and is gaining in confidence every week a real star in the making .
now to richie rich bedders scores for the panthers again a man of few words “this week” cheers bedders
Hi Denfa Dave macs panthers scores lost 7/8 yardy 3 tom D 1 matt t 2 and kane 1
won 7/3 kane 2 yardy1 tom mac 3 tom d 1
drew 8/8 kai 1 tom d 2 tom mac 1 kane 2 matt t1 yardy 1

14th April:

Report 1

Aleds tigers are district champions beating .

Pentryrch 2/1 bedders and ben,llantwitt 2/1 yardy ,kane,

llanishen b 6/0 Flaming 2 bedders1 ben 3

quarter final Llandaff north2/1 muzzy Gruff,

semi cowbridge 2/0 flaming 2

final a 3 all draw against Lllanishen A flaming 1 Yardy 1 and gruff getting the late equalizer .

We are joint champs today with llanishen, couldn’t watch the final as i thought i would jinx the shirts . so i reffed a great plate final between llandaff city and north the city running out 5/4 winnners . thanks again to all our players parents and coach`s what agreat end to FINNLEYS birthday .


Report 2

Home to dinas and dolgellau .dinas ano show report by lucas the pen howell St Peters v Dolgellau (Game 1)

Mother Nature still not prepared to bless the Harlequins ground with full warmth of a Spring Sunday. But the rain just about held off, as the opening game for the tourists got underway.

Dolgellau kicked off and attacked the Rocks hard and fast. But the Rocks were ready and tagged them out. Changed possession but the ball evaded Gethin’s grip and knocked on.

Change after change of possession, with neither team taking advantage.

A chance coming together of Saul and Gethin gave the visitors the opening. Try 0-1.

Big offensive from St Peters, but Evan stepped into touch, just short of the line. Dolgellau were turned over and the Rocks finally started to play to their strengths, with Joel running in the try, 1-1.

Half Time.

The Rocks restart and make short work of scoring, Evan running in, 2-1.

Restart for the visitors, quickly tagged out by the Rocks and a trademark supporting run from Gethin, running over unchallenged, 3-1.

Turnover came quick again and Ethan scored the Rocks 4th, 4-1.

A bad knock to Dolgellau’s player, denied Gethin his second as play was pulled back 5m. The visitors tagged like demons, turned over and scored, 4-2.

The reply was swift, as Gethin ran in a second, 5-2.

Creative tag counts from referee Denfa, gave the tourists a view of the line, 5-3.

The call went up, for ‘Rhydfelin’ and the Joel fed Tom McCallum to ride the try line express, 6-3.

With Father Time preparing to call time on the match, the tourists stepped up to the line and also the challenge, running in the final try of the match. Full time score 6-4 to the Rocks.


St Peters v Dolgellau (Game 2)

With a ‘no show’ from Dinas Powys, Dolgellau were afforded a short break  watching their elder clubmates, but returned to the face the face the Lions.

The Rocks kicked off  and opened up the scoring try Thomas, 1-0.

Great run from Dolgellau 1-1.

Try from Ioan, finding his feet as a big supporting runner, 2-1.

After a little sulk, Dolgellau’s big man regained composure and ‘head down, arse up’ put the visitors on even terms, 2-2.

Half Time

The tourists opened the second half, 2-3.

Reply from Rocks, via Balsh 3-3.

Dolgellau again edged in front, 3-4.

Ciaran Brown forged his way to the line, before off loading at the tag to Thomas, 4-4.

A spilt ball from the visitors gave the Rocks possession, and Ciaran ‘Kidd’  Davies ran in for the Rocks, 5-4.

Tourists replied quickly, 5-5.

The Rocks had the final say, running in a last. Ciaran ‘Kidd’ Davies getting his second of the day. Final score 6-5, in a closely run match.

7th April:

warmish weather at abercynon seen us turn up with about 25 players . aber only had the five so we lent them 8 and a game of three halfs ten mims each . some great support play by both sides with 18 trys scored by st peters shirts both for the rocks and against . Anthony the aber coach couldn’t understand how  we had so many . when i said there was another ten on holibobs he shook his head . Dylan Balch`s snatch and dummy stands out . we had a word in training on how to sell a dummy and he sold it really well  . bedders jetlagged from disney world showed some fine ghost running and shows a nice exchanged of tags between him and finners made me smile . Ben and Eamon ran well with ball in hand Kai kd took up the challenged as per . Gethin “Big G” is playing some great support rugby and is taking to the game with maturity beyond his years contact will play a big part in honing his abundant skills . Max as ever mesmerized all who watched fast feet and balance  luke when running straight is a fine player look up luke make the choice and back your self  Muzzy is back after a little break and his pace is startling . carwyn again contact is coming and straight running from our  wittsy will stand the chap in good stead . Matt e and matt t both took the game in there stride  watch the video it will leave you all pleased with the day . i finished the day over the rocks to watch the under 11`s play in the final . they lost 2/1 20 minutes of brutal rugby with hits and runs by both sides making me wonder where they get there energy from after a long day a great game and i think both sides thought they were going to win  pontypridd just getting the nod after a fine break and reload of the ball . a good game played by both sides and the relief by ponty evident at the whistle .  take a look at the 8`s   18 tries by all rocks players 6 by abercynon http://youtu.be/JflN95x7vQs cheers all see you wednesday Halfpenny down the rocks . Steptoe

30th March:


tour-3 A wonderful cold tour all played a blinder in very cold arctic conditions here are some of the results and pictures well done to charlie lucas and pappy for there help . I must admit it was abit of a blur to me . thank you to mathew sweeny for his organisation . The Shirts behaved themselves much better than the adults  me included and samuri swords were the outstanding weapon s of choice from the ARCADE

 At Peters v Weston

Weston started with possession, and opened the scoring, 1-0.
Run from Yarwood, supported by Gethin, try Gethin 1-1.
Weston Tagged in scoring, try given, 2-1.
Good run from Saul, try, 2-2.
tour-2A little creative running after the tag, gave Weston a try, 3-2.
Try Carwyn, 3-3.
Try Weston 4-3.
A great step and try from Gethin, saw HT score 4-4.
Weston try 5-4.
Yarwood broke line, try, 5-5.
Try Weston, 6-5.
Great passes from Yarwood, to Rogers, to McCallum, try 6-6.
Try Weston, 7-6.
Matt Foley’s arm up on touch, denied Harry a try.
Change of possession, try Weston 8-6.
Try Rogers 8-7.
FT 8-7 to Weston.
Ben e 1-0
Gruff 2-1
Max 3-2
Kieran 4-3
Ben 5-3
Mac 6-4
Kieran 8-6
Ben 9-8

tour-1Saturday 23/03

Rocks 9 v 8 Weston Super Mare (I think! Could have been 8-7?)

Ben – good solo effort following nice run and offload from Kieran
Gruff – following a great run and offload by Balchy
Rhys – following good support play by Luisa and Balchy
Kieran – following good support play by Gruff and Ben
Ben – great solo run following offload from Rhys
Rhys – nice run and shimmy following exchange of passes with Gruff
Joel – great team play including nice link up by Cai. (Tagged on the line so may not have been given).
Gruff – close range with assist from Joel
Kieran – nice feet after assist from Ben


Rocks 5 v 7 Old Reds of Bristol (I think! We lost by 2 or 3 though)

Joel – great run following assist from Kieran
Rhys – great solo run from his own 22 following pass from Blachy
Ben – great solo run following pass from Kieran
Balchy – following lovely long range pass from Finners
Gruff – close range with assist from Kieran

In the other Rocks v Old Reds game (which I think we won) I saw tries by Westy and Eamonn and some fantastic tagging by Yardy

tour-4Sunday 24/03

 Rocks 5 v 2 North Bristol

Rhys – close range following storming run from Ben
Keiran – following great team play including nice link up play by Harley and long range assist from Finners
Finners – lovely clear long range run after nice switch with Balchy
Gruff – fantastic mazy run after switch with Rhys
Ben – great run straight down the right hand touchline following a sweet dummy with Balchy

U8s 2 v 2 U7s

Finners – following nice switch with Ben
Ben – following great link up play from Seth and Luisa

In the Rocks v Burnham game (which I think we won) I saw tries from Mucky and Saul.

17th March:


march-201tournament-4 march-201tournament-3
march-201tournament-2 march-201tournament-1

st peters home tourny  St Peters Tigers U8`s Winners   Pontypridd runners up     Final score 5-3

Baulchy,Bedders,Luke,,Maximus,Ciaran,Ioan,Clarkie,Finners,KIDD,Tom D,Ben,Finn,Matt e, Rowan,Harry F,Luisa,Gethin,Saul,Harls,Kane,Seth, Kai,Tom Mc,Cai,Muzzy,Noonie,Ethan,Gruff,Eamonn,Evan r,Evan w,Tucker,Joel,Carwyn,and finally but not least Yardy. WELL DONE!
All of you made this possible with out your commitment fortitude Effort . We would have not won this tournament. Your ability to train, listen and work hard We St Peters under 8`s would have not won This our first tourny out right. To Aled Ant David Huw and Matt thankyou your ambition and tireless work over the past two years has payed dividends.Team we are and Team we will remain.
Shirts you were all magnificent.
The tigers won all 5 match`s and took the tourny by playing a brand of rugby that left all that watched impressed,coachs from all sides said to me that out offloads and support play was the best they have seen all year.same as the Panthers They gave the tigers there hardest match and with a fair wind it could have been a all rocks final. the rub of the green not being in favour of the panthers .Won 2 lost 2 ,that is taking nothing away from the other sides if i said 24 trys for and 8 against to the tigers tells you every thing about the efforts . 39 trys scored in all match `s by the rocks, thankyou to lucas and dazza for there fine statoing. Tagging in pods running down the impossible tag. Supporting each others runs. handling skills that belies your age the future is bright the future is green and black. TIGERS 7/1 pentrych,5/1 pontyclun/ 3/1 panthers,4/2pontypridd, Final 5/3 pontypridd? Ben Elliot got man of the tourny a well deserved reward for a nice guy and a fab player, Yardy Eamonn and our captain Bedders all in the running.the rest off you were only Brilliant. See Pappy`s videohttp://youtu.be/e1lPDYcgxkI everyone in the team plays the ball Outstanding . thanks to papy and Molly for there photos and well done mums dads aunts uncles grandads grandmas brothers and sisters .A great end to a great weekend.

all the best Steptoe

10th March:


St Peters U8s 11/10/8 – 10/10/8 old penarthians


Away to old pens and llandaff 3 games in all on a day that was cold enough for walking stick First game against Llandaff we had 21 turn out on a day Tha mums new everyone should have stayed at home . But a late call was made and they all turned up as per usual. We played llandaff and decided to play 8 aside with the rocks changing over at half time so the panthers would not get to cold . The first match we won 10 /9 with try`s being scored by all sides at quick time no quarter was given or taken a bitterly cold day. the rocks edging out the cathedral boys after going 5/2 up . the manner of subs being the change in fortunes and the second half consistency of the cathedral boys play with the rocks having a complete change of sides. Both sides taking there chances well and support play being the best part of the sides game ! tagging in this weather is more luck than judgement . Idris and myself agreed that all the shirts are ready for contact. and today may have seen a different game . mind you with the forceful direct running the game was semi contact !!! and not a moan by anyone supporters coach`s and players alike.

The second match was texted on the hoof by Lucas the pen howell his big frozen thumb trying to keep up with the game scored it 9/10 after Idris corrected the score at the death to 10 all believing no one deserved to lose .Very Honorable Idris Cheers! he doz play for the rocks mind you !!so our last try go`s to AN Other . he plays most weeks but this week got on the try count ? Rocks v Llandaff Tigers led by Aled
Llandaff kick off, but errant pass into touch. Turnover score Yarwood, 1-0. Llandaff immediately responded, 1-1.
Dancing by Finners, supported by Gethin, who broke the line on second attempt, 2-1.
Llandaff respond, 2-2.
Oliver Clark, 3-2.
Llandaff, 3-3.
Great support given to Rhys, Yarwood scores, 4-3.
Llandaff, 4-4.
Knock on Llandaff, turnover, breakaway try for Yarwood, 5-4.
Llandaff, 5-5.
Rocks restart, try Finners, 6-5.
Llandaff respond, 6-6.
Big run from Yarwood, 7-6.
Llandaff 7-7.
Maximums scored 8-7.
Try Llandaff., 8-8.
Try Yarwood 9-8.
Try Llandadf 9-9
Fumble St Peters, Llandaff score,  last gasp try by A.N.Other St peters FT 10-10.
. Then we come to the last match against old pens the panthers led by Matt and reffed by little legs ANT. old pens have come on no end since our last meeting and ant reffed the games with a steely eye. ben got 4 R`KIDD 2 clarkie and matt ev`s getting 1 apiece old pens keeping there passing together and nerve to keep the game close . again tagging hard in this weather Dazza Elliot keeping the try count going and i will tell you that this week three games produced 29 tries . this week scored by 10 shirts yardy and ben got 7 each this week . the team played up and hard all shirts doing there bit . Finners making the ball on the ground his this week! and Gruff back to his dancing best, Un selfish play by Ciaran brown saw him give 2 trys to shirts when the line was his, .Nice work Ciran . Kd Kai and Clarkie keeping there line well and grabbing the tags when they could. Carwyn luisa and harley stepping up to the task Saul keeping upright mostly this week. Ethan progressing and max poaching his weekly try or ten. Seths ability to run and run and run with the ball offload well should see him get handful’s of tries but for some unknown reason dosn`t seem to cross as often as he should!! But his smile is infectious and plays for the team every time he puts his boots on . What was pleasing is that all did there best some the cold got the better of them others didnt seem to matter . Again 21 turned out and thats whats important valuable lessons for the future. well done every one .

Next week we are home for our own tournament two teams of fifteen a side 8 playing at any one time . This is tournament play so . i will endeavor to get everyone on the field . however we must try and win at tournaments so a slight change to the way we do it . we will start with 2 starting sides and seeing how it go`s they will remain on the pitch . if we are wining well then subs will be made if there injuries then subs will be made and if we are loosing then subs will need to be made . Bear with us Supporters mums and dads this is the time of the year that all our hard work hopefully comes good . You know I ,WE will Keep it real “BECAUSE WE ARE TEAM”

Steptoe Ant Aled Matt David and HUW.

3rd March:


Rhiwbina away, it was taters, freezing, bitter.Blue with cold,the easterly zephyr  blowing its Siberian breath over the green expanse of caedelyn park. nowhere to hide Soldier on get amongst them and play up. Larry and jason give us the format 9 aside two games we are 24 strong they 20. good hardy souls every last one of them .. Four games played four games lost . the rub of the green going this time to rhiwbina Tigers going down 10-6 and 5-4 the Panthers 8-7 3-2 hence the title of this weeks report.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Both teams by this i mean the squirrels and the rocks played some great rugby. . the conditions didnt make for great handling, this wasnt the case the passing and movement by both teams were a joy to watch . support play gethin stood out off the shoulder . loops and passing at the tag, eamon ben and iaon , yardy looking to close down the opposition  and bedders the same . Luke when asked to run straight showed what pace he had . Cai missing in action for a few weeks came back and passed with skill and tagged with panache . Luisa double dummy switch will stay in the memory. Wittsy running straight as asked and kai, clarkie and  muzzy showing fast pace . Rhw `s tagging had the edge in the match as they corner-flagged and made some great last tags Harry foley`s side step corner try made me smile . .

all shirts from both sides suffered with the cold and some ordinary knocks were met with a few tears  . (not sure whether they were hurt or not, it just seemed the right thing to do! cry ! because it should hurt? but they weren’t quite sure if it did or not). hats gloves scarfs and coats worn. and mums and dads gathering there offspring to there bosoms for a cwtch and a warm up . All in all rhw were the better side fast on the hoof and had the edge to the tag. both sides played the 2 refs well ,one stricter than the other. all however excepting the calls as the were made , With tournament season approaching a good day and some fantastic skills in the Antarctic conditions. Randolph Fiennes today had to retire from his latest adventure to the north pole.Admitting its Bloody cold out there. yes it was Randolph try doing it with shorts on dude……..

 thanks for turning out and doing your best congrats to the squirrel1s and congrats to you lot you make everything worth while. Try score`s ben 3 yardy 3 Ioan 2 luke 2  kai 2 bedders 1 maximus 1 clarkie 1 ev weston 1 harry foley 1 gethin 1  12 try scores again . Thats half the team scoring .dont forget all try scores go off as soon as they score so it could be said that our best are not on the field all of the time ? “This is how we do it” and i love it  WE ARE TEAM Fact.  a quick note Ben Elliot scored his 50th try last week..

We have a tournament in two weeks at home St peters under 8`s at the moment we can only put in one team  of 12. I am hoping that we can put in two teams .There will be \rugby for all but only 12 to get medals so its time for the coaches to get our heads together. how ever we will be putting in three teams into Abergavenny 10 aside. week end 4.5,6 may our day is the last day . so all will play in that tournament . please get in touch if you cant make it to aber. this is the hard part of the season where we have to put out sides that can win . dont be upset if your shirt dosnt make it . there time will come believe in your shirt because i believe in them. and believe in our team of coach`s. we have at all times the spirit and the team at heart. Disappointment is a fact of life. its how you deal with it that makes you stand out .


24th February:

cricc home llandaff north home 9 match`s freezing we had 29 players turn up to play Gito`s cricc ahd 19 and lee`s north had ten so a round robin 8 aside 9 matchs 79 tries Won six lost 2 and drew 1 All the shirts again showed that they were up for the game on a morning that jack frost himself would have stayed in bed the rocks did cricc 11-10 and 10-3 witha draw against llandaff north Cris kanes dad filling in as ref and fill in he almost did . a stand out performance from our chris . hungover but not bowed three matchs reffed with the shirts from both sides enjoying themselves. how ever the over zelous support from the side lines had little effect on out hero as he waved play on and on and on . letting both sides express themselfs with the ball . My first match against cricc saw a display of fine rugby by both sides nip and tuck fab passing and tagging . We have a momment in history Luisa harries got her first try for the green and blacks . Luisa playing her part every week tagging defending passing and being the ultimate team player. however this time with a smart pass and three to beat Luisa backed her self to gain the line and a little show on the way the biggest cheers from me the reff . then all the other shirts cheering our spice girl. the cricc boys trying to stop the score she fleeced the last player and dapped down . A great try form our players player . great work dudette . also we have two more try debutants this week Tucker got his first for the club after showing a clean pair of heels twice last weeks only to be cross tagged at the death and finally ethan who turned up friday . David mac gave him five minuets of passing practice and said yep he is ok to play needs to learn the rules but he will be fine scored on his debut with 3 against cricc and llandaff well done the three of you. reports.Maximus got 10 eamonn 9 Tom mac 7 muzzy& ioan  6 tom d clarkie kai and ben 5 each finners & KIDDA 4  evan ryan griff & Ethan3 geth  luke griff 2   joe ciaran Ev weston and of course LUISA one apiece  Finally about the games  Rowan got what can only be described as the the best assist ever dazza our scorer on the tigers sent me a message saying it was outstanding . Now you may very well know Dazza is a man of few words  so it must have been outstanding.  Finally i would like to thatk all oue ladies Claire b and claire d who did the raffle Franny Ange Gio and Anne marie for cooking up a storm . We got called to arms at the last second the u 14`s being called off the text went out and within 5 mins the ladies jumped to the call . Aud 8 1/2 months pregnant got let off Amanda and Emma who`s hands also shot up were given a rest. To be fair Emma really did need a rest. poor girl looked shattered.I am not sure David said that he had to go to bed but emma battled on with the Foleys? cheers all we are only 4 weeks away from good friday`s open mike nite book the sitters mike is on form .


17th February:

Peters U8s 13 – 5 old penarthians


Rugby alert rugby alert . hello there was a game of rugby played today @ old penarthians only the third playing day of 2013 Arrived early and excited . Found Alan there coach he informed me they have 11 players we turned out 24. game was set at 10 aside 15mins for the panthers to play and second half the tigers would play 15mins .The game opened up with the rocks scoring a five tag move in the corner. handling was slick . the pens returned with a fine effort 1-1.again a switch provided the way forward for the quick pass`s and out to the left for another dab down 2-1 .. the rocks out tagged the pens for Seth to scamper over 3-1. the pens returned the score with a huge loop and a great finish .3-2 the game was very congested with 20 players on the park. so the rocks took it upon themselves to play straight up rugby forward only and hard press the tag Ant cajoled his men in to go forward wave all try scores subbed on crossing the whitewash. Alan tried to ref the match with a little give and take pens hands were a little rusty . and the pressure from the rocks got there way with three unanswered tries 6-2 at the half. A ten minute break for the pens to catch there breath and we were off again this time steptoe on the thunderer. pens got a quick one with a great sprint down the right . 6-3 then came the press again and the pens were time and time again pegged back . there coach urging them to go forward this fell on deaf ears as his men could not find a way through. the rocks scored 6 more unanswered tries and with Matt pushing his charges on, some helpful reffing the pens still could not get the ball up the field . they tried and tried but to no effect . the hunting of the tag became the sport of the day . after the seventh try and the score at 13 4 . steptoe began a course of action . the old pens “had unlimited tags ” reasons its not good for either side to out play or be out played ? and also both teams need to play the ref . these lessons will be learnt as the years go by. Eventually after about 5 mins and maybe 30 tags the pens crossed for there fifth try .13 -5. You may have noticed that i havn`t named all the score`s only Seth . the reason for this as a collective the game was won again by team work the hunt of the tag the inter-passing of the whole side and the way the shirts kept to the job in hand . of the 13 tries scored only 2 were scored by the same shirt. all the others were individual try`s made by the team . this gives me great heart . every week they improve every week they except the decisions right or wrong . We had another game among our selfs tigers against the panthers and the score was three apiece . this time only 7 aside and plenty of space the game was played in fine style shirts competing for the ball tagging and calling moves on the hoof . . Then a little relief steptoe blew the whistle and announced Contact both sides getting the ball for 2 possessions just a taster of next year . the shirts have been taught how to tackle but nothing else and we will see if they are ready for next year . Ok a little messy and a little chaotic but some fine tackles some strong runs and a great try by Bedders . .BUT WHAT FUN!! they were all up for it no one shying away or not wanting to carry the ball up Kane half spear tackle finners keen to take up the ball R Kidd, eamon, seth, geth, big tom , little tom, carwyn ciaran b ,Ben, kai, balchy, luke, ollie all piled in took up the challenge Cl;arkie, Harry foley on the deck scrambling for the egg Harley looking for trouble, every body smiling from ear to ear YES they are ready for it No maybe not the way to go about it .This was however a snap call on a day when the shirts had played so well but not really pushed . they needed to let of some steam and we the coach`s needed some questions answered . And the answer is YES. they will be fine next season .. A quick note Bob “the Rocket man” Leyshon has been ill of late but is on the road to recovery best wish`s dude . don’t forget to get your self together by the summer ! you have a bonfire nite to organize ! oh and paul his son lost his keys, 1/2 hour looking for them Ant went to the bar and they were handed in . the leyshons all ways trying to grab the headlines . Kai scoring his 30th try of the year today. well done all and if i never mentioned your shirt in the contact section its because with all the mud and the pile up of bodies your shirt was probably at the bottom of the maul laughing his head off . Please remember this week on friday after training 2000 hrs is the second open mike nite do your best to come along . bring your friends and if you know of anyone with a tambourine mouth-organ or banjo get them to turn up

cheers all


3rd February: 

pentyrchfeb13bSt Peters U8s w10-5  w6-4  w 7-6 l 6-8  Pentyrch


The mist rolled in from the Rhondda, to the tor of Pentrych.Fine rain that gets into your very soul, penetrating the layers getting into every crevice Snot dripping finger-snapping cold orrible stuff. Scott the tyrchs coach bid us hello and welcomed us to what he described the greenest grass this side of tom jone`s house. They had 16 we 21 hardy souls our hardcore were up for it 4 games 2 at seven aside and 2 at six aside . the scene was set.

Let me start with a for note Harry foley missing due to Foot and mouth ?Kieran missing due to acute growing pains ? Ant believing this to be the only time this will happen. he remembers having one such spurt then it stopped at 4ft 2″ Finn Evans legs kicked to pieces at football. But Huw Ant and Matt our coach`s all turned out to play there part with the boys . This is commitment of the highest level All the coach`s putting the team ahead of there own shirts .I can not thank them enough and shows you the spirit we have developed in the team!!

pentyrchfeb13aI am going to en-devour not to mention any player today We the TEAM as a team showed what we were about . The weather could have broke them but it didnt. The same for the tyrchs The four games were ajoy to watch if you could make out the shirts from both sides . Mist getting thicker by the minute .The commitment in the tackle and sheer doggedness of all the players to play the game both tagged and passed as teams . its like a light was switched on As Ant remarked lets not coach them next week as this layoff seems to have galvanized the whole lot of them . as a sub was made the shirt coming in replaced the player and they carried on in the same vein. Outstanding rugby hunting down the opposition in pods passing before the tag. taking the right option at the right time . Ball to the deck and shirts pouncing on the loose very little dropping of the ball Considering the conditions was remarkable. Moves being done on the hoof switch`s miss passes and show and go`s that would have sold the Irish side a clean pair of heels We won 3 games 10-5 7-6 6-4 loosing just 1 game 6-8. Again these games could have gone either way the tyrchs have a great eye for the game and all match`s were reffed with rugby at the heart Mums dads from both sides could not separate the teams for there effort .13 shirts scored a total of 28 tries for the rocks 60% of the team scoring its a record we are proud of . as we score the shirt is subbed . this ensures every one gets there chance. Some times it feels unfair as the shirt do`s sometimes miss out on game time. But to suffice to say one player got five tries today and three others got a hat trick.. At the final whistle players cheered each other on and packed themselves off to the club house for The tyrchs now famous meatballs and pasta ?

I was packing away the kit and listened to Scotts debrief of his sides . all praise for his Teams effort handling tagging just remember not to panic and make the right choices pass to the nearest person hold you heads up great rugby .You wont come up against many better sides ” St peters are well coached got good skills play well as a team, be proud of your selves you did everything you could your heads did not drop and i “scott” (that is) am very proud of you .Of course i was beaming with pride my self. As i hope you are who take the time to read the ramblings. Aled and David”shorts” Mccallum Matt Ant Huw great work you have made a TEAM! And of course the mums and dads without your support we would be lost . Oh and Chris i think Aud has a mop and bucket ready for you .Steptoe

13th January: Report by Denfa

A GAME OF OF FOUR HALFS                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The day brisk crisp and even. good king wenseslass has come at last. two weeks late but he has arrived. llandaff north our opponents two games .We have 29 players so we split them up into four sides each playing one half each  Statoed by clarkies dad James and Iaons dad Paul………

Lee our ref for today gave the ball to the rocks to kick off A great start three lickity spit passes sees clarkie break the line and turn on the afterburners 1-0 The north take ball in hand and bedders and luisa tagging in tandem . change over play down the right hand side  carwyn brushing away two palyers offloads to eamon quick simmy to bedders who rounds the last player and canters over for the second 2-0. The north tagged out again with lee keeping sides on side  The switch move is deployed and clarlie scorched over from half way 3-0 . the north turn on the style with George having none of this straight running tagged tag back on overlapps his mate and takes the return pass to smash through the gap and try the north 3-1 the north are on song now and get there selves together taggout the rocks not to be out done the rocks tag the north Luisa takes the ball up ND IS CLEAN THROUGH THIS IS IT THE SPICE GOTTA SCORE  bUT GOERGE HAS OTHER IDEAS AND TAGGS HER TEN YARDS SHORT OFF LOAD AS QUICK AS YOU LIKE TO Kane offloads to clarkie wrap around out to Tom d for a fine try . this can be seen on u tube      http://youtu.be/YTtbUi-pW38  .

 see if i am “making it up” 4-1 north get alittle excited and spill the ball at the retsart after a breakaway Luke picks up out to kane and clarkies on the shoulder to speed away for his third 5-1. Lee looks at the watch and gives the north the ball they spring into action and score a great team try ball passing through everyone’s hand . 5-2 this game aint over half time .                                                                                                                                                       Second half all the rocks pff and the new team on for the second half . The north ball inhand were tagged out . over to the rocks. Griff steps himself into a blind alley off loads 2 pairs of hands up pops gruff again to step back inside a again and cross the tryline 6-1.The north gain the ball and turn on the style the rocks letting tags slip the north cross 6-2 . again the rocks stilted by the north tagg the shirts to a standstill turnover and away again 6-3 . a stale mate ensues and tagging wins the day both teams not giving an inch the rocks know they could loose it the north knowing this game is up for grabs . getrhin returns the score after what is becoming a trade mark close support run and backs himself for the line 7-4. Then the north let rip mixing there runs and offloading gethin makes a super tagg to thwart there progress. ben elliot ups the tag raio the rocks dont want to loose this game the north 7-5 score   again the north tag the rocks dead . break away to be corner-flagged inside quick ball and there across 7-6 .  Last chance saloon  lee makes it a minute to play both sides not sure where they are winning drawing loosing. the rocks are tagged out just short of the line . full time . lee announces a draw , we know different .                                                                                                                                                                            or our staoe  James doz, because we thought it was a draw great game clapped by both sides and cheered by all .                                                                                       Second game Iaons dad Paul staoe  lee again gives the ball to the rocks  ball out to the right tagged short maximus slips the ball to dylan Y cross`s to the left stands up Tian steps inside a shimmy and over 1-0           http://youtu.be/DbmZwHcE21s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  nice finish the north finish one of there own with a flourish 1-1 the rocks ship tags and pass`s with equal ease and Dylan B is through the middle 2-1 again the north panic at the last pass and turn over to the rocks,  ball again down the right good passage of play forcing the opposition to tag a straight line by ioan gets the ball out to the left two quick pass`s before the tag sees tom mac over 3-1.the north take the ball down field almost to the line tian takes a knock a stoppage and lee gives the ball to the rocks . david remembered his roots and tells him that it is there ball” your a rock now DAI” anyoldup the rocks regain after tag six the ball through some direct running saw the ball finish hard on the left A switch of quality maximus and kirean d for KD to cross . (watch david brief the two in this video)http://youtu.be/TgDOwcqoR64 CLASS.4-1                                                                                                                                      halve time  another team off and another on our last seven to play they have been waiting for almost an hour and have done tag class passing drills. . The north kick off and take the ball up field to cross unoppossed . caught napping . 4-2  A restart on the halve way line sees kai out to Muzzy and off he trots lightning fast 5-2 . the north dont like it and ship the ball every where to cross on the right . 5-3 again the rocks bunch up and are tagged still  the north ease there way up the park taking the  tag and offloading lee smiles as his side are now doing what they have been coached .again this is a game to steal  5-4. Ciran b is blocked just short tian down a gain the lad has been in the wars his coach asks him if he is ok sleeves the tears away and he is up . this lad is not going off. Lee beams with pride . down the right again and across to the left to take the ball deep into the rocks half bunching again sees the the north cross 5-5 . again the rocks try to score all players now buzzing around the ball like bees around the  honey pot they have been watching the game on the side for best part of an hour and there game plan is slipping, keen to impressbut all doing there own thing trying to hard . Then Dave the ex north player turned rocks coach Pulls a fetlock to the amusement of both home and away support Matt takes over the duties  the north can see the win and the rocks the loss tag and pass them self’s to a standstill . The north canter towards the rocks line and the last tag evades the hand , great work north 5-6 lee takes a peak and deems a minute to go . the rocks get a  chance and some persistent work by kai and cai down the left see kai battle his way to the line . 6-6  Lee blows for full time the rocks get away with it.                                                                                                                                                      The north played there socks off in the second half and desered the win . Both teams effort was a joy . what made it for me was the way lee reffed the game lettio ng play happen bring the over run back calling offside and making sure everyones tags were on and the ball in play . such good game`s that it was a blur a feast of rugby. reffed with a joy and a love for the game . not as player or supporter having a moan or a winge and all players at the end of the games were spent, whooshed, cream crakered .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             You may have noticed a game of four halves and it was . the north caught in the head lites at the start of both there match`s and our second halve teams again caught in the headlites . a small smidgin of luck a dropped ball the odd foot in touch and either side could have and should have won both match`s or drew or lost . but no quarter given or asked for a great day all-round .                                                                                                                                                                                                  and of course everyone had sausage and chips .                                                                                                                                                                                                         allez mon bravs Steptoe

6th January 2013:

img_4589Drought drought drought ! it hasnt rained for 3 days and there is a hose pipe ban in the offing !! as for rugby it was a down pour, a veritable tsunami of try`s 9 match`s pentyrch again at home 6 games and 3 games against dinas powys Scott the Pen coach and i are now on first name terms and we looked forward to 6 close games they having two sides and we putting out three sides . dinas taking up the the other three games . we had 33 out today and the format was 7 aside rolling subs . three pitch’s were put out narowish but long . suffice to say 54 try`s were scored by the rocks we have statos by mikey weston and lucas with reports !! dazza elliot has staoed three games scottish steve aled and ant provide the three other games scores from memory a feat in its self                                         So here go`s w7-5 w 3-1 lost 6-8 lost7-6 lost 5-4 drew 4-4 against The Tyrchs  great games and not al ot in any match against the TRYCHS fab running passing before the tagg and some fine two on one shown today by the Tyrchs outstanding coaching and skills shown by them from up the hill ” the big hill , not the one at the end of newport road??                                                                                                   won 11-10 7-5 6-5 against dinas
again greatly improved from dinas after the waterlogged day in september when to be far it wasnt a day for rugby . all matchs could have gone either way and we did well to keep mour nos`es in front . Tigers v Dinas
Gethin mazy run then in touch at the last.
Dinas scored length of pitch from the turnover
Dylan scores in corner to level things up.
[SinglePic not found]Dinas drop it and tigers turnover through beddall
Confusion over double try line and a turnover on dinas line
Excellent tiger tagging leads to a Tom try in opposite corner lovely stepping…
Gethin tagging like demon and Bedders picks up turnover again
Tigers tagged out..
Dinas score in corner after lengthy run
Tigers cant keep their tags on, wardrobe malfunction…
Kane scores good try with straight running and good power
Dinas score immediately
Good straight running by bedders and Weston and try for luke in corner

3 3 at half time

Good running and early try from dinas
Bonkers dummy, loop, switch attempted by tigers comes to nothing and possession turned over
Bedders sears down the right wing and steps inside to score a cracker
Tigers turn over dinas in they own line after stout defence.
Kane runs length of pitch to be tagged on line and gethin goes over from short
Easy try for dinas
Lovely offload from Weston to Kane to go over for a well worked try
Dinas turn to be confused by double try line and tigers turnover
Lovely try from tom shooting through the defence
Dinas attack and Dylan takes the 6th tag to turnover
[SinglePic not found]Bedders tagged short of the line adjudged to be in touch
Tigers tag their hearts out for the victory…regards
Mikey weston                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  St Peter’s Tigers v Pentyrch U8s (2nd Game)
Tyrch’s open game with possession, but tagged out by the Rocks. Great run by Kane, thwarted 2m short of line.
Both teams were tagged out, with neither gaining the upper hand. Evan Weston took a knock to the mouth and was subbed off as a blood substitute. Try for Luke 1-0.
Restart Tyrchs and try, 1-1.
Turnover for the Tyrch’s saw them run the left wing with Rocks flying, 1-2.
Tyrchs had last say in half, 1-3.
St Peters restarted. Two attempts thwarted for the line, but Luke finally broke over in the far corner. 2-3.
Tyrchs replied, 2-4.
Great ball in hand and timely off loading saw Kane run in, 3-4.
Tyrchs made short work of a reply, 3-5.
Phases played and a great try in the corner from Dylan Balch, 4-5.
Final score 4-5. regards Lucas St Peters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tiger v Pentyrch (3rd Match)
Tyrchs won the toss and started the game but were tagged out. Restart, try Bedders. 1-0.
Restart, forward pass Pentyrch. Possession change and try Kane. 2-0.
St Peters were denied twice on the line, possession change. Tyrchs ran into touch. Restart Rocks, try Gethin 3-0. Restart and try Tyrchs 3-1.
Turn over, Tyrchs ball, forward pass but no whistle, try Pentyrch 3-2.
Restart, turnover, try Pentyrch 3-3.
Restart St Peters, try Tom McCallum, 4-3.
Second half, Kane unlucky to picked up on two hand offs. Possession changed several times, but neither team taking advantage.
Evan Weston saw the line, but unfortunately stepped into touch a metre short.
It was the Tyrchs that broke the deadlock, with a try in the right hand corner, 4-4.
Full time score, 4-4.
regards lucas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1st game 6 – 8 to Pentyrc, st peters try scorers –
Ben Elliott 3 tries
Matthew Evans, Kai Leyshon, and  Cai Mifsud All with one try.
2nd game 4 – 5 to Pentyrc
Rhys Bowen and Griff with two tries each.
3rd game St Peters 11 – 10 Dinas Powys
Mathew Evans 5 tries
Griff 3 tries
Finners, Ben Elliott and Kai Leyshon 1 try each regards daz elliot rocks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 3 Pentyrch 1 Tom davies 1 Dylan yarwood 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2nd game 7-5 to the rocks against pentyrch Clarkie got 2 Tom d Dylan y eamon joel luke                                                                                                                                                                                                          3rd game some confusion clarkie got 2 ciaran B got 1 kiran d got one and griff got a couple it was a win but with all the hype at the end maybe a litlle got lost in summaries This game was complied from memory by scottish steve and Ant                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Agreat day 54 tries scored by no less than 23 players and with harley luisa carwyn saul Josh ioan running strong and tagging a great feast of rugby was had by all the players supporters alike last in the club house again for the traditional sausage and chips . we will have to get clarkie an alternative meal one week !!!                                                                                                                                                             cheers all for your patients this week lots to do and so little time !! ha ha ha ho hohoh !! Steptoe

23rd December:
St Peters U8s 4 – 2 Llantwit fardre

p1220503 llantwitdec12-2
llantwitdec12-3 llantwitdec12-4


Oliver Clark  5 pts
Kai Leyshon  5 pts
Finnley Davies  10 pts


It rained for 40 days and 40 nights, noah had built the ark, moses had tried to part the waves but to no avail. the plague had decimated the warriors of the under 8`s but eleven good men and one woman prevailed to follow there goal to play tag on a blowy Christmas eve eve . The disciples of st peter the rock, descended upon the the fardarian`s of Llantwit. On astro turf. All wearing there crowns of red and daps of fire.

 I met tony the leader of Llantwit and it was arranged half a pitch 10 aside rolling subs . they to, had been decimated by the dreaded lurggy, were down to the bare 14. A massive open space with parents from both sides wrapped up against the plauge, thinking WHY???. the rocks drinking coffee provided by “ealonar Arris” .

the game kicked orf with the players favouring the outside and going in huge arcing runs . but still crowding the ball ? plenty of tagging by both sides and a few dropped pass`s then luisa made a last tag against fardre for the ball to be turned over the rocks proceeded down the park offloading nicely kai to evan w, bedders taking up the ball tagged out to clarkie who saw the chance to weave his way to the white wash 1-0 . subbed.”

Hi James! “clarkies dad” coffee in hand had missed his sons try!

fardre now with ball in hand at the half way line and Tony urging his troops forward. inter passed and ran straight, at home, on the fast pitch. off loading before the tag to score a great try in the left corner . Aled and ant coaching the boys on the way back. Carwyn received the ball and ran straight as a dye through fardre, tagged at last and out to Kai who rounded his last man to score 2-1 llantwit returned with the egg in hand and ran in a well worked try looped right around the back and the lad showed a clean pair of heels to dap down 2-2.

Halve time turn round

tony and steptoe had a quick word and we agreed to all on the pitch us with 12 and fardre with 14 it would make no odds LETS PLAY TAG RUGBY

 a quick team talk and a move by ant ,aled ,huw and matt run straight take the tag and pass . We had all our coachs on the feid . this is serious stuff??

Kick orf and tout sweet passing and fantaboulas tagging by fardre saw the ball swap sides some robust tagging saw llatwit loose a player scared more than hurt . llanwit countered down the right to be pushed into touch . one tag left Fardre passed with skill looking to get the ball across the park for balchy to tag at the death .Kieran davies upped the pace straight and true carwyn the same evan w and Griff spun and shimmied out to finners try 3-2. fadre now with a score to settle got the pace up themselves bedders tagging in tandem with Eamonn and clarkie math evans taking the final tagg outstanding play by both sides some more physical play no malice by either side The ref seeing that all players-were trying there best to get the game won no complaints by either side the Injured fadre player returned to the fray and got the ball in hand offloaded and the lad was off to the delight of the home crowd and lone coach Tony ,they were listing to him and looked dangerous in attack a dropped ball at the death and a rock pounced on the ball with a fadre lad grappling for the scrapped ball . These players are indeed ready for contact the ball was in hand and the inter play and tagging a pleasure to watch a switch a miss one and support play saw finners get in the corner for his second 4-2. fadre tapped and went another dropped ball . “its hard luck on the fadre as they had little of the luck today the ref played well with the whistle and tried to let the game flow to his credit, brought the players back who over ran but also let both sides enjoy the game . the whistle will blow often enough in the future” i digress!!  saul pounced on the loose ball again, and got up off loaded to harry foley ,out to eamnon tried a long pass but the pigs bladder slipped through a couple of hands ,for the rocks to spill it them selves only to regain it again this time bedders on the floor .The ref blew for the end of the match!!

llatwit were fantastic hosts with an fine ethos a great facility that any club would be proud off.players who play with style.                                                                                                                                    thank you to all the parents who through it all ,have supported the side the club and our pigheadness to play rugby and train in the harshest conditions ,you should all be proud of your selves. these are the character building years ,and every player we have are characters every last one.

Huw Ant Aled David Matt and Jordan are as proud as punch

Thank you Huw for the hats again and for turning up to coach and train even though finn has been injured This is when you know that we are doing the right thing for the right reasons!

dads putting out for all, not just for there ego`s.

to molly, simon ,annemarie, mikey ,amanda, pappy, bedders mr and mrs, charlie , Claire lucas and helen, scottish steve ,crissy, Dazza, paul and bob Thalia, ange, rebbeca ,emma ,Elenor, James, to name but a few

WE are TEAM.

 I ask and you answer.

The Rock is Solid

all the best for the new year

9th December:


St Peters U8s w5 – l1 CRICC


img_4311Dylan Balch  5 pts

Harry Beddall  15 pts

Rhys Bowen  5 pts

Ciaran Brown  10 pts

Oliver Clark  20 pts

Finnley Davies  5 pts

Kieran Davies  10 pts

Thom Davis  10 pts

Ben Elliott  15 pts

Gethin Howell  30 pts

Kai Leyshon  15 pts

Thomas McCallum  15 pts

Cai Mifsud  5 pts

Alessandro murathodzil  20 pts

Gruff Rees  5 pts

eamonn rogers  10 pts

Joel Williams  10 pts

Dylan Yarwood  20 pts


img_4315A round robin today against cric and clwb rugbi. 3 games each . outstanding today 45 tries scored by 18 different shirts . Cai mifsud got his first in green and black gethin howell getting a brace in every match he played 6 in total yarwood muzzy and clarkie 4 a piece . dont forget readers all of the players who score go off so there game time is curtailed. the standard this week by both teams was OUTSTANDING the hard work by the players and coach`s bearing fruit thank you Ant aled dave huw jordan for your efforts Mums and Dads freezing your toes off dressing your shirts in warm clothing and supporting home and away teams thankyou . …….. Cricc runners and passer`s played lovely rugby with style and grit ! we had 24 shirts out cric and clwb about the same . “LET THE GAMES BEGIN” our reporter lucas “the pen” howell first three reportsCRICC v St Peters (1st Game)
St Peters opened the game from the kick with a switch and Dylan Yarwood making much ground and Tom McCallum scoring the first. 0-1.
CRICC responded in no time, 1-1.
Great passing from the restart, saw Ben over for a second Rock try, 1-2.
St Peters tagged out the home team and raced up field. But a wild pass from the Rocks on the far wing, gifted the the ball to the home side, who made short work of scoring, 2-2.
St Peters responded, with Gethin Howell scoring a third for the Rocks, 2-3.
CRICC showed a clean pair of heels to run in a reply, 3-3.
Great off loading prevailed for the Rocks, and Dylan Yarwood took a 4th for the Rocks.
img_4354HT score 3-4.
CRICC opened the scoring for the second half, 4-4.
A great run into the corner for Dylan Balsh put the Rocks back in front, 4-5.
St Peters defended their line like a fortress, forced the turnover and Ben was released to score for the Rocks 4-6.
CRICC replied 5-6.
Dylan Yarwood danced to reopen the lead, 5-7.
Again, the Rocks line was a fortress and CRICC stepped into touch. Turnover and Gethin picked up his second, 5-8.
CRICC had final say, in game, full time score, 6-8. Clwb Rugby v St Peters (2nd Game)
A bumbled switch at kick off was luckily collected by Harry Bedall, 0-1.
A knock on by Clwb was collected by Gethin Howell who got to his feet and ran the full length, 0-2.
A turnover was quickly restarted, by Tom McCallum, who ran the far wing, 0-3.
Change of possession on the Rocks line, saw Dylan Yarwood open up on the far wing, 0-4.
A flurry of passes saw Clwb, break the scoreboard, 1-4.
St Peters played the phases and Ciaran Brown ran in St Peters 5th, 1-5.
Turn over on Rocks line and Ben ran in another, 1-6.
Half time 1-6.
Clwb opened the scoring in the second, 2-6.
St Peters responded quickly, from Gethin, 2-7
Clwb created a great overlap, with smooth passing, 3-7
img_4348Restart, switch, try, Eammon Rogers, 3-8
Turnover, try Harry Bedall 3-9
Turnover, try Tom McCallum, 3-10
Clwb responded, 4-10
Great run from Dylan Balsh, supported by Eammon AND Gethin, saw Gethin run in, 4-11
Clwb responded, 5-11
Ciaran Brown got his hands to a long pass from Dylan Yarwood, 5-12
Clwb responded, 6-12 Finnley Davies opened the scoring in the opening seconds, 0-1.
Harry Bedall took a second scalp, 0-2.
CRICC scored 1-2.
Switch and try Gethin 1-3.
Fluid passing from CRICC, 2-3.
HT 2-3.
Restart from Yarwood to Eammon Rogers, 2-4.
CRICC 3-4.
Try for Yarwood 3-5.
Full time 3-5.Scores
Our first time reporter taking over from “scottish steve” who is still drunk from celtics mid weeks efforts with the round ball Paul “made a rod for his back” leyshon

St Peters came to face CRICC rfc with a renewed spirit and determination to show what the ROCKS are truly made off. On both teams there was an equal side of players generating 6 matches in total with 6-8 players per team with rolling subs.
With three matches eventually match with skills and abilities. This produced first class rugby and a strong team effort which generated an intense atmosphere and an uncertainty of how each match would turn out. Mums and dads were great, supportive and vocal as usual. Coaches were professional, encouraging and cunning as a silver fox. With so many try’s from both sides to mention in all the matches, match 1 seems appropriate to report.

From match 1:
CRICC opened the match quickly scoring 0-1. St peters responded quickly putting the pressure on with good running, Olley making a good break down the middle, good support followed by st peters, passed onto Rees handed to Kieran to score 1-1.CRICC came back however good tagging by St Peters which closed them down. A turn over ball! St Peters taking advantage, Thomas kicking off, good passing and support allowed Kai. L to score 2-1. CRICC picked up the pass breaking through our defences 2-2.
St Peters passing well on the ball with joel nipping in on the side 3-2. CRICC scoring straight off the whistle 3-3. A lovely dummy switch by Muzzy and Griff passed onto Cai scoring 4-3. cai first for the club playing with style and guile that belays his inexperiance only been at the club for six weeks and has fitted in like a veteren . why it has taken this long for cai to score is a mystry . well done son! CRICC now feeling the pressure and shaken where unable to score as the tagging by St Peters were outstanding, allowing a knock on and Kai.L picking up the ball and running almost over the line, passed to Olley scoring 5-3. Half time…

CRICC came back with speed scoring 5-4. St peters kick off, making good pace, good support and passing, on their last tag owain setting up a great pass allowing Cai to score 6-4. CRICC determined to win to catch up, scoring 6-5. St Peters struggled to break CRICC defence at this time turn over ball! CRiCC taking advantage scoring just on their last tag after superb tagging by St Peters 6-6. With only 5 minutes left of the second half this was anyones game. St Peters coming back fast, Rees setting the pace with some lovely side steps, Keiron on his tail, Muzzey almost in full stride with olley, Kai. L and Griff in support who will score? Olley scores! 7-6. CRICC not happy with this managed to get one back 7-7, at this time the atmosphere was electric with all the parent’s urging their team to win. Kai kicks off, Owain makes a run, passed to Rees, passed to Cai, back to Thomas runs down the left side, Kieran in support little side step over the line 8-7. With 2 minutes left St Peters looking to win. However CRICCS determination setting good pace and passing scoring 8-8. By this time it was certain the match would end on a draw. However St Peters had other ideas, Aled the coach who was fantastic urgined his team to make one last effort. Thomas kicks off, a long pass down the line, Kieran takes it, passed to Griff, passed to Owain, passed to Muzzey – he’s gone, Olley, Kai.L and Cai in support, passed to Kai, passed to Griff over the line but tagged. However Denfa allowed the try (nice one Denfa) scored 9-8 to St Peters… .
Apologies if I have missed anyone out. All the players ran their socks off and showed why the ROCKS deserved to win today.
By Paul Leyshon.
WoW what a day of rugby and you will see that the match`s were even and on another day it could have been the other way . “The more i train the luckier i get” Gary Player SA golfer Nuff said Steptoe the proud. Christmas party santa is coming raffle auction karaoke support the 8s you know it makes sense

2nd December:

W7-4 lost 4-10 lost 6-8 drew 6-6

Rwibina came to the Harlequins today an a lovely crisp morning Larry and i met 4 games were arrange and the format 8 aside we opted for 4 sides a half each they with rolling subs. Lucas “the pen ” Howell takes up the commentary

St Peters (Panthers) v Rhiwbina (2nd Match)

Rhiwbina opened the scoring 0-1. St Peters were tagged out without breaking Rhiwbina’s half. Rhiwbina ran out of pitch, running into touch. St Peters again were tagged out, without score. St Peter’s pressured and forced the turnover, but knocked on. The Rocks tagged all over the park and were rewarded with possession, releasing Tom McCallum to run within a metre of the line. On the restart, Dylan Yarwood crossed for the Rocks first, 1-1.

Rhiwbina quickly replied -via touch – 1-2. St Peters played the switch on the restart, releasing Gethin to do the leg work and off load to Ciaran Brown, 2-2. Rhiwbina made short work of a reply, 2-3. The Rocks switch didn’t work so well at the restart and a knock on lead to advantage and another Rhiwbina try, 2-4. Lucky legs Luke broke down the line to get a third for the Rocks, 3-4 at the Half Time whistle. St Peters started the second half and supporting running paid off, as Gethin Howell scored his first on the day, 4-4.

Rhiwbina replied, 4-5. St Peters restarted, but Rhiwbina intercepted a ‘wild’ pass, 5m short and capitalised, 4-6. Rhiwbina ran in a 7th, 4-7. A knock on saw turnover ball and some ‘creative’ running, after the tag saw Rhiwbina score, 4-8. Joe connected a pass with Gethin, 5-8. A final burst by Gethin looked to promise a hat trick, but he was tagged just short of the line, sending Ioan over. Final score 6-8 in favour of the visitors Love and hugs

Mrs Howell “H” is the stato for this one .St Peters v Rhiwbina 1st try scored by Rhiwbina. 2nd try scored by Rhiwbina 0-2. Yard wood opens the score for st Peters. 1-2 Rhiwbina return with another try 1-3 Rhiwbina.

Second try for Yarwood 2-3 Rhiwbina. Rhiwbina score again, 2-4. Rhiwbina score on the half time whistle, 2-5. St Peters knock on gave Rhiwbina the ball, 2-6. St Peters tagged out, turnover, 2-7. Phases played 3-7 with Tom McCallum scoring. Rhiwbina responded 3-8. But Luke replied straight away, 4-8. Rhiwbina scored again, 4-9. St Peters knock on, turnover ball. Rhiwbina also had last say in match, 4-10.

Septoe says An error on my behalve in oppting for the 4 sides of 8 on hind site rolling subs as is our way should have been maintained . Ribena very strong in support and had some very fine players Speed is the key and british atheltics coachs will be knocking down your doors soon  Tigers 1 st match Bedders senior . on a high after the England massive destroy the all blacks is our stato.

a match that saw our starting 8 keep the score level at half time 4-4 Cai and luisa tagging and fighting for there lifes and tries being scored by both sisdes at regular intervals Max got one kai,ben and bedders got one each the second halve saw the rocks take control after a solo effort from kai . ribena returned only for st peters to get 2 tries through matt evans a 7-4 win our only one of the day .

The next match was a joy to watch / ref . Bedders stato again and a little report from me . after talking to the team informing them that this team were out standing. we girded our loins Rhew were at there best scoring outstanding tries with speed and finesse offloading on the hoof and taking great options if there right winger didnt step in to touch on three separate occasions they would have been out of reach larry Rhews coach ran the right wing and called it three out of three. i stopped the game gave the winger a quick guide on how to step away much to the amusement of Ringo and larry both seeing my donkey feet trying to do the same back in the day!! any old up? calrkie getting our solo try in the first half and rhew scoring 5 great team tries of there own support and guile quick feet and deft passing saw ribena take the rocks apart ..

half time?

Aled gathered his troops changed the guard Calmly instructing his charges steptoe chipped in .” this is not beyond you tag and play up this is match can be won . ” Yeah Right!!??

Our ball a dummy switch saw clarkie scoot around the park 5-2 . the rocks tagged rhew out ben tripped down the left 5-3. tagged rhew out again Bedders down the left larry running the line old donkey legs not being able to keep up looked at larry waiting for touch to be called. none was given 5-4 stale mate ensued the game was on rhew stood firm the rocks firmer . No dropped balls finners throwing double miss passes rhew splitting the field with bedders and ben hunting there men down finally rhew got a try a well deserved support play str8 offload str8 offload classic try no answer to it .6-4 no panic by either side a looped run over the right saw clarkie get his second 6-5 1 minute was called rhew went backwards with the pressure of the tag all players pushing them back rhew looking to make a break a spillt  the ball rhew regained it one tag left on there own line they broke about 10 yards line beckoning but a full 40 meters away up popped a long arm who i know not TAGG the shirt shouted ! rhew realigned the rocks ran straight off load offload praise from the rhew coach tagg by the rhew players on left flaming eamonn got the drawing try with a the longest yard of his life 6-6 the rocks supporters cheered the rhew supports clapped a fine effort and steptoe Blew the thunderer with all his might . game over

whats the score ref both sides asking ?? i dont know?  i was out of breath i was amazed by the rugby i guessed 9 7 to rhew after such a good first half i didnt think that the rocks could pull the game back but they did .”and that is why we do it”

Proud dosnt even half cover it . and proud of Rhiwbina who played with class and grace. effort was palpable by both sides. both sets of supporters were a credit to rugby . Sausage and chips anyone !!


Ps Rich Bedders Beddal stato


18th November:

Ben Elliott 4

Gethin Howell  2

Kai Leyshon  1

eamonn rogers  1

luke blackmore 1

Dylan Yarwood  1

Thom Davis 1


After the migthy rhydefelin match had to be canncelled a quick turnaround and we were assigned to the cathedral with Idris a rock in charge of Llandaff sending us to the fields to be rerouted to the city pitch After family mass and a late start no wonder the boys and girls were at six`s and sevens we lost all 4 match`s it a resurgent Llandaff team with str8 running and close support made them a team on the up . on one occasion after some rather robust rugby I looked at both coachs and we let a little maul get hold of the boys . no harm done but it is clear that all are ready for contact !! Tag resumed and with great heart by both sides running rugby took over both sides passing out befor the tag and every one running with ball in two hands .. llandaff won all match`s 5-4 6-4 4-3 and 5-4 how ever i have no try scores of the 5-4 match . simon hurly gave me one match and bedders snr the other two if ANY ONE CAN PROVIDE THE OTHER TRY SCORES THIS WOULD BE A HELP END OF SEASON STATS have to be right a short report this week as i have been away . just a point this week can you bring the deposits for tour on sunday . we are home to Penarth .

all the best denfa


11th November:


St Peters U8s w 4 – l none llanishen


lest we forget in the going down of the sun we will remember them.

llanishen away “irish jon” called for a minutes silence and all linked arms for both sides and remembered. the game was set 2 games ten aside ten mins each way .                                                                                                                                                                                             24 trys scored for 14 against 14 players getting on the score sheet                                                                                                                                                                                               match stato steptoe W 5-4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Llan kicked orf and scored with great support close at hand . 0-1 the panthers returned the score with gethin on the shoulder of Josh to cross 1-1 Josh`s first match and no fear . llan tagged out for muzzy to play the loop and show a clean pair of heels . a period of stale mate broke out on a narrow pitch the ref keeping the game flowing but crowding spoiling the flow . a quick word with jon and at half time we widened the pitch to give the boys of both sides some space . 2-2 llan close support work was in evidence the off loads would have the welsh attack coach`s nodding there heads pity they couldnt do it against the pumas . However i digress we are the Panthers. and Maximus showed priestland how to run at defenses at pace with ball in two hands . easy game rugby . basic skills and pace !! llan crossed for a return try and then a purple patch, eamonn danced over and finners finished of some slick-work from new boy Josh another find turned up friday played sunday . go josh go . William first game came with tagging and passion . Llan not to be out done rounded off the match with support work again to score on the far left . a game with no real suprise`s but effort by both sides was there to see on the final whistle every player from both sides wanted to know who won ! who says its the playing that counts . ” Balderdash”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Second match panthers won 7-4. this match reduced to 8 aside to give the boys a little structure !!!! Llan scored from the off and ioan popped up on the line from a Gethin burts to dab down . 1-1 llan replied after slow and laborious play whistle blown at every tag and no flow . 1-2 Joel then took control and danced over unopposed. llan tagged out for Kane to take the direct route ie srt8 inside shoulder and not a hand near his taggs . 2-2 . half time we had the kick of and maximus shimmied his way over from distance cutting a path that a demented ferret would have been proud off 3-2. stop start stop start . ball in hand gethin seen the door open and put on the after burners broke the gap and slowed down . then woke up and finished tout sweet with helen screaming down the phone commentating their offspring’s every move to Lucas. i have this on great authority . check out gethins try on teamer. Vids C/O papy / biffo llan got the return after we had a slight disagreement with the ref . i have said sorry and i am ashamed of my self ! Kane stepped up with a carbon copy run . his pace has come from no where after a holiday down under .and hours of pulling tractor tyres. with bungees attached . . lann scored a fourth . to give eamonn the coup de gras a solo effort that saw him weave and step over . again can be seen on u tube or teamer . keep watching to see the Scouse smile at the end.. two new boys took to the field to day and played there hearts out well done Josh and Will   and a mention for Joseph who had a perfectly good try disallowed because the whistle had not gone one tag on the shoulder pass step and then inside step to be denied his first for the rocks . .hey ho time will tell joe i would have give it . dude !                                                                                                                                                                                                the other Satto is Bedders snr Tigers 7-4 win bedders 2 Kai 2 KD 1 Finn Ev1 Ben1 fabulous tagging and support play                                                                                                         Tigers 5-2 win Ben 2 Tom 1 Bedders 1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           a little report from what i sort of seen and views from the on field coachs Cai Mifsud first game in the green and black no backward steps keen and brave fitted in like a hand in glove . luisa harris first game back from a broken arm captained the first game and tagged nimbly has taken the roll of sweeper sporting a pink Mouthguard that i think will be all the rage next year .. Bedders has matured into a fine rugby man skill with ball in hand and feet to match. taggs as if his life deepened on it Ben elliot support work and the knack of being in the right place at the right time this skill cannot be coached! Baulchy doing the hard yards Finn ev and Gruff covering ground organizing defence Kai turning up the heat KD slipping the dummie and looking to pass before the tag Tom mac only going forward Harley holding the line Matt ev and Matt t supporting the runners and off loading Seth competeing for everything , in short a great team who get it “TEAM” that is Playing for each other is the important part of out plan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         We ended up with a little game among our selves . 15 aside full pitch.loads of space . we had to give the boys a game where the continuity flow and ethic were addressed . some great support play by both sides luke blackemore was given space to trot.the rhythm of the game was immediate the status quo resumed and they were for ten minutes playing with pace and gusto . so much so that Tom mac and Maximus our two heavyweights squared up to each other both were removed from the field of play. Seth got his hands on the ball after playing two games and tagging like a demon 2-1 the score dont care who scored as it wont count to the overall tally but all players relished the space and flow of the match . Keep your eye on the emails for tour . and news of the christmas party look on teamer for the vidoes .

all the best denfa steptoe davies

4th November:


St Peters U8s w 3 – l 1 Llandaff


eamonn rogers  30 pts
Harry Beddall  15 pts
Ben Elliott  10 pts
Saul Hurley  10 pts
Math Taylor  10 pts
Evan Weston  10 pts
Thomas McCallum  5 pts
kane james  5 pts
Kai Leyshon  5 pts
Thom Davis  5 pts
Ioan Bulmer  5 pts
Finnley Davies  5 pts


A warm welcome to the cathedral boys today Llandaff Idris there coach and st peters second team player informed me he was 18 strong we had 24 so two match`s of nine aside with the rocks playing rolling subs Dazza Elliot is our match stato and he gives a precise evaluation of the second game . 1st Game Llandaff Ref with Mr McCallum Coach.
From what i can gather from the spectators this match was played with great spirit and the handling by both sides was of the highest standard. A point noted by every one it was great to see both sides running with the ball in 2 hands and retreating from the tag facing forward . offloading before the tag . and every decision excepted by both sides without comment by players and parents alike . . the rugby still hard and fast but supported in the true spirit of the game .
1st Try Ioan Bulmar
2nd Finlay Davis
3rd Llandaff
4th Ben Elliott
Half time 3 – 1 to St Peters
5th Try Llandaff
6th Tom McCallum
Final score 4 – 2 to St Peters

St Peters completed a comfortable 4 tries to 2 victory over Llandaff.

2nd Game Denfa Referee

1st Try Llandaff
2nd Llandaff
3rd Llandaff
4th Llandaff
5th Llandaff
6th Try Kane James
Half time 1 – 5 to Llandaff
7th Try Saul Hurley
8th Ben Elliott
9th Saul Hurley
10th Llandaff
Final Score 4 – 6 to Llandaff

It might not have gone the distance if it had been a fight, such was the pummeling Llandaff dished out with the first five unanswered tries but the spirit St Peters showed in enduring it and then landing four telling tries themselves showed the growing Revival that was expected from the half time conference! It was noted that Llandaff deployed a full-back, a tactic not seen so far this season, and one to watch out for.
A loss of 4 Tries to Six however great effort from St Peters!


. Note asleep after the first match the boys thought they just had to turn up to win !! And this llandaff side were great ball handlers . but !! which pleased me no end the half time rollicking was given and taken and they then produced what we all know they were capable off . A couple of trys disallowed for diving Mr Mcallum! and some terrible switches finners! dropped passes Mr blackmore and once overall malaise amongst the players had passedthey did indeed get there selves together ……..                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The tigers games were statoed by Bedders Snr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           llandaff Navys won the toss and stepped up to the plate ball spinning through plenty of hands passing on the hoof and try to george in the corner. 0-1 the rocks switched at the off balchy tagged at the death offloaded to flamming eamonn. 1-1 game on 2 unanswered trys after a taggout by the rocks left llandaff 3-1 behind llandaff girded there loins and started to offload before the tag some fab handling and confidence by the cathedral boys. got one back 3-2 the game ebbed and flowed with rugby breaking out allover the place both sides pinging the opponents back with some strong defence kai stepped up with a blistering runto cross the white wash and llandaff replyed 4-3 at the half . both coach`s saw the glimmer of a win and at the start of the second haly rugby resumed both sides running and tagging like seasoned pros . evan weston rewarded with a try after good support work and Bedders crossing to score after he had led the tagging from the front matt evs carwyn and joseph trotting on-after our try-scores were subbed and no change in the look of the team . maximus had a quite game by quite i mean he didnt score this being a first for our max . the rocks running out 7-6 winners .                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the Tigers took the field on the other pitch and turned over the whites of llandaff 8-4 with Bedders crossing for 2 Ev Weston getting his second of the day and Matt Taylor getting a brace for his efforts . Matt coming into the game without Finn and joel saw Matt concentrate on his rugby, and ate the ground up Ciaran brown again showed his pace and offloaded to the nearest player saw Thom D cross . ollie noons str8 running and willingness to pass straight awayafter the tag saw Eamonn getting a further 2 taking his tally for the day to 6 overall a great performance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             12 players scoring tries to day thatis 50%of our side crossing . i know this only happens at st peters we have stars yes but we also have TEAM!! .                                                                                Look Out for Pappys photos . and news of the Christmas Party . its taking shape date 14 december a friday nite santa will be there hot food to order and a cold buffet for the kids . karaoke and raffles also there is an auction!! signed shirt! and rumors of international tickets. while i am on the subject we are having a tour dates still to be finalised £75 per head hopefully the players will go free and the rest of us will have to stump up . but what value two nites away ,tournament, coach travel. This will be our first tour so the more the merrier . well done to all the coach`s and thanks claire and bob for the movember collection .

Training next friday all the best



28th October:

St Peters U8s w3-1 w6-4 w4-2  lost 13-3 lost 6or 7 -3 but e have no conformation of this so they can not go on the years try scorer`s


Oliver Clark  15 pts
Ben Elliott  15 pts
Kai Leyshon  15 pts
Harry Beddall  10 pts
Luke blackmore  10 pts
Rhys Bowen  5 pts
Evan Weston  5 pts
Saul Hurley  5 pts
Alessandro murathodzil  5 pts


Sorry for the delay i have been otherwise engaged with my three friends Ibrubofun Cocodamal and tramanadol after an ill judged brain fart !! i thought at 51 i could play rugby well let me tell you i can . but i cant take a decent fair tackle. i am an old duffer enough said !!!

Dazza Elliot a man of few words is our guest hack                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1st Oliver Clark
2nd Kai leyshon
3rd Ben Elliott

rdFinal score 3 – 13

A baptism of fire! Tradegar had only 8 players, all with a great understanding of tag rugby.
(i might add that i invited them up and will again if only to see how far our game has come ) and from what i hear 8 strong big l;ads well drilled just like Rhydefelin . these are the sides we need to play from time to time . I , We have a plan and its is going just as we intended !!! have faith we are 42 strong .the battle was one but the war continues
Second game Pentyrch

Try scorers –

1st Kai Leyshon
2nd Oliver Clark
3rd Rhys Bowen
4th Kai Leyshon

Final score 4 – 2 to St Peters!

Third Game Pentyrch

1st Ben Elliott
2nd Oliver Clark
3rd Ben Elliott

Final score 3 – 1 to St Peters!


Darren Elliott                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             cheers Daz we will hone your journalistic side with time . again this is why we are here Dazza was asked and Did. thats what team is about .
Scottish Steve`s interpretation of one of the other games Only one match report from Scottish Steve today as we sadly had to leave early without Evan getting his sausage and chips !

Game 1 Rocks – Panthers v Tyrchs

The boys prepared for their usual tough game against Pentyrch with memories of a few beatings at the hands of Sonny and his mates fresh in their minds. Evan Ryan captained the team today, and Richie “Calm down Harry it’s only a game and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose” Bedders Beddall took charge of the team for this one, and gave them a Henry V “Once more unto the breach” style speech to get them going.

Although they fell behind early in the game it wasn’t to be for long as Harry B went on a trademark storming run to the corner before switching it to Muzzy to tie it at 1-1.

The Tyrchs nudged ahead again , but again the Panthers bounced back with Harry B again showing a great turn of pace to almost get over the line before being tagged but Luke Blackmore had stayed close in support and ran it over the line to make it 2.2

Some great tagging by the Rocks kept the Tyrchs at bay, before Saul grabbed the 3rd try just on the stroke of half time.

Another rousing speech by Richie sent the boys out pumped out and ready to defend their lead.

Evan Weston ran in the 4th to give the Panthers a two try cushion. Pentyrch weren’t for giving up though and pulled one back to set a nerve wracking last 5 minutes.

After a storming run from Ollie Noon who looked like he had jet packs in his glasses as he flew toward the corner only to be tagged at the last minute, Harry B had followed up and got the reward for his earlier hard work and assists as he scored the fifth try to make it 5.4

Again the Tyrchs came storming back and penned the Panthers back but some great tagging and a defensive line like Celtic’s in the Nou Camp on Tuesday night stood firm and strong. And unlike Celtic the Panthers wouldn’t break, after some great tagging they gained a turnover ball and a quick tap and switch saw Luke Blackmore charge the full length of the pitch to put the Panthers 2 ahead again. Pentyrch pulled one back in injury time but the boys hung on for a well deserved victory.

As well as the try scorers we had some great defending by Ioan Bulmer, fantastic bobbing and weaving from Matthew (Evans ?) , and some great scrapping to win the ball back from Rowan Fahy, lots of tagging from Evan Ryan even without the promise of his sausage and chips.                                                                                                                                                                                     There was a fourth or fifth match but no one seems to know what happened, Finners rekons he got 2 and Balchy got one i fear he is prone to “gilding the lily” i dont know where he gets it from there trys will not count towards the end of season totals

A true team performance from the players and Richie. Not quite for Harry, England and St George, more like for Harry, Denfa and St Peter !

Another gem from our very own Braveheart who sported a fine kilt and blue face paint on St Peters Halloween shindig Evan winning best home made out fit by coming as a giant piece of LEGO!!  Miss Obrien best dressed mummy, Mrs Foley and Mr Noon got the parents prize and two brides of Frankenstein efforts were out standing.

Again Don and Shelly were in great spirit and did the club proud. a great nite was had by all and the parents of the 7,8,9,and tens turnned out dressed to thrill and the kids got “messy with Shelly” treacle flour porridge oats monster mash musik and bobbing apples were everywhere a Ghoulastic nite .

any old up home to Llandaff this week be there or be square . Thats a lego joke for Evan                                                                                                                                                                                                           all the best


21st October:

A drab misty morning at the memorial ground with feelings still running high after the tragic events in Ely this weekend. the head coach called a minutes silence . this was observed fantastically by all who were there . Keeping in mind the age of some of the players and spectators was an achievement in its self.
Our prayers are with you all.

The Memorial ground is past its best and with the rain this October flippers may well have been the most apt footwear. heavy under foot the game were set three games of ten minutes each way Wandereres have 13 we having 33 , 10 aside this weeks hacks Lucas “the pen” howell and mikey “keep it real” weston

Glamorgan Wanderers v St Peter’s Under 8s W 4-6

Wanderers started the game but were tagged out in no time. Turn over possession and the Rocks scored with Joel going over. 0-1.
Rocks tagged hard and fast and again turned over, for Ciaran to score 0-2.
The Wanderers grafted and were finally rewarded 1-2. But lucky legs Saul Hurley ran in for the Rocks 3rd, 1-3.
The Wanderers had the last possession of the half, but failed to break the Rocks line.
HT 1-3.
The Rocks restarted and played the double switch, to put Dylan Balch over the line untagged, 1-4.
Wanderers played the phases and were rewarded.
The Rocks played the switch again and Gethin Howell looked certain for a try. But tagged, he off loaded and the pass went loose. Wanderers collected and ran the line (via the clubhouse) to score, 2-4.
The Rocks replied again, with Dylan Balch going over, 2-5.
Picking up pace, the Wanderers pulled a third 3-5.
Ciaran Davies pushed the Rocks another ahead, 3-6.
Wanderers replied, 4-6.
FT 4-6.

second game 11-3 Mikey “keeping it real ” Weston

Kai (Evan assist)
Finners (Evan assist)
Bedders (from turnover)
Ben (Evan assist)
Bedders (Evan assist)
Rowan (Finn assist)
Bedders (Finn assist)
Matthew (from turnover)
Kai (Taj assist)
Finners (Bedders assist) Maximus (solo)

This was actually the first game Bedders and Evan W off to watch the blues endeavor  to loose again against Toulon. Glamorgan are not blessed with the coaching staff that we are at the Rocks and the youngsters appear new to the game but chris and andrew there coach`s stuck to there task coaching on the hoof . We dont know how lucky we are to have coach`s who turn out and parents who come to training every week . . the Wanderers have struggled to find the coach`s who can commit but with a fair wind and the keenness of some of there players to be coached on the hoof i expect them to give us a better game when they come to the Harlequin`s in the new year . .

the third match was a quick affair with Glammy letting us change the full side mid way through the second half to give our third team a game . three or four tries were scored tout sweet Dylan yarwood, eamon, luke blackmore deffo scoring . the game was halted when the wanderers star player came on to sub , Alfie his name!! 3 his age! and it was said that he cried when his mum said he couldn’t play . . he ran the length of the fields to score a fine solo effort .(the link ) Alfie try for Glam Wdrs
for all to see . if anyone knows alfies mum i think her name is gemma let her know there is a link on utube and on the st Peters web site . Alfie will no doubt captain the side the next time they entertain the Barbarians .
Thank you all again for you time and effort.

There is a Halloween party on the 31st  All Hallows EVE tickets are £5 per family please do try to attend and mums and dads you can dress up as well we are a family club and events like this need to be supported . I would like to thank our fundraising committee for there hard work for our fundraiser the Christmas party . All are welcome those from inside our family of st peters  and friends  of st peters   look out for posters and flyers up da club .
cheers all Steptoe

14th October: 

W 1 drew 1 and lost 2 Rumney rugby are our guests today and we both know each others game that it is almost like playing against our selves ! rumney always provide good wholesome support and fair play . with a healthy amount of banter and all the kids love playing each other . Hilly louis,and Gabby always ready to show there talent and there competitive spirit! 28 players today for the rocks and rumney agreed to play four match`s ten a side ten mins each way rumney letting us play all our guys so with 4 subs each . rumney staying with all there palyers on for the full game . we have scottish steve as our Hack today and is getting quite a following . with the Herald sports desk ringing me up and inquiring how this son of celtic. learnt to conjugate a verb.or is it a noun ? Today saw the return match against our close friends from Rumney (or is the old enemies ?)

Game 1 ended up 5-3 to the Rocks.

Flaming Eamonn Rogers started the scoring going over in the corner , before Rumney pulled ahead with 2 tries, using the full width of the pitch.

Ciaran Brown drew the Rocks level just before half time, and it was time again for another one of Dave McC’s inspirational half time team talk which sent the boys back out buzzing . Thom Davis kept up his recent scoring record with the 3rd, only to see Rumney draw level straight away. Then Gethin who had a storming match, scrapping and supporting, got his reward with the 4th try. Rumney threw everything in attack to try and draw level, but hard work and determined tagging kept them out, before Eamonn grabbed his 2nd of the match to sneak St Peter’s 2 ahead. Unlike Scotland’s defence on Friday night, the Rocks stood firm and would not be breached again.

2nd game was 4-3 to Rumney

Rocks started slowly, quickly falling 2 behind as they seemed to forget who they were playing with. Tom McCallum pulled one back just before half time to keep them in the game. Eamonn Rogers got his 3rd of the day, after a fine pass from Finners along the line set him up to jink his way into the corner . 2-2 and game on.

Unfortunately with the Rumney line judges operating a bit like the severn crossing tollbooths, the boys got pulled up a couple of times as they drifted toward or just over the line. Some generous refereeing then saw Rumney pull ahead despite a tremendous run by Muzzy to grab the tag before the man went over. (Rumney don’t need sympathy tries !) Heads went down a wee bit, and Rumney then nicked another to nudge 4-2 ahead before Muzzy got some payback with a fine run over the line to peg it back to 4-3.
Special mention has to be given to Carwyn who tagged like a demon today, so hopefully for his dad he didn’t have him on a £1 a tag. One good win to a slight loss not bad pickins to a strong rumney side!

Our other reporter or shall i say Scorer james “clarkie” clark. he has been given his first task and collated the scores for the rocks . little doz he know that in a week or 2 he will be writing a full account (slowly slowly) let them think. they are helping out!! then BAMMMMM!! sports reporter for the Harlequins Times .

1st game with steptoe on the thunderer. Rumney won the toss both sides out tagging each other. and the ball changing hands twice before rumney breached the home sides defences. 1-0 again rumney gaining the run of play score after a turn over . 2-0 Gethin kai finners all running and passing but finding rumney taggers at there beast. finally kai got his way and stormed over 1-2 kieranKD davies saw a n opportunity to dummie a switch and with a face like thunder touchdown in the end zone 2-2 . Joe tucker took the ball up on the next occasion and with a little apprehension stopped seen his way blocked and shoved a fine pass into Thom D who ran like the wind but was tagged at the death, rumney worked the ball in support straight up the field to score 2-3 again tagged out rumney crossed again the whistle blew half time

Jordan rallied his troops . and the rocks played on the width of the field finishing up on the far right . where Jamie came into his own ? only one training sesh and half a match had been taking in everything sidestepped and ran with freedom got tagged short at the restart tapped the ball and crossed for a try only for his effort to be disallowed. the coach ref had forgot to expalin to jamie that he had to pass . (silly me) but Hey has this boy got it he had watched taken in what he had to do and when the time came a little space he was off . another great Find!  This is due to an open book – all who turn up play !!

This is why, I, we do it. You just don’t know who or what is going to turn up and if the book was closed, we would not have picked up a little cracker. Well done Jamie boy.

Finners got two 50/50 s and a disallowed try for handing off ben elliot asked to subbed this to my and Dazza`s suprise. !!! Kai scored his second of the day and ben elliot came back on to get our last of the day . 4-6 to the “upthehillers”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2nd match Taj was today`s captain Reward for grappling on the floor  for 50/50 ball and tagging teams to a stand still a fine player who gives his all for the cause. Rumney started with a barnstorming run and pass and tout sweet 1 nil to the side from up the hill.at the restart a slipped pass to Clarkie saw the little maestro set of at full pace leaving the support behind with 2 players to beat pirouetted leaving the rumney players grasping thin air cantered across the line 1 all . subbed to the bench brought on kai who was going to have a day to remember a turnover ball on the home line with taj jumping on the loose ball flipped out a pass that went through three pairs of hands with pass`s made at the tag got his first of the day subbed off after 30 seconds Ollie into the fray rumney this time kept there composure and crossed for a 2 all score some deft ball handling and fine tagging by Rum saw fine support work by Ollie noon find the shoulder of finners to pick up the popped pass and grounded the ball 3-2 rocks go in ahead . a water break saw rumney score 2 unanswered tries one being given after a dive and a warning 3-4 ben elliot then got in on the act with a switch move that caught rumney knapping after many switch`s were tried but had failed as rumney knew the move but this time it was called mid play with jordan gaining confidence in his side 4-4 rum returned witha wraparound of there own louis this time keeping his feet and grounding the ball legally 4-5 kai back on showed his calss and coolness to pounce and score5-5 rumney now with there dander up and The rocks in full tagging mode cancelled each other out twice for rumney this time to grab the fallen egg and score 5-6 . with time running out “soft hands ” joel took his only chance of the day and shimmied over . 6-6 joel has gained a reputation . most moves coming through his hands he dosnt panic and will make sure the “egg” finds its intended target or he doz not let the ball go . An out half me thinks .

Steptoe blew and the game was over 6 all a fair result. Every body played there part today we welcome Rowan and Kane back after there enforced sabbatical`s Mathew Evans and davies Gruff Harry Foley & muzzy Saul back to form . only the use of subs stopped us from winning all games but at this stage in our development this is of little concern consistency yes is a great thing but getting players on the field and playing the game is what i and all the coach`s want . And with 11 players getting on the score sheet .

Of course we have to thank all our mums to day Ange Sarah Fahy Frenchy Muzzies mum and Rebbecca for the cheffing today 70 meals dispatched with aplomb and Helen “h” Howell Anne Marie for the raffling £82 made food payed for and the rest to the club for the HALLOWEEN party tickets on sale now at £5 per family buy now to avoid disappointment and so that  ”Shell” – the scary one behind the bar!! can cater for everyone .

Also the 14th December a Christmas party for all at the club price yet to be fixed . this is the under 8`s first fundraiser /and Mikey W Anne Marie and Amanda may well be asking for help .


Remember gang there is know “I” in Team
All the best

7th October: St Peters U8s w 2 – l 2  Pentrych


Harry Beddall  5 pts
Ioan Bulmer  5 pts
Ben Elliott  20 pts
Kieran Davies  5 pts
eamonn rogers  10 pts
Dylan Yarwood  10 pts
Ioan Bulmer  5 pts
Kai Leyshon  10 pts
Gruff Rees  5 pts
Saul Hurley  5 pts
Finnley Davies  10 pts
Dylan Balch  15 pts
Alessandro murathodzil  15 pts
Thomas McCallum  5 pts
Ciaran Brown  5 pts
luke blackmore  5 pts
Thom Davis  5 pts
Rhys Bowen  10 pts


Cardiff Parks called off the game this week . after rain for a change fell of the fields of cardiff . The Joes called off any way so the Sween our faithful fixtures Sec arrange for Penytrch to Play instead . With rumors of Bailey and Sonny of at beavers buiding wigwams and starting fires . we fell into a false sense of securtiy. and thought we might get ore first clean sweep . However Sonny and Baily and jacob and Rohan all turned up and boy can them boys play rugby . Four matches 10 mins each way but a great day with try`s being scored despite the endeavors of our taggers I have to say that with a thick head my memory of the match i reffed was a little vague so the report will be even more of a story than usual The try scorers of two match`s Bedders senior and a report of the other two by scotish Steve who had also provided a utube clip .!!2 games v the Tyrchs

game 1 Rocks 7 Tyrchs 9

Both teams traded tryscoring in the 1st half with Dylan Balch, Alessandro , Tom McCallum and Ciaran Brown taking the Rocks in at half time 4-3 up.

The Tyrchs stepped it up in the 2nd half and turned it around to nudge 4-5 ahead, before a barn-storming run by Luke drew it level. Tyrchs nudged a couple more over the line before Finners got one back and then Thom Davis put the cap on a fine all round performance by nicking the Rocks final try to make it 7-9 to the Tyrchs.

game 2 Rocks 7 Tyrchs 7

A fine end to end game. After Dave McCallum’s inspirational pre-match teamtalk the Rocks stormed out the blocks as if Russell Crowe himself had given it , and given his signal to unleash hell : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc8fqgbU_SU

Alessandro , Rhys Maximus and Dylan Balch put the Rocks 3-1 up, before the Tyrchs drew level again.

The same scorers all got their 2nd tries of the match in the 2nd half, and I seem to have forgotten someone as it ended up 7-7.

Missing, one try scorer, wearing green and black, contact Denfa with details !!

Plenty of support work with some strong running from Finn Evans, and Evan Ryan as well as some great pick-ups from “the loose” from Rhys and Harley James and great off-load from Thom Davis as he was tagged to cleverly switch the play resulting in a try for the Rocks.
YouTube – Videos from this email. The other match was just as formidable as far as i can remember kD eamon ben elliot all scoring at will with our players being subbed on scoring this resulting ben elliot playing for 2 mins in the first game and 1 min in the second. bedders gruff kai getting a couple Iaon a storming run and Yarwood getting his tally creeping into double figures Saul getting his first of the year . but what was pleaseing as usuall is that 18 players scored try`s . this is the way we paly we dont try and win at all cost`s we paly for the enjoyment of the game not that the trych`s are one eyed they had there bare teams out and had to ply there two sides at seven aside we i am afraid had 31 players again and what a joy . Joe our latest addition tagged and got involved after only one session and has a fine pair of legs on him i predict some storming runs from the lad and his size will stand him in good stead when contact comes along well done joe and well done everyone for the way you all answered the CALl TO ARMS we have rumney home this week so lets get to training and pull out all the stops.


30th September:

Tigers L3-1 pontyclun Pumas Muzzy 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     W5-1 Marlow Tom 1 Eamonn 1 Finn 1 Muzzy 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   W5-2Luctonians Bedders 1 Eamonn 3 Tom 1 W5-1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Treharris Muzzy 1 Bedders 2 Eamonn 1 Gethin 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Plate final Treorchy 3-3 after 2mins extra time Eamonn 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Panthers Treorchy 3-3 Kai 1 Ben 1 KD 1

Rumney 3-3 Clarkie 2 balucy 1
Pontyclun Badgers 6-1 Baulchy 2 Ben 1 Finners 1 Yarwood 1 Maximus 1
Nantymoel L 3-4 Clarkie 1 Finners 1 Yarwood 1

Pontyclun torny On arrival under a slate grey sky brimming with Noahs tears Kev and Rhydian the Ponty coaches approached us and asked if we could also take Pennalta`s place so after all the dilemma of picking a bear 15 we could have taken our full squad heyho Game plan outta the window the tigers woulds play in group 1 and the panthers in group 2 .                                                                 both teams played there socks off with 14 out of the fifteen players scoring tries . i know we were the only side there that achieved that feat. as Star players shone in every team with the ball going through there big guns at every opportunity . Our sole player not to score was Joel “soft hands”Evans our main play maker.Outside halve in the making running the right lines and offloading with pin point passes and a coolness that belies his age .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Panthers v Rumney Tony`s team know our game and tagged us to a standstill not giving us room to ply our trade Tony the defector had done his home work but a great match with his boys playing there tough brand of no nonsense rugby . cup rugby old fashioned but very effective . The other teams struggled with this but as old adversarial opponents we snuffed each other out. Ants men played the game the way Ant wanted them to and with a fair wind and a bit of space we might very well have broken there spirit the day will come and i know that Ant sees that day to be soon and a big win against rumney is on the cards .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Treorchy a different kettle of fish robust in there running all one handed but a very nice side with width there game! our taggers had to at there best, another draw                                                                                               Pontyclun Badgers, had not learned or remembered but as last year we put six tries past them with a consolation try to the eventual winners of the day . this is tourny rugby not always the expansive game wins the day but a dogged ed group effort targeting there game to areas that we have yet to grasp . Coach`s that is our players did exactly as asked                                                                                          And last but not least Nantymoel 3-4 loss a fine team in support str8 running and lovely hands from there main men but it was there support play that won this match A game that rumney must have enjoyed watching and the defector reffed the match to within an inch of its life very exciting not giving either side any advantage.                                                                                                          Every boy scored for the Panthers which shows the depth we have in the club Ben and clarkie relativity new to rugby, have shown there mettle and class .Kd`s hands and Finners long passes giving a glimpse of whats to come Kais undying effort to chase the impossible tag and Baulchys direct running with shane williams spin now becoming part of his arsenal . Yarwood and Maximus running free with pace and the nous to offload to our support players before being tagged tells us all that the have all grasped the game.                                                                                                            Now to the Tigers the plate winners with Treochy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              After a slow start and a 3-1 loss to Pontyclun Pumas with only muzzy crossing the white wash they got in to their stride against                                                                                                                      Marlow out scoring the English 5 -1 with what i was told a clinical display playing the phase`s and taking there well practiced moves mid match tires coming from both inter play and breakdowns . again against                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lucktonians the same display however this time the moves coming from set piece and tagging them out at every opportunity Finn Evans and Joel i hear caroling them like two gouaches and letting the boys mop up the tags.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Treharris same result 5-1 but we had them sussed not to let them get in the game and the rub of the green going our way . which is nice for a change !!! Bedders controlling the pace of defence putting the opposition in a panic and Tom mac whipping and stripping. with players ready to pounce muzzy sprinted from out wide and Eamonn dancing to cross on know less than 8 times . this is deed a team that played for each other Gethin presence a constant reminder that big lads running str8 at any age is a sight to behold 5 tries to 2 a result that flattered us a little but deserved as Huw controlling the boys with his usual calmness seeing when the time to attack and defend was right.                                                                                                                                                                                A little mention of the plate final . Treorchy a fantastic team played with heart and if an effort at the end of the second halve and last play had not been given we would have run out out-right winners But if a player makes a break and from one side t`other with the whole of his support at his back and trips a falls over at the the try line i am afraid i would have gave it. as effort is everything . With 2 mins extra time added on and both sides level at 2 all a try apiece in each half . and at full time both coach`s agreed to win would be niece but to loose would be devastating  too 2 equally matched sides handshakes all round three cheers and a promise of home and away fixtures . the day was done .                                                                                                                             i would like to thank all the parents both playing and non for all there help and understanding . Pontycluns tournament director Kieth Ruggles for a well organised day and the support of all teams mums dads aunties and uncle`s not a bad word by anyone with every try being clapped . Kev and Rhydian for there efforts. Charlie and Bedders snr for the scores. Pappy for the photos Ant, Huw and of course Jordon our coach`s. The Gazibo Crew and Patrick the babysitter .we cant do this without any of you there is no “I” in TEAM.

“SEVE” came to Windsor park on his way to Medinha. “effort is the key to life”

Denfa “Steptoe Ollazzabal” Davies .

23rd September: 

7-1 w 4-2 w  A crewl wind blew the rain whistled over Dinas powys and 24 rocks turned up to play Rugger!! dinky poo had the bare eight and who can blame them we had a few of our guys who thought subbing was the best answer to noah`s torrent . they were the sensible ones it pays to have sense . Beddar`s senior tough it out and is today`s stato and pappy got the lens out . troopers both XXX                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lee`s men had the toss and went against the slope i say slope Chris Bonnington and sherper tensin were spotted at the north face belaying and pitching base camp!                                                           5 mins each way :-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dinky put together a sharp move and the lads tagged them to a standstill the egg got swapped and Dylan balch finished of the now famous Riedevelin 2. Ants face and baulchy`s covered with snot and frost bite will live in the memory 1-0 dinky tagged out at the changed for Kd Kieran to pick up a slipped pass by bedders to run and shimmy like geralad davis on acid 2-0 again dinky tagged out but i must say that the handling was suburb in the conditions. bedders popped up on the blind side from the restart passed at tag got tom mac to support then got the return to show a clean pair of heels 3-0 tom mac cleaned out one of the oppostion with a crunching tag . steptoe blew and warned the little blighter ! contact still a year away . dinky got into there stride and let the ball fly some fine tagging got them to within ten yards of the line but a final ditch tag by joel sent them packing . dinky then turned on there own tagging display and were rewarded with the turnover then the put in a great effort to climb the north face to score 3-1 at the restart Ant called Ried 3 soft hands joel switched with gethin who saw the space dummied finners took his chance and galloped down the right to score with a flourish4-1 Tom maccallum or spewer as he is now called danced over to score 5-1half time                                                                                                        . now we were to face the the assault to the summit dinky with the rain at there backs and the wind at there heels tagged the rocks change over saw a dropped pass sized on by kd slipped the ball out wide great support by all players saw finners mount the final climb falling short and crawled over for a disallowed try 2 tags left and dinky forced us down the slope the lads seeing that they only had 2 left passed for space without being tagged rugby indeed broke out finners second assault was a success and crossed for his first this season 6-1 dinky cold and bedraggled now tired again lost the ball joel pitched in a fine disply taking the ball at pace and jinking over 7-1 . again the moutain playing its part and the final summit was achvied with a final blast on the thunderer and the game was done Evan w ollie Kai math ev were all playing the role of support and there heart was why we looked so good .                                                                                                                                   the second match was a little different we sent home 12 players as it was bitter and our other team came out to play no one moaning all at the ready . Dinkys men had had enough but 4 plucky players put there hands up and we gave them 5 players Maximus Iaon Kian Matt burke first game for the rocks  the rocks attacked with relish Ben the swerve elliot scoring a fine solo effort . 1-0 iaon then went on the rampage for dinky ball grasped in 2 hands swerved and danced through the rocks off loaded for matt to get his first feel of the egg tagged and passed to dinky`s firebrand eystin who skipped over 1-1 Gruff popped up to dance his way through ,Aled at his heels but Gruff is a year older now and the old man cant keep up now crossed snot poring out of every orifice Aled that is / dinky took there chance and got the ball out wide to see Maximus short of the line . tagged and passed stayed with ioan who passed it back ran straight through the last man barreling him out of the way to score 2-2 . .The rocks realigned to gift the ball to Luke blackmore who started  back up the slope aled`s quick hands swung him round and got him to run str8 at the poo`s, lo and behold luke running str8 is a sight for sore eyes sprinted over3-2 . half time Everest starred down on the rocks Muzzy now arrived took to the field and made waves Burkey tagged for all he was worth for dinky . Carwyns bullocking run down the center will live in the memory he is destined for contact the dinky boys bounced of carwyn they tried to tag but with the wind at his heels is a man that is hard to stop . finnaly tagged from behind Ben took the challenged and i swear he hurdled the “last tagger” ala colin jackson to finish of the day 4-2 to the rocks.                                     every one decamped! bed fairwell to Mr Bonnigton and Tensing , were all home for crumpets and a hot bath. i would like to thank every one for manning up and that includes the mums rugby is a game for men and all of you today were men . and the hardest men there today were the 4 DINAS POWYS (“dinky poo” )men playing in the second match you are a credit to your club and i am sure you will have better days . we were good but also had the rub of the green and the numbers ..                                                                                                                                                                  Eamon rogers brother played for under sevens today Mikey 5  sneaking on and tagged everyting that moved .Seth got his maiden try for the rocks after convincing jonny saunders he was one of his team u7`s . Seth also played in the second game for his real team the under 8`s got to love the little fella .                                                                                                                                                                     now training is important this week we need everyone there there is no I in team .

well done boys my heart is full   Steptoe

16th September:

troops we are down or should i say up rumney this week with llanishen coming along for the ride we had Tony “the defector”Helan in a spin as we turned up with 101 dalmations and we had six games to play first up scottish steve is our Stato for the Tigers Fairly easing keeping score today, defences well on top !!

1st game v Rumney – Harry B opened the scoring, but sadly our tagging and defending let us down as Rumney pegged us back , and ended up running out comfortable winners 4-1 (maybe 5 ?)

Second game against Llanishen was a lot better as Flaming Eamon Rogers shrugged off the effects of his jet lag to get one down in the corner, and after a massive improvement in defending by all the tigers, Allesandro Muzzy put the icing on the cake with a late 2nd try, 2-0 to the Tigers.

Next match was against Llanishen’s other side in a match that saw plenty of tagging by both sides, with the game ultimately decided by Ollie Clark’s fine dash over the line. 1-0 Tigers.

Last match saw poor Bedders have to juggle yet more boys to try and find a starting 9 out of the 17 he had available.

A tough game against Rumney saw the Tigers fall behind, however the heads stayed up and Harry B got them back level with a trademark charge over the line.

Seconds were ticking out as Rumney pushed for the winner, however the Tigers defence stood tall and they tagged and tackled to get the turnover ball as Denfa lifted the whistle toward his lips. One last play saw the ball switched out wide to Ioan, despite having what looked like half of Rumney, their parents, and an ambulance chasing after him, he managed to stay straight and true and darted over to give the Tigers their 1st win over Rumney in the last seconds. Our other stato is mr baulch, “Charlie” to you and me !!Back at Rumney on a glorious Sunday morning. Teams were split and four matches to be played

The first game was against llanishen a Llanishen opened up the scoring after the rocks handed back possession after ko. 0-1 llanishen but the rocks were passing well and weren’t phased. The ball worked down the line to Tom Davis who ran up the touch line and scored a well taken try 1-1. Llanishen had the ball back but the rocks were solid in defence and tagged six times the ball returned to st. Peters.

The cry of Rhydfelin was heard and perfectly Performed as Mathew passed to Dylan Balch who ran the length of the pitch to score 2-1 Llanishen bounced back 2-2 and again 3-2 llanishen but the ball found its way to Ben who skilfully ran through the crowd of llanishen players 3-3 a fair result for both teams

Rumney b
Rumney opened the scoring 1-0 then came the try of the day with a switch move called in our own half Dylan Balch again ran the length of the field but just short of the line flicked a pass in to the ever supporting Dylan Yarwood who touched the ball down.
1-1 back came rumney and in typical bruising style bulldozed to a score
2-1 rumney but up popped Tom Davis and this time stayed in play 2-2.

Rumney a
The boys again lined up against Rumney but this time with a ref who didn’t call back travelling or play offside suiting the Rumney bulldozing approach. Rumney scored 2 unanswered tries 2-0

Llanishen b
The ball was taken by the ever eager Ben who first danced round a few desperate attempts to tag then he pinned his ears back and bagged his best try of the day 1-0. Llanishen answered back 1-1 and scored again
2-1 llanishen but the Nial took his opportunity well to level the scores
2-2 but llanishen took there opportunity well in the middle of substitutions coming on 3-2 llanishen then with the Rocks camped on the Llanishen try line and a couple of attempts disallowed for diving or handing off Dylan Balch wormed his way over from 6 inches out to level the scores at 3-3

The boys tagged well. John Jo was exceptional in his keenness to tag Saul and Oliver noon also tagging and running well. Taj showed a great turn of speed with the passing and ball skills of all the boys really developing well what an afternoon we have got a monkey of our back and a win against rumney is the first in seven attempts well done boys with 30 players to juggle the commitment of the boys was top draw not having a settled side for more than 2mins at a time 1 i am very proud of all of you and to see and old players stepping up to the mark was a credit to the coach`s and parents alike Taj the effort you show was inspirational Seth and saul both played with great effort and ollie Noon tagged up and carried well .

now lets train well on thursday and i will see you all next week



9th September:

8-4 W 7-2 D 2-2 L4-1


Summer has arrived and we are away in Newport to play a three way against St Julians and Tredegar. we are sporting 24 players and both the other sides are 11 strong each five games in all  played.

Right the first two match reports are by the afore mention Steve :-

Panthers had their 1st match against home side Tredeger, along with their home referee . (And I thought Celtic had to suffer dodgy refereeing !)

First half looking the boys had been on the beer on Saturday night as TREDGER danced their way into a 3 try lead before Dylan Baulch & Finnley Davies fought back to get us in at half time at 5.2.

After a half time team talk from Ant and Matt the Panthers put on a much better second half performance , defending better and not giving TRED the space they had in the 1st half.
Tom McCallum and Ben Elliott scored as it ended up 7-4 (maybe 8-4)

After a raggle taggle match with the tigers when it looked like neither side had seen a rugby ball before, the panthers needed a bit of a gee-up before their game against ST JULIANS Ant’s offer of a full team pile-on if they won seemed to do the trick as they raced into a 4-0 half time lead. Dylan Baulch started it off with the now famous “Rhydyfelin” switch , before Ben got his 2nd of the day running like Usain Bolt pulling away from the rest . New boy Oliver Clark (the fastest boy in his class he said, and he showed it ) got his 1st try with a great run , like a blonde surfing Usain Bolt, as the Panthers quickly switched from defence to attack. Rhys Maximus Bowen then made and scored the 4th winning a turnover ball (is that proper egg-chasing talk Denfa ?) and racing away from within his own half like a red-haired Usain Bolt.

Second half was more competitive as Denfa gave the team talk to St Julians, and they got a couple of tries back reducing it to 4.2 before Joel & Finn restored the 4 try lead after great support play. Tredegar pulled one back before Dylan Yarwood got the final score of the day. Nigel will provide pictures of poor Ant being crushed later on Teamer I’m sure.

Our second contribution comes from Lucas the Pen HowellSt Julian’s v St Peter’s Tigers (Game 1)

St Peters win the toss to open, but an early knock on, gave possession to St Julian’s, who played the phases to open the scoring 1-0.
St Peters restarted, but again a forward pass, gifted possession to the home team. Some strong defence from the Rocks saw them tag out St Julian’s. The Rocks came through with strong runs from Bedders and Muzzy, feeding Griff to cross the line for St Peters first. 1-1.
St Peters defence was strong from the restart and quickly gained possession. Another strong run from Bedders saw the Rocks camp out within the St Julian’s ‘22’.
Working the phases, the Rocks opened up space on the St Julian’s line out in the right, and Mathew ran in for their second, 1-2.
The Rocks again were solid in defence and forced another turn over, approaching the break. Running the phases, it was only father time, that could stop their advance.
Half time score, 1-2 in favour of the visitors.
Second half, St Julian’s came out firing on all cylinders. Running the phases, they quickly levelled the score, 2-2.
With the restart, the Rocks stormed up the left wing, only to be tagged out 5m short of the try line. St Julian’s attacked, but couldn’t make past halfway, as the Rocks played great ‘horizontal’ tagging.
An exchange of possession for both teams, saw St Julian’s attack strong. A ‘dive’ disallowed try saw the Rocks storm the left again, with strong running from Fin. A knock on saw possession change, but great tagging from Gethin and co, saw the ball back in the hands of the Rocks. Great running from Bedders, wasn’t enough to break the St Julian’s try line.
A little ‘extra time’ gave St Julian’s another chance to pull out the win. But the tenacious defence, saw the game draw to a close 2-2.
“Just to add both sides played accepting some strong decisions with out complaint a credit to both sides”                                                                                                                                                          Tredegar v St Peter’s Tigers (Game 2)
Second game of the day saw the St Peter’s Tigers take on one of the ‘bigger’ sides they have faced so far this season, Tredegar.
The Rocks win the toss, but gave kick off to Tredegar. The pressure came thick and fast, and Tredegar ‘dived’ over for their first. 1-0.
St Peter’s took the restart and despite a great run from Bedders, the Rocks were guilty of peddling backwards and were tagged out. Tredegar again broke through, 2-0.
Bedders ran straight and true to pull one back, 2-1.
St Peters tagged strong from the restart and forced the turn over. Some great running from Luke and Gethin saw the Rocks break halfway, but we’re tagged out.
Change of possession and Tredegar made short work, 3-1.
Muzzy went down from heavy challenge at 10mins, seeing a little extra time played. Rocks were tagged out and possession changed, only to followed by a Tredegar knock on. Half time blown.
Restart by the Rocks, who started strong but knocked on. Tredegar broke from the restart, but a great sprint and tag from Gethin stopped them in their tracks. Tredegar restarted and ran in to touch but kept possession!?
Possession yo-yo’d and Tredegar again scored, via a three foot run into touch, 4-1.
The final whistle brought the end to a frustrating game, with scoreline 4-1 in favour of Tredegar.
The Tigers showed great spirit throughout the game. Despite Tredegar having some great little players, it was clear the result would never be in doubt, as one or two of the tries were so far in touch on the north side of the pitch, the players were scoring via Cwmbran. Taking that into account, the Rocks kept on battling against adversity, tag from first to last, filling each and ever one of their parents with pride to the brim.
All in all, a great second weekend of competitive rugby for the start of their under 8’s season.
A great day was had by all and we look forward to playing both St Julians and Tredeger in the future . i see that one eyed reffing has reared its head but you have to play the ref take it on the chin and ROCK ON this makes me very proud of you all because you all did . !! As you can see by the reports by 2 different reporters,that to take part is the thing ,and to keep your head while all around may be loosing there’s,is why we play this game i am very proud of you all today .  look forward to ants training session this week where i am sure running forward and support may very well be at the top of his list . I will publish the sides for Pontyclun  Tourny this week .do not be disheartened if this time you dont make the team. Move on take it on the chin train hard and prove us coach`s that we were wrong . i love you all ROCK ON DUDES lets make some Noise   Steptoe


Report    w9-8 d5-5 w8-5 d8-8  Cowbridge away

Well here we are its the end of summer and the clouds broke over Cowbridge.The farmers putting out 2 sides and we were able to match them with 2 sides of 8 aside and 2 games organized by Richard the dairymen s Coach .After the rules were agreed no forward pass`s knock`ons and offside being penalizedno diving for tries and handoff `s to be punished . games started 10 mins each way Cowbridge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             game 2 Charle balch stato charlie had his hands full with Eyan so his report is try scorers only
Max try 0-1
Cowbridge try 1-1
Joel try 1-2
Cowbridge 2-2
Alessandro 2-3
Kai try 2-4
Cowbridge 3-4
Cowbridge 4-4
Kieran try 4-5
Alessandro 4-6
Cowbridge 5-6
Cowbridge 6-6
Balch try 6-7
Cowbridge 7-7
Balch try 7-8
Max try 8-8 i watched all 4 games and this weeks synopsis is slightly truncated however both sides were evenly matched and great tagging by both sides saw for 4 tight games parents of both sides giving great support to all players . the switch worked well and and the players seem to have the will for contact unfortuatly we have to wait another year balchy muzzy and maximus started the season as they left last season Kai KD Joel and Finn tagged and ran str8 which we have worked on in training Carwyn is taking the ball up into the business area`s and offloading like a Pro a fine effort by all                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Cowbridge
Joel try
cowbridge try 1-1
Cowbridge try 2-1
Joel try 2-2
Half time
Cowbridge 3-2
Max 3-3
Dylan 3-4
Cowbridge 4-4
Alessandro 4-5
Cowbridge try 5-5

The second match a tighter affair with the dairymen not falling for the switch and getting stuck into their running with some fine balanced running by Moggsy and Ginge both games reffed with compassion for the game and generous advantage being played the dairymen showing a great appetite for rugby and Cowbridge used every player to take the ball up and show off there ball handling skills there off load to support was a joy to watch . some crunching breaks by both sides was met by equally strong tagging . both sides not moaning when brought to ground and every try being applauded by all present .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 these match reports by “scottish steve” our celtic correspondent!! “och eye”                                                                                                                                                                                                              1st game 8-5 to us Gruff got us started with 2 great runs to the line one from the switch and one from the dummy switch math Evans crossbred after being set up by typical canter by Tom Mac . Tom returned to score one for himself and gruff scored another two tries from the moves well practiced in training being pulled off at will. Some fantastic no nonsense tagging by our new find Ben a boy with only one session under his belt has taken to rugby like the proverbial duck to water . followed it up with a fine solo effort for his first try for the ROCKS Tom mac finished off the scoring jinking like jimmy jimmy Johnstone a former Celtic “LEGEND” Utube him you will be amazed                                                                                                                                                                                    2nd game finished 8all to us?    some generous reffing encouraging flowing rugby Scores were Tom Mac then Ben stepped up with three tries on the bounce to keep us in touch as Cowbridge threatened to pull-away. Evan “Andy Gray” Ryan followed up to take it over the whitewash for our fifth Tom Mac drew us level 6-6 after a tackle that had to be called on one of the dairymen . We think as tom is our smallest player and the player who he took out the ref just gave him a hard stare . both players were fine after the cruncher and all applauded both “tackler and tacklee” math Evans and Ben put us in front after trailing all game only for cowbridge to cross with an outstanding effort to draw the best game of the four .                                                                                                        thank you steve as you may have noticed Steve has only just crossed from ” the dark side” and praising the opposition is a concept he is struggling with. How ever by the end of his second report Steve in deed remembered .

 One last note can all parents who haven’t joined the club see me for there membership forms all players must be a member of the club this year we had a great run last year but Kev obrien is now in charge of this and believe you me you will need to join ,or he will not let me of the hook  and ring me and bother me   ; )                                                                                                                      cheers to every on this week for there efforts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

all the best Steptoe

Under 9’s 

Training 5:30-6:30 on Fridays at St Peters

For more information contact Ilona 07912 600513


5th May:

Abergavenny Tournament It was a glorious sunny morning as all and sundry were rudely woken for an early start up into the hills for the end of year jamboree that is the Abergavenny Mini Rugby Tournament.  I came face to face with the ghost of Denfa (U8’s) at the coach’s meeting who had been camping there for 2 nights – I guess rugby campers don’t sleep, they just drink and then round up a team! We erected the gazebo and set up base camp alongside one of the pitches allocated to the U9′s, and more by luck than judgement it turned out to be the pitch that that we were to use for all our pool games. The format was very quick rugby, with each game limited to a single half of 7 minutes.  This is great for getting through matches quickly, but not so good if you have a poor start to a game, with very little time to correct anything that’s not working.   Pool Match 1 v Hucclecote Our opening match was against Hucclecote from Gloucestershire.  Unfortunately they hadn’t realised that the tournament was being played to WRU pathway rules, so it undermined their confidence a little at the outset, but with some generous refereeing and an understanding approach by all concerned they gave it a good go and it was an enjoyable game.  St P’s stretched into a 3-0 lead and started to relax. Hucclecote came back strongly towards the end of the game, but the rocks were in control throughout.  A good start. St Peters 4 v Hucclecote 2 Try scorers: Finlay Hasa Dylan Murphy (2) Rhys Bulmer   Pool Match 2 v Usk We had a very long break before this game and all the boys drifted off to sample the delights of the various stalls and slides.  Since the games were so short, the matches were way ahead of schedule and it was a bit of a rush to round everybody up in time for this game.  We suffered slightly as a result and never really got into our game.  Usk moved the ball quite nicely and despite a few attempts to break the deadlock towards the end of the game, time got the better of us and we ended with a draw.  This was a game we should have won, but the short format didn’t allow us the luxury of the time we needed. St Peters 1 v Usk 1 Try scorers: Rhys Bulmer   Pool Match 3 v Caerphilly The cheesemen looked like a decent outfit so we knew we’d need to step our game up to get something out of this one, particularly following on from the last draw.  After a great opening score by Ben Jones, our defensive work let us down and Caerphilly scored twice to snatch the lead.  We then managed to pull one back only for the philly’s to pull ahead again.  A concerted effort at the last play meant that we drew level just as the whistle blew.  This was a very close affair, and whilst it was a game we could have won, it was also one we could have lost. St Peters 3 v Caerphilly 3 Try scorers: Ben Jones Gruff Lloyd (2)   Pool Match 4 v Monmouth We knew now that the final group result could be decided on try count.  The coaches encouraged the lads to make a big effort in attack, and the certainly did.  The first part of the game was close with St P’s taking the lead three times only to be pegged back on each occasion to have a score of 3-3 with only minutes left.  The boys stepped up their efforts and promptly ran in three more tries to score an astounding 6 tries in a single half.  We’d started playing our best stuff as we got to the business end of the group. St Peters 6 v Monmouth 3 Try scorers: Efan Hoogendoorn (2) Rhys Bulmer Cynan Williams Ben Jones Gruff Lloyd   Pool Match 5 v Ystrad Rhondda Having had our resident statto’s totting up the scores and the various permutations, it was obvious that this was a crunch game.  YR and ourselves were unbeaten and this was a winner takes all affair – win and we go through, anything else meant that YR would qualify.  After watching a few of their earlier games, it was obvious that YR were a very strong team with some sizeable specimens and a solid defence.  Despite a great effort from the boys YR were the victors in this one, and despite a few critical decisions going against us I think it was a deserved win.  St Peters 1 v Ystrad Rhondda 3 Try scorers: Gruff Lloyd   Ystrad went on to win the tournament outright, which just goes to show the impact the luck of the draw can have on the outcome of such a short format competition – I suspect that drawn in another group, we’d have made the final.  It was a most enjoyable day though, and quite a novelty to play so much rugby in baking sunshine.  A huge thank you to all who helped with the day – coaches and parents as well as the official team photographers. We hope everybody’s enjoyed the season as a whole and will be back raring to go for next season – although training will continue for a few weeks to introduce some aspects of the new rules for next year.   PS – See you at the end of season awards ceremony next week. PPS – The U12’s have made the final of the Blues cup to be played at the Arms Park on Sunday 12th May (KO 11.30).  It would be great to get as many of us as possible to head down and support the boys.     Report by Eurig

21st April:

Away  Round Robin with Rumney & CRICC What a difference a week makes. It was the Sunday after the Sunday before and we headed up to Rumney for a triple header, although Rumney seemed to know nothing about CRICC’s involvement until they turned up.  Regardless, there were three teams ready and raring to go but as it turned out it was only two that were fully switched on at the start.  I think we were all still basking in last week’s victory and perhaps felt that we had a devine right to win matches – it might be nice if it worked out that way sometimes, but all successes take lots of effort – particularly in the fickle world of sport.   Match 1 v Rumney I think Rumney had lost the opening game to CRICC and were looking to turn their morning around.  We had been hanging around a little waiting for our game, which is never the best preparation, and it showed.  On an attacking front we played well with some strong running and great offloading, but the defensive effort just wasn’t there during this game.  The first half followed a tit for tat try scoring pattern with neither team getting on top in attack or defence, but both teams looked more accomplished with the ball than without it.  During the second half after a complete change of personnel, the story was much the same, but the errors made under pressure meant that we spilled the ball a couple of times, and without an intense defensive effort it meant that Rumney were able to capitalise and score the tries that led to their deserved victory. Final Score : 6-9 Loss (4-4 HT) St Peters Try Scorers: Thomas Williams (2) Tomos Francis Maxime Lodge Callum Blackmore Efan Hoogendoorn PhotoPhoto Match 2 v CRICC This game turned into a close affair with a similar pattern to the first game.  Again, both teams were much happier with ball in hand and neither one established a dominance.  CRICC played some nice stuff in attack with a few nice sweeping moves.  We had a nice move of our own which led to a huge overlap for Jo on the left, “CORNER!” called the coach, Jo promptly ran back into traffic, swerved past about 5 players, ran the full width of the pitch and scored in the opposite corner – well I suppose I wasn’t specific enough!  After being just ahead at half time (although it was very much tit for tat rugby in the first half again) there was another complete change in personnel.  The lack of continuity obviously tells in a team and asking the boys to switch on for ten minutes and then off and then back on again isn’t easy for them, and sometimes the results can suffer for this, but the effort was better in this game and again it came down to a couple of knock-ons in the tackle that caused a turnover and enabled CRICC to score a couple more tries that made all the difference at the end, though there was nothing between the teams today. Final Score : 5-6 Loss (3-2 HT) St Peters Try Scorers: Jack Lock Joseph Connolly Dylan Murphy Woody Facey Efan Hoogendoorn

PhotoPhotoPhoto PhotoPhoto

Match 3 v Rumney Rumney fancied playing an extra game, so after checking with the parents and rounding up the available players there was enough interest, so whilst some had to leave a hard core stayed for another go.  I think the boys breakfast had finally kicked in as they stepped up their efforts in defence.  Efan in particular stepped up and became a giant at the heart of the defensive line and clearly decided that he was not only not going to let them pass under any circumstances, but he was going to make sure they went backwards.  It was a superb display and inspired the boys around him to up their effort and intensity.  Peter had the attacking line purring as they swept from one side of the pitch to the other searching for the open spaces.  Gruff and Rhys found the space and made the most of it.  Louie decided to take the Maori approach and just make his own space, punching over from about 5 yards out with a complete disregard for any defensive line.  It was all great stuff. Final Score : 6-2 Win (3-1 HT) St Peters Try Scorers: Gruff Lloyd (4) Rhys Bulmer Louie Bruce   I’m glad we stayed to play the third game as it was a truer reflection of the progress the boys have made over the season, and its also nice to see the resolve they have in being able to step it up when things aren’t going their way and make things happen rather than sit back and wait.  Now that is the attitude of champions!   St Peters Man of the Match Today’s MOTM went to Callum(choochoo)Blackmore for some great individual attacking runs filled with effort, power and pace as well as for putting in a number of critical tackles.


Coachs Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Efan(he’sonlygoingonewayanditsbackwards)Hoogendoorn Louie(thebulldozer)Bruce for several direct and powerful runs through the heart of the defence. Gruff(ripvanwinkle)Lloyd who woke up to smash the last game – ps no more sleepovers! Dewi(fullon)Slomski for giving it everything when asked to do so. Joseph(whereshegoing?ohfinenowiseewhathesupto)Connolly for some great running and knowing where the corner is!   Bas(triggerfinger)Hoogendoorn for taking some great photos for sharing – its great for the lads to see themselves in action.     Report by Eurig


14th April:

Cardiff & Vale District Tournament The day dawned with a leaden sky, but at least the wet stuff wasn’t falling, which was a great improvement on Saturday.  The boys were in fine fettle after arriving and establishing a base camp beneath the cover of the Wanderer’s south stand – nobody seemed to trust that grey sky……… We arrived as defending champions having won this tournament last year at Under 8 level, but that was tag, and this year’s game is something else. 13 teams attended the competition, and all were some of the stronger sides we’ve faced during the season.  Many teams also seem to be able to step up their level for a tournament so we knew it was going to be a tough ask to defend the title. In a pool of only three teams there wouldn’t be the luxury of being able to claw back a lackadaisical performance, and learning from previous experiences of slow starts in tournaments the coaches impressed on the boys that they needed to be up for it from the first whistle so we set them a high try target for each game to focus their minds. As it turned out, none of the games all day were a try fest for any team, definitive proof that the standard of the teams present was high.   Pool Match 1 St Peters 3 v Barry 1 Try scorers: Gruff Lloyd Jack Lock Dylan Murphy   Pool Match 2 St Peters 3 v Rhiwbina 1 Try scorers: Gruff Lloyd Thomas Williams Efan Hoogendoorn Two good games played by the lads during which we tried to get most of the squad on the pitch whilst maintaining a core of players.  The defence in both games was immense and the boys were really focusing on the task at hand.  To only let in a single try in 20 minutes of good quality rugby on two separate occasions at U9 is something to be very proud of.   Quarter Final This was a really close game.  The rocks worked very hard in attack and defence and eked out a 3-1 lead at one point but Cowbridge had one exceptionally fast player that they kept trying to get into the game and when they did it caused us all sorts of problems.  They had scored a hatful of tries in the pool games and we could now see why.  The boys stepped up the defensive effort but despite a huge performance Cowbridge clawed the scores back and it ended all square.  We were now in squeaky bum golden try territory.  On the toss of the coin the Rocks had the kick off.  It was now all down to us – keep the ball and we win, make a mistake and we probably lose.  And I thought this was supposed to be fun!!!  The boys were on fire from the kick off, offloading out of the tackle and maintaining continuity which duly resulted in the golden try as well as a few palpitations for their coaches! Final score: St Peters 4 v Cowbridge 3 Try scorers: Thomas Williams (4)   Semi Final This was now the business end of the tournament, and we were facing a strong Dinas Powys side.  Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse, and the guy in charge of the heavenly hosepipe decided that Ely would be a good place to help some gardeners.  Unfortunately it didn’t really help the egg chasers in the middle of a semi!  Both teams coped well with the conditions as they got progressively worse, but the Rocks stood firm, defended like lions and snapped up every opportunity that came their way. Some of the passing, handling and offloading was superb given the conditions as well as the desire to keep control of the ball. Final score: St Peters 4 v Dinas Powys 2 Try scorers: Thomas Williams (2) Rhys Bulmer Tomos Francis   Final So there we were again.  Soaking wet, covered in mud from head to foot but happy – we were in the final against one of our well known adversaries, Pentyrch.  We’ve played the Tyrchs several times this season and come unstuck on wet soggy conditions since they have a very strong defence and some strong runners through the middle.  It was decided to roll straight from the semi’s into the final without much break to prevent the boys getting cold – no problem for our Duracell boys who always seem to have a little more left in their legs.  The very brief team talk focused on defence, defence defence and impressing the importance of playing keep ball in the conditions.  This is not our usual game plan, but when the conditions dictate, then we need to be able to adapt! The ball was more slippery than banana soap, everyone seemed to be playing in brown, but the boys just stepped up to another level.  Our defence was bigger, stronger, tougher and quicker than I’ve seen all season and we forced the Tyrchs back time and again forcing the error.  When we had the ball we kept hold of it superbly, but its impossible to stop our boys playing with some fluidity, and despite giving their coach near heart attacks the boys insisted on trying to offload in the tackle and pass the ball out.  Most of them stuck and eventually the Tyrchs defence was stretched and Thomas saw the space outside.  As he’d done all day he accelerated through the gap, beat the tackler and scored.  Now all the pressure shifted onto our defence, and despite hammering and hammering, there was no breaking that line of solid rocks.  The whistle went and the cries went up ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS! Final score: St Peters 1 v Pentyrch 0 Try scorers: Thomas Williams   It was at this point that you just forget about the mud, the sweat and the tears.  The boys performance, attitude and desire all day was fantastic.  From a coach’s point of view it was the defence that did the trick.  Conceding only 7 tries all day in 100 minutes of competitive rugby at this age group is spectacular.   Every single member of the team there played an important part and did everything that was asked of them – each and every one can be proud of their achievements.   DISTRICT CHAMPIONS !  ……………………… sounds good doesn’t it! Report by Eurig

that winning feeling………


7th April:

Away to Abercynon On yet another cold and sunny morning we all headed up to Abercynon. I think I had my first nosebleed as we passed Ponty – I’m pretty sure anything north of Ponty is classed as the Welsh high veldt!  The pitch was in excellent condition with nice firm flat ground – ideal for running rugby.  Several of the lads were away on holiday and a couple had cancelled that morning suffering with one of the various bugs currently doing the rounds.  I’d had a quick peek at Abercynon’s results earlier in the week, and knew we were in for a tough game – they don’t lose many and have played against good sides on a regular basis.  After a quick chat with their coach Gareth, two games of 10 minutes each way was the format for the morning.   Match 1 As the whistle blew, it was immediately obvious that the boys were in the mood to play some rugby, so I think I’ll need to order two weeks off school before the Abergavenny tournament if this is the effect it has.  From the off the lads were looking for work and more than willing to get stuck in. We played with loads of guts, determination and passion with some good hard straight running which was great to see.  There were numerous errors and knock ons in this game that meant there were more than the normal number of scrums, but many of these were caused by some great tackling by both sides. Final Score : 5-2 Win (3-1 HT) St Peters Try Scorers:Thomas Williams (2) Jack Lock Dylan Murphy (2)   Match 2 The first half of this game was absolutely rammed with excellent rugby by both teams. For once St. Peter’s tended to be going the direct route taking the ball up the middle one after the other with some nice offloading in close.  Abercynon played a more expensive game and had some great structure to their game.  Their players kept their shape and width and on several occasions put the ball through the hands to get outside our defensive line which meant that several last ditch tackles were required. By half time I was exhausted just from watching – and trying to keep up with the 10 tries that were scored.  By the final period of play I think some of the boys were tiring, but the rugby was no less impressive.  All in all a fantastic game by both teams that could easily have gone either way.  A last gasp try at the death clinched it, where a draw would maybe have been a fairer reflection on the game as neither team deserved to lose. Final Score : 7-6 Win (6-4 HT) St Peters Try Scorers: Jack Lock (2) Efan Hoogendoorn Ben Cottrell Gruff Lloyd Thomas Williams (2)   In all honesty this was a great performance from a desire and attitude point of view, but we will need to work some more on getting the passing game going to compliment the running.  A few more passes strung together would have made a significant difference at the end of the day, and we look a much better side when we let the ball go through the hands. Time for us us coaches to scratch our heads and figure out how……   St Peters Man of the Match We keep finding it increasingly difficult as time goes by to pick out specific individual performances.  I consider this a big positive as it shows how many of the boys are playing well on a regular basis, and rugby is after all a team game. After a huddle and a chat, today’s MOTM went to Jack Lock (stocknthreetrysmokinbarrels) for all round effort in attack and defence along with some barnstorming runs and a very accomplished and difficult finish to one of his tries Coachs Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: The whole team for an all round committed performance from the first whistle to the last.     Report by Eurig  

17th March:

St Peter’s Tournament It was the morning after the night before.  We had all been treated to a feast of fantastic rugby on Saturday afternoon, and as Sunday dawned with sunshine peeking through the clouds it was the boys go to turn on the style and see how far we could get in our tournament.  The weather had been a little unkind for a couple of days before so the pitches were soggier than the old digestive I found in the bottom of my morning brew. In many ways we were lucky to be playing at all, but with only two pitches available for 3 age groups, it was going to be a longer day than originally anticipated.  With that in mind, the match times were shortened to only 5 minutes each way for the U8’s & U9’s who were sharing a pitch.  In order to avoid the soggiest areas, the pitch ended up being some way narrower than we would have liked to suit our expansive game and elusive runners. There were more pagodas on show than at a Peking car boot sale, and everybody had established a base camp in advance of the commencement of festivities.   Match 1 v Barry It was a bit of a slow start for us in this game and we made our now customary lacksadaisical beginning to a Sunday morning. The coaches made the effort to ensure that everyone got on the pitch by switching the whole team at half time. We played some decent stuff but were a little below par, and whilst it was nice to start with a win, a couple more scores would have come in handy at the end of the day. Final Score : 3-2 Win St Peters Try Scorers: Thomas Williams 2 Ben Cottrell   Match 2 v Pontypridd Having reffed the Ponty v Pontyclun game, it was obvious that Ponty were a very strong side with several very powerful runners. Their game is based on the one up drive through the middle, and with only one tackler allowed is an effective tactic this season. The narrowness of the pitch along with the soft conditions underfoot meant that the circumstances were very much in their favour. Ponty’s defence was immense and their control of the ball and game management very accomplished for an U9 side.  I was most proud of the way our lads stepped up during this game. The intensity and quality of the tackling was superb and time after time Ponty’s strong runners were taken down and knocked back.  Unfortunately the conditions really played into Ponty’s hands and they made the most of their physical dominance.  At the end of the game the Ponty lads all made a point of really congratulating our boys, which I think showed a level of respect between the teams.  On a wider drier track, things may have been a little different. Final Score : 4-0 Loss   Match 3 v Pentyrch This was always going to be a crunch game.  We’ve faced Pentyrch a few times this season and been beaten in the cold and the wet, but the one game we had on a wide dry pitch ended in a draw. Unfortunately, this game came after lunch for most of the boys – although im sure some had attacked their picnics after the opening game!  anyway, by the time we got started the hampers were lighter and our team was stuffed full of sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and fizzy pop.  On top of that, Nia had singlehandedly broken the Welsh cake baking world record and promptly distributed them team wide. Now I had a word with the Wales conditioning coach last night and am reliably informed that even though it works for George North, its not generally the recommended preparation for a game of rugby!  To be fair Pentyrch are a good outfit and are able to play tight and free flowing rugby and have several good tacklers in their side.  When we had the ball we played some very good stuff but a couple of missed tackles and a couple of offside decisions were the difference between us on this occasion. Final Score : 2-4 Loss St Peters Try Scorers: Dylan Murphy Thomas Williams   Match 4 v Pontyclun We had a long break before this game and many of the lads had disappeared up the bank and over the rear fence somewhere – I think its probably best not to ask! Meanwhile at operation Rocks Storm headquarters, our army of statisticians had been straining all their grey matter to figure out what was needed before the final game.  We knew that Ponty were in the final having already won 3 games, and they were playing the final game against Barry who couldn’t qualify. Pentyrch and Pontyclun had already won two games each.  The call came down the line that to make the final St P’s had to win and score 8 tries or more against a strong Pontyclun team who had dispatched Pentyrch in the last round of games.  It was a tall order, but the coaches took the kids to one side and hyped up the sports psychology.  From the off you could sense that the boys were ‘bang up for it’ and played with tons of fire and passion as well as plenty of skill with some great offloading and switching the play.  As I  said Pontyclun though are a very good side but on this occasion our boys were on fire, and it would have taken something very special to beat us at that point. We played some outstanding rugby and I was incredibly proud of everybody there. Unfortunately we just ran out of time – another two minutes and I’m certain we’d have got the required score, but sport isn’t always like that – the unpredictability is what makes it so great – at least that’s what I tell my English friends after yesterday. Final Score : 6-3 Win St Peters Try Scorers: Woodrow Facey Ben Cottrell Louie Bruce Callum Blackmore Thomas Williams Maxime Lodge   Overview It was a really good and competitive tournament with some very accomplished sides taking part.  On the day Ponty’s defence and game management was the telling factor particularly in the conditions on that pitch –  they made all the right tactical decisions and got their just rewards by winning.  The table below makes for quite interesting reading (if you’re a bit sad like me) and shows just how close things were. Ponty’s defence and ball retention was the telling factor in their victory, conceding only 2 tries in the pool games.  From an attacking front, there was nothing between 4 of the teams scoring 11 or 12 tries each.   On a dry track and a wider pitch, things could have been different.




Tries Scored

Tries Conceded
















St Peters










  The final was won by Pontypridd against Pentyrch – I don’t know the score though I’m afraid cos we were in the bar!   All in all I was very pleased with the performances and the great attitude of the boys throughout the long day, and what was most pleasing was the way they rallied once they had a definite goal to aim for. The team spirit was huge and in the long run we have the makings of a fine team. To be honest we thought we’d be selecting a little more during the tournament, but on the day decided that we should make as much effort as possible to ensure everyone got equal game time. Simon managed the sidelines brilliantly and kept a book full of notes on who should be on next. Huge thanks should also go to Peter for all the time he put in with the team getting them ready for each game and running the boys on the pitch as I ended up refereeing far more matches than I’d anticipated.   St Peters Man of the Match No man of the match award today since there too many good performances to count. Every single one of the boys were my man of the match today. Roll call: Louie (notasbigashismamthinks) Bruce Sam (kneecracker) Turner Finlay (mrmotivator) Hasa Ben (letmeat’em) Cottrell Efan (itsthebiggestcakeintheworld) Hoogendoorn Maxime (alloverthemlikearash) Lodge Cynan (needlongerarms) Williams Griff (good hands) Meehan Thomas (inthezone) Williams Gwyddien(he’supthebank) Edwards Ben (he’s uptheretoo) Drinkwater Tomos (cutback) Francis Callum (firsttryoftheseason) Blackmore Dewi (youmightbebiggerbutyoucantcatchme) Slomski Woody (theaxe) Facey Dylan (hangontomyshirtbutimnotstopping) Murphy Joseph (i’llbeonyourshoulder) Connolly James (bossthebreakdown) Bettison  

The end of the day

      Report by Eurig



10th March:

Home to Llandaff North Another chilly start to a Sunday morning as the beginnings of a new Baltic blast was gathering pace and heading towards the ‘Diff.  A big thank you to all the mums who gave up their lay in’s and breakfasts in bed for a chilly rugby pitch as we had a slightly earlier start than normal. I knew North have been struggling for numbers in our age bracket, and they turned up with 6 players, but our lads were more than happy to change shirts, so four of our lads donned the black and amber in each half.  To be honest I think they rather enjoy playing against their teammates, which is great to see. I tend to find remembering a game that I’ve been refereeing far more difficult than when I’m running the line with the boys, so apologies for any errors in the match descriptions – they all just blur into one big cornucopia of rugby, not helped this week by having a good proportion of boys playing for the opposition.   Match 1 The match started well with the Rocks taking the kick off and running fairly swiftly through the middle of North’s defence to score.  Then the boot was on the other foot as our very own roadrunner, Efan  gave a cry of ‘meep meep’, split our defence and sprinted in to score.  James and Tomos also scored a couple of fine tries as the boys started to move the ball nicely and create some space.  The more we move the ball, the better we look, and the more difficult we are to play against as the point of attack is constantly shifting to allow our good runners to isolate the defence.  3-2 was the halftime score and it was all change for our Llandaff contingent.  North started strongly at the beginning of the second half and used a couple of their more powerful runners very well.  Our line speed was better today than we’ve seen for a couple of weeks and that helped with the defense.  Max, Gruff, Dylan and Ben C scored in this half to secure a good start to the day.  Im sure it was this potion of the game that saw the rocks throwing the ball around and really pulling the defense out of their comfort zone – I know it resulted in a great try, but I have no idea who scored it off – I was just admiring the play! Final Score : 7-4 Win St Peters Try Scorers: Thomas Williams James Bettinson Tomos Francis Maxime Lodge Gruff Lloyd Dylan Murphy Ben Cottrell St Peters Try Scorers for Llandaff North: Efan Hoogendoorn (2)   Match 2 Yet another good game, characterized by some good strong running and flowing rugby.  Sam, Dylan and Jack all scored for St P’s in the first half with a combination of elusive and powerful running.  Thomas and Ben D scored for Llandaff North.  Ben’s try in particular sticks in my mind with the ball swept out to the left and Ben ran a great supporting line to be there to finish the move off.  The score was very close at 3-3 half time.  The second half started with some powerful running by North through the middle of our defence and Dylan forced his way over.  Joseph scored a sweet reply which was quickly countered by a punching charge for Louie to score for North again.  This was a real ding dong battle with Thomas scoring for the Rocks followed by Max for North.  Gwydd then finished off a fine move to level up the scores.  It was neck and neck with the final whistle approaching and North were knocking away at our try line.  Our defence was holding firm, but giving ground phase by phase before Thomas pounced on a speculative pass and ran the length of the pitch to score from the interception.  North came back again and were seemingly determined to level the score before Thomas promptly repeated his intercept and ran in another score as the Thunderer was blown for the final time. Final Score : 8-6 Win St Peters Try Scorers: Sam Turner Dylan Murphy Jack Lock Joseph Connolly Thomas Williams (3) Gwyddien Edwards St Peters Try Scorers for Llandaff North: Thomas Williams Ben Drinkwater Dylan Murphy Louie Bruce Maxime Lodge   All in all both games were competitive and played in a fine spirit.  It was great to see so many different try scorers for St P’s as well as so many scoring when they were doing their stint with Llandaff North as well – 14 individuals managed to score today, which just goes to show the strength in depth that’s developing within the squad.   St Peters Man of the Match Yet again it was a difficult job to pick out an individual today with so many players having good games and performing well for the team (whichever colour they were wearing).  In fact it was so difficult to choose that the coaches hedged their bets and awarded men of the match to Gwyddien (linespeed) Edwards and Ben (nosebleed) Drinkwater, both of whom had excellent games and were fully involved in the games with some enthusiastic tackling and a try apiece as well. Coachs Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Louie (tarw) Bruce for his consistent and powerful straight running Sam (theswerve) Turner for running some very elusive lines Finlay (offload) Hasa for creating a lovely try with his perfectly timed offload Report by Eurig  

3rd March:

Away to Rhiwbina It may have been cold.  Well actually it was cold.  Flaming cold! In fact it was so cold I’m sure there were parents that would have swapped with their kids just to get in the scrum.  Today we were hosted by the Squirrels at Caedelyn Park.  It was nice to turn up and see two well stocked sides with plenty of young talented lads raring to go.  Rhiwbina always have a good junior section and it was great to see so many kids out there playing on a Sunday morning The format was agreed as four 10 minute sessions, split into two games to make sure everybody had some decent game time.  We had a great turn out today with 23 players available – it’s great to see so many turn out, and shows how the team is going from strength to strength. I only hope we manage to make sure everybody gets their fair share of game time – it’s not always easy to keep track!   Match 1 The squirrels kicked off and started driving up the middle of the park. A series of tackles and powerful runs later and they were knocking on our try line before stretching over to open the scoring.  The Rocks then took the ball deep into the Squirrels half before Tomos made one of his now routine cutting runs to score. Rhiwbina scored again following a series of strong short drives and we finished off a nice flowing move with Ben scoring before half time – which meant it was honours even at the break and a wholesale change of players was made before the re-start. St P’s kicked off and swept up the pitch from the off with some great running lines from deep and a neat switch allowed Joseph to score a cracking try as he cut back and burst through the Rhiwbina line. Rhiwbina knocked on from the restart and this gave us a platform to move deep into their half with some good running and good offloads that eventually got Dylan close to the line – nobody was going to stop him from there and he powered over dragging a couple of squirrels with him. Rhiwbina scored before Thomas decided it was his turn and promptly rattled in two fantastic solo efforts with some dazzling running. Rhiwbina scored at the death, but it was too little too late. Final Score : 6-4 Win St Peters Try Scorers: Tomos Francis Ben Jones Joseph Connolly Dylan Murphy Thomas Williams (2)   Match 2 I’m not sure what happened at the start of the second game, but our tackling and general defensive play seemed to go to pot. I suspect the lads thought they would cruise to a victory, but Rhiwbina are too good an outfit to let games slip away that easily, and they came out all fired up.  Jack and Louie had some good powerful runs and Tomos scored another good try, but by half time we had shipped 4 tries and it looked like we had an uphill battle to get anything out of this game.  But the Rocks are made of stern stuff, and after another wholesale change in lineup the lads came out with bags of desire. Thomas set things going with another fine individual run and linked up nicely with Gruff before taking the ball back and scoring. The squirrels kept playing tough rugby up the middle and scored another try despite some good last ditch defence near our line.  Gruff took up the challenge at this point and was running some crazy lines scything through the Rhiwbina line from deep and scored a brace of tries, but Rhiwbina managed another of their own.  With only a few minutes left we were still 2 scores down. The lads rallied agaqin and started applying lots of pressur.  Thomas stepped up and forced hole after hole and ended up scoring two further tries.  The tide had turned, but the whistle came a little too soon and the game finished as a draw.  It was a fair reflection on the game overall. Final Score : 6-6 Draw St Peters Try Scorers: Tomos Francis Gruff Lloyd (2) Thomas Williams (3)   St Peters Man of the Match We had many players who put their hand up today for MOTM, but following a great all round performance with some excellent breaks and great spatial awareness along with some good hard tackling as well as the desire to win, todays award went to : Thomas (thepower) Williams. Coachs Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Tomos (razorsharp) Francis – for some great running lines from deep. Jack (steamroller) Lock – for his powerful straight running and great presentation of the ball in the tackle Gruff (zigzag) Lloyd – for sidestepping more players then Shane Joseph (i’llbethere) Conolly – for his great support running Dylan (Schwarzenegger) Murphy – for a great performance on his return from a broken leg   Report by Eurig    

24th February:

No Game

No game this weekend, so we headed down to Roath Rec. for a little extra training since the Rocks’ pitches were all in use this morning.  It was bitterly cold, but after a week without rain it meant that the pitch was in superb condition.  In fact it was much better than the Arms Park and much better than the Stade de France – maybe they should come on over and play ? No drills this session, but plenty of game time so the boys were happy.  Sixteen turned up, so it was eight a side and away we went.  It turned out to be a great session with some pretty classy running from both sides.  By the end of the session we were stringing planty of passes together in order to put width on the game and the boys were switching and running loops.   The really encouraging thing for the coaches was the increased passing and the awareness that the players outside would have a better chance to score – this is something for us to work on over the next few weeks as we approach tournament time.  We as coaches need to reinforce the point that unloading to assist in a try is just as important, if not more important than being the person to put the ball down over the line. We are a team, and a score is a team score.   Report by Eurig


17th February:

Away to Old Penarthians What a glorious morning.  The sun was shining, the air was crisp and I even had to reach for the Oakleys on the drive over to Penarth.  It was so shocking see that big yellow fireball in the sky I had to stop some of the parents ringing the Wales on Sunday to report that a flaming meteor was heading straight for the Diff.  It was a great feeling to top up the vitamin D levels! We turned up with a compliment of 16 happy and smiling souls with their parents fairly skipping their way to the pitches – what a difference a week makes.  Unfortunately, Old Pens are struggling for players in their U9 age group and only managed 8 players of their own, although half term didn’t help either.  After a brief coaches discussion a deal was struck to send over four of our lot to don the Old Pens’ blue and yellow kit. Since there was an U12’s game kicking off on the same pitch a little later it was decided to play a single game split into 3 sessions of 10 minutes each. Match St. Peter’s won the toss and elected to start. We started very strongly with some fine running and offloading.  It was nice to see more passing come into our game and it all paid off culminating with a nice try well finished off by Joseph.  No quarter was given in the tackling – particularly between the St P’s lads on both sides.  The boys were playing as a team with some well timed passing creeping into the game, which was very gratifying to see. This needs to be the next big step to focus on with the boys – an awareness that their teammate may be in a better position and should therefore be passed to.  Rhys scored a nice try and Woody scored a brace before the whistle blew for the end of the first session. Efan had scored for Old Pens so the score at the break was 4-1. The second period followed a similar pattern. Efan switched right into the game and followed his Old Pens try with three for St P’s during this period and Ben also scored a fine try. Gruff scored for Old Pens. By the time the whistle blew at the end of the period the score was 8-2. The third period started with Elliot telling us he hadn’t seen the ball yet, so it was passed to him from the kick off, and he promptly scythed through the Old Pens defence to score. Efan finished off a sweeping move up the right flank and stretched out like a great tall pine to reach the line with a loud cry of “timber!” from the ref.  Joseph supported a powerful run from Cynan who somehow managed to break through several tackles up the middle of the field and was duly rewarded with a nice try from the offload.  St P’s defence was very strong in this game as we pressed and pushed OP’s back, but the pressure was released following a powerful run from Louie (for OP’s) and he gained good hard ground to allow them to push away from their try line. All in all it was a good performance from the rocks, and once again it was a pleasure to play a game in such a positive environment with parents from both sides applauding all players from both teams.  A great way to spend a sunny Sunday morning.   Final Score : 11-3 Win St Peters Try Scorers: Joseph Connolly (2) Rhys Bulmer Woody Facey (2) Efan Hoogendoorn (4) Ben Cottrell Elliott Styles   St Peters Try Scorers (playing for Old Pens): Efan Hoogendoorn Gruff Lloyd   St Peters Man of the Match Once again it was particularly difficult to pick a single player out today with so many of the boys putting in good performances and the team really started to gel again after the weather disrupted last few weeks. However, todays accolades went to: Griff (flymo) Lloyd for cutting down everything in his path once again, and this after only getting back from skiing in the early hours of the morning – good effort. Coachs Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Elliot (runforestrun) Styles for showing everybody a clean pair of heels James (yessiralan) Bettison for bossing the breakdown Dylan (i’llbebacksoon) Murphy for coming out to support while his broken leg heals   Report by Eurig    

10th February:

Away to Barry After last week’s damp and dreary game the weather had been quite decent, so it was with bags of enthusiasm we woke to head out to Barry for a match in glorious winter sunshine. Unfortunately DaiDamp, the patron saint of Sunday Morning rugby had other ideas and decided it should lash down all morning.  We had a nice warm welcome at Barry and even though the pitch surface was suitable for kayaking, it was definitely playable. So far this season we have aimed to play 2 games of 10 minutes each way, but given the conditions it was decided to play 3 thirds of 10 minutes. 11 hardy and intrepid lads (and their parents) made the big effort to get up and out on such a wet morning. I must say that the dedication is much appreciated – today was a perfect duvet day if ever there was one. Barry had 9 players, so we handed over one of our own for each half so that nobody would be getting cold on the sideline.  A big thank you to Tom, Joseph and Gwydd for switching sides. Match St. Peter’s won the toss and elected to start. After a couple of phases the ball was slipped through to Jack (one of two debutants today) who took the ball and rumbled straight through the heart of Barry’s line to score. Barry took the restart and after a few good phases scored a try of their own. Next it was St P’s turn again and sure enough after a few phases another try was scored. Tomos who was playing for Barry in the first half scored a great individual try after a very good and typical scything run through the middle of our defence with at least 3 great side steps, but it was a little odd to see him wearing the green & white hoops. Jack ran in another couple of tries in the first half and was all but unstoppable.  Another highlight of the first half was a great try engineered by Thomas and Cynan who burst up the right flank offloading to each other as they were tackled, then getting up to be sure of being the next support player. The ball switched between them 4 or 5 times before Thomas finished the move off after cutting inside to score.  Half time score was 5-2 to St P’s. After the first session was over it was unanimously agreed to only play 2 halves – the weather was winning! To be fair, at this point a few Barry heads started to drop and one of their players left early suffering from the cold. After agreeing with their coach we decided to play with uneven numbers to prevent anybody getting cold on the bench and Joseph duly put a green and white jersey on for Barry this half. From the restart, the ball was fed to Ben (another debutant today) who burst through on an arcing run to the left side and scored in the corner.  He quickly followed this up with another – it was definitely a day for the new boys!  Another try was scored by Cynan after some great support play and Rhys also had a great run to dot down. Another Barry player went off injured so Gwyddien switched sides to even up the numbers and promptly had a great run down the right wing after cutting through our defensive line and stretched his legs to break away and score in the right corner. All in all it was a terrible day to play rugby, but I have nothing but positive things to say about the boys who turned up, didn’t let the conditions get to them and played some great rugby in awful weather.  Of the thirteen tries scored, eleven were by St P’s players – which is a great  testament to the quality of players on show today. Final Score : 9-4 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers: Jack Lock (3) Thomas Williams (2) Ben Cottrell (2) Cynan Williams Rhys Bulmer St Peters’ Try Scorers (playing for Barry): Tomos Francis Gwyddien Edwards   St Peters’ Man of the Match There were so many boys who played very well today the trophy could have been given to any one of the boys who were there.  In fact it could almost have been team of the match given the great effort put in by everybody.  But for a most impressive debut, todays plaudits go to : Jack (theplough) Lock for being all but unstoppable with the ball in his hands, for offloading well on the few occasions he was tackled and for putting in plenty of his own tackles as well.   Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: I cant not mention each and every player today, who all put in so much effort and showed great character and determination with bags of real team spirit. Ben(qualcast)Drinkwater who led the defensive line and put in more than his fair share of scything tackles Ben(charger)Cottrell for a great debut showcasing pace, power and commitment Thomas(smasher)Williams for a typical gritty and gutsy performance topped off with one of the best hits I’ve seen all year Cynan(spikeymikey)Williams for another great performance at scrum half incorporating good support play and a quicker pass than Mike Phillips Joseph(rubberlegs)Connolly for a great performance full of good tackles and tricky running that seemed to hypnitise most of the opposition Tomos(sidestep)Francis for yet another accomplished performance and cutting through our defence to score a great individual try Gwyddien(glider)Edwards for a great all round performance topped off with a wonderful individual try Rhys(slick)Bulmer for some wonderfully silky running Louie(avalanche)Bruce for yet another all round performance with plenty of strong running and great defensive work. Finlay(can-do)Hasa for a performance full of commitment and a desire to enjoy the whole game   Report by Eurig    

3rd February:

Away to PentyrchRain. Cold. Drizzle. Mist Mizzle , Mizzle and even more Mizzle!  I actually think that Pentyrch is an old Welsh word for Mizzle, and there was plenty of it to go around. In fact we could have done with flashing lights on top of the boys heads to make them easier to spot and some cats eyes on the lines would have been useful!

Ooooze team aar ewe on butt ?

We were missing a few regulars today but fourteen hardy souls had made the effort.  Of those that made it to the exposed top of Pentyrch it was apparent from the start there were several of the boys that would rather be at home in bed than out in the murk. But this is rugby and its Wales in February, so you just have to suck it up, try to get as involved as you can to help keep warm and get on with it. Pentyrch had two full teams – which looked like a bit of an advantage in the conditions since their boys were able to keep warm between their sessions.  This was also only our second game since the beginning of December and with only one training session since Christmas everybody was more than a little rusty.  I also suspect that too many of the boys were taking notes during yesterday’s game and decided to play from Rob Howler’s play book! Match 1 Pentyrch started the game and after several drives straight up the middle were soon knocking on our try line where they promptly scored. The ball was very wet and greasy and we knocked on straight from the off and the Tyrchs promptly drove up the middle again and dotted down. This was pretty much the pattern for the whole of this game. Our play was quite lethargic and some of the tackling was ……. well it more watching than actually tackling!  It really highlighted quite how rusty we were and how missing the training over recent weeks has disrupted some of the progress we’d been making.  In the early part of the game one real spark was Efan’s effort in attack and defence, and he managed to score a couple of tries as well.  All in all though, we were second best in most departments, and the final score reflected this.  This was our Wales at half time moment! Final Score : 9-2 Loss St Peters’ Try Scorers:Efan Hoogendoorn (2) Match 2 After a bit of a gee up during the team talk things started to improve in the second game. After the Tyrchs had scored a couple of early tries, we started to work our way into the game. Finley punched a nice hole and burst through to score a fine try. Efan kept up his impressive display in attack and defence. Things improved as we upped the intensity and the pace of our game and we worked our way up the pitch – I actually think that the tempo also helped warm the barve lads who were still playing into the final session. By this time both regular scrum halfs had gone off with injury and cold so Joseph and then Cynan filled in. Right at the end of the final session things started to come together and the speed with which the ball was fed from the tackle area meant that we were able to start getting some momentum. Efan scored another brace of tries and Cynan also capped off a fine period of play with a try.  It was nice to finish with a bit of a flourish, even if it was to little too late.  Far too much deja vu with yesterday’s game for my liking! Final score: 7-4 Loss St Peters’ Try Scorers Finlay Hasa Efan Hoogendoorn (2) Cynan Williams   In summary we were rusty. Very rusty. In fact I don’t think that there was enough WD40 in the world to loosen things up yesterday.  We were also cold and wet which seemed to affect some of our players worse than others for some reason. I don’t think I’ve had a game before where most of the boys are asking to be benched! A big thank you to those of you who gave your best despite the conditions. St Peters’ Man of the MatchThere were a few lads who played very well today and stuck it out all the way to the end, but without doubt it was one of the easier MOTM decisions to make, and it went to : Efan (must’vehadRedBullforbreakfast) Hoogendoorn – for battering the defensive line until it broke more often than I think anyone else has ever done and for making more tackles than the whole Welsh team did yesterday. Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Finlay(motivator)Hasa who did his best to gee the lads up and try to turn things around when things were going against us Dewi(Duracell)Slomski for never once moaning, for his positive attitude, for getting stuck into the game and having a number of good runs and tackles and for just getting on with it after getting smashed Cynan(distributor)Williams for stepping in and injecting pace and intensity with some fine quick passing from the breakdown in difficult conditions Ben (springsforlegs) Jones for some fine running and bags of enthusiasm Every parent who had the car blowers on full blast on the way home trying to thaw out cold little fingers   Report by Eurig

6th January:

Home to Dinas Powys & Pentyrch The guy in the big red suit had been to visit all and sundry and I’m told that the reindeer left several ‘presents’ of their own in the car park that had to be dealt with – apparently they blamed it on all the extra carrots that the St Peter’s kids left out for them on the night.  It seems that everyone had a good break and were all raring to get back into the swing of rugby.  We welcomed Dinas Powys  and Pyntyrch for a little new year round robin.  We had trained on Friday night and managed to shift some of the extra ballast created by the feasting and it was nice to be greeted by a dry morning perfect for rugby.  The pitch wasn’t as bad as I’d feared, though there were a few patches that seemed to have been home to a family of hippo’s over the holidays.  Needless to say we narrowed down the pitch to avoid the worst of it, but a couple of squelchy areas remained – apparently its character building for the lads so the parents don’t need to worry……. (Legal small print: St Peter’s RFC accept no responsibility for the state of your washing machines !).   Match 1 St Peters v Dinas Powys St P’s started playing from the off and Thomas promptly burst through Dinas’ line to open the scoring.  A second followed closely after and it was all looking very good indeed.  But Dinas are a good outfit, and sure enough they started to play themselves back into the game and scored to close the gap.  Another try for Thomas followed by another for DP meant that St P’s went into half time with a narrow 3-2 lead.  It was almost all change for us at half time with only a couple of the first half lads staying on.  The second half was a very good tussle with both teams playing some good strong rugby.  Our tackling wasn’t what we’d have like it to be and was down a few notches from last game before Christmas.  This cost us dear as Dinas hauled us back.  It was then nip and tuck all the way to the final whistle and either team could have won it. Final Score : 6-6 Draw St Peters’ Try Scorers: Thomas Williams (5) Efan Hoogendoorn   Match 2 Pentyrch v Dinas Powys A really good tight game between two well matched sides.  Dinas snuck a win with a last gasp score on the final play. Final Score : 5-6 Win to Dinas Powys   Match 3 St Peters v Pentyrch Our second game was an equally tight affair with both teams going at each other hard.  Our defence had sharpened up a bit by now and we were coping pretty well with Tyrch’s many strong runners.  At half time the Rocks were 2-1 up following tries by Thomas and Gruff, Pentyrch came back strongly in the second half after both sides had swapped most or all players.  There were several strong performances in this game with a number of the lads stepping up the intensity.  As I blew for a knock on my watch beeped and the game stood at 4 tries apiece.  Ahhh, let em play I thought….. so I did, and the Tyrchs promptly went and dotted down in the far corner.  That’ll learn me! Final score: 4-5 Loss St Peters’ Try Scorers Thomas Williams (2) Gruff Lloyd Cynan Williams   St Peters’ Man of the Match With two almost completely different teams playing in each half of the games it was particularly difficult to pick out a MOTM today, but as it happened there was one player who had an emotional day as well as a good game, so today’s the MOTM goes to: Ben (Cannuck) Ingram – for some excellent strong running and also as a little farewell following his final game for St Peters as he leaves us for a new start in Canada. Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Thomas (linebreaker) Williams – for yet another outstanding performance including a fistful of tries. Gruff (chainsaw2) Lloyd – who once again cut down everything in his path today Cynan (drag’emwithme) Williams – who kept his legs pumping and drove through a number of tackles to stretch to the line   Report by Eurig  

9th December:

Away to Glamorgan Wanderers Just a tad on the chilly side this morning as we wound our way up to the home of the Wanderers.  It’s a good job they sell hot tea and coffee at the Wands’ house, because without it I think I could’ve stuck a flake in our parents’ ears and called ‘em 99’s.  We turned up at the Wanderer’s somewhat under strength today with so many of the lads being afflicted by the various bugs currently doing the rounds.  Thirteen hardy souls made the trip to the wilds of Ely, and after a quick chat with the Wands’ coach it was quickly decided to let all the lads play at once to save having some getting cold on the touchline as subs. Match 1 St P’s won the toss and ‘kicked off’.  The first start went straight to Efan who promptly scythed through the middle of the Wands’ defence and scored from the off.  This was quickly followed by a second try, this time to Max.  To be honest, I think we happened to catch Wands on the hop, and soon after that things got a good bit tougher.  The Wands stepped up their tackling and St P’s had to do the same to keep the Ely lads in check.  Another couple of tries were scored by the rocks before half time.  The second half continued in much the same vane.  Both sides were playing some decent rugby, despite cold hands, but the Rocks’ desire to get out wide was the telling difference as our scrum halves distributed nicely and played to exploit the width as the Wands’ defence had a tendency to get pulled in towards the breakdown. Final Score : 7-0 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers: Efan Hoogendoorn Maxime Lodge Thomas Williams (2) Gruff Lloyd Dylan Murphy Sam Turner Match 2 The second game was very similar to the first with St P’s tending to exploit the wider spaces.  Wands had quite a few strong runners, but Gruff was more than a match for them today – as he hunted down and then tackled everything in his path, from which we gained a good few turnovers.  This attacking defence was key to today’s success and the turnovers were often the foundation to our scores.  The Wands scored a couple of great solo tries and were very dogged in their defence, making it hard for our lads to find space.  One try that sticks in my mind from this game was Dylan’s solo effort at walking pace from inside his own half – the ball was firmly tucked up his jumper, his head was down and his legs were pumping – the first time I’ve seen a one man maul! Great effort all round.  Thomas scored some great tries today show casing his powerful and balanced running, and Rhys and Joseph also dotted down with a few nice tries following some sweeping moves. Final score: 8-2 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers Thomas Williams (3) Gruff Lloyd Dylan Murphy Rhys Bulmer (2) Joseph Connolly   St Peters’ Man of the Match Again this week it was a difficult task to pick out an individual following such a great team performance, but todays the MOTM goes to: James (bossit) Bettinson – for some excellent organizational skills, bossing the line and some great distribution. Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Dylan (masseyferguson) Murphy – who wouldn’t let his legs stop pumping and dragged his tackler with him for half the length of the field. Gruff (chainsaw) Lloyd – who cut down everything in his path today Maxime (inthemiddle) Lodge – who led the defensive line around the breakdown and was doing his best to redefine the offside line   Report by Eurig  

2nd December:

Home against Rhiwbina We had another good floodlit training session on Friday and everyone was raring to go – its amazing what a week off does for you.  We welcomed three newly registered players this week in the guise of Ben, Louie and Zayn, although Ben was unavailable for today’s game.  We also had a couple of new lads at training on Friday which means that if they decide to join and register we’ll be full up to our maximum allowed WRU squad of 25 registered players.  It all bodes well for the future. We were hosting Rhiwbina who turned up with virtually two separate teams worth, and we also had 19 available to play.  We agreed to play two full matches as has seemed to be the format for most weekends to ensure that all the players get plenty of game time.  We’d set up the pitch between the halfway and the 22, which meant the pitch was some way narrower than suits us, but it did mean we didn’t lose any of the lads in the deep mud! Match 1 We’d done quite a bit of work on tackling on Friday night, and that showed with some good defensive performances in evidence.  The two teams were well matched and it was obviously going to be a fairly tight affair.  The first try was scored by Gruff who jinked through the heart of Rhiwbina’s defence with scarcely a hand laid on him.  Our second try was the result of a sweeping move to the right, handsomely finished off by Rhys B in the right hand corner.  In amongst all this, Rhiwbina had also managed to score a couple and as half time came it was 2-2.  All change at half time saw two completely different lineups facing each other, and it was equally as close with both teams probing and finding the gaps with some exceptional tackling in evidence as well.  Partly because of the narrowness of the pitch we started punching up through the middle, and Thomas scored a couple of quick-fire tries to get us moving again.  It really was neck and neck right up until the final whistle, but fortunately the score finished in our favour. Final Score : 6-5 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers: Gruff Lloyd Rhys Bulmer Thomas Williams (2) Dylan Murphy Gwyddien Edwards Match 2 The second game was also a very close match with both teams attacking and defending very well.  We had several outstanding tacklers today who really got stuck in and made quite an impression on the match.  We also saw a few moves where the ball was passed through a few pairs of hands, and when that happened it was an ‘Open Sesame’ moment to unlock the defence.  Our first try of this game was a great all round team effort, finished off with some strong straight powerful running by Louie who smashed through Rhiwbina’s defensive line to score.  We scored a further four tries in the first half (all by different players), but again Rhiwbina were hanging on to our coat tails – 5-4 lead to St. P’s at half time.  The second half saw Thomas put on a very impressive and powerful attacking performance as he scored four tries.  James also scored an absolutely cracking solo effort, running from deep inside his own half through what seemed to be at least six tacklers and throwing the most outrageous dummy that everyone (including the coaches and the ref bought!).  A definite candidate for try of the season. Final score: 10-7 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers Louie Bruce Tomos Francis Joseph Connolly Efan Hoogendoorn Gruff Lloyd Thomas Williams (4) James Bettinson   St Peters’ Man of the Match Really difficult to pick an individual performance today as there were so many good ones, but today’s plaudits (and one rather battered trophy) go to: Rhys (multitask) Bulmer – for an all-round performance filled with positive strong tackling and several good individual runs. Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Again, I could mention most of the team today, particularly since there were so many different try scorers – I guess we must be doing something right!  The following made a great impression: Joseph (whosdanlydiate?) Connolly and Tomos (Idontknowwhodaniseither) Francis – for all round effort in attack and defence with some tackles that Dan would have been proud of! Louie (thetank) Bruce – for some really good strong and straight running James (wiggler) Bettinson – for one of the best dummies I’ve seen in a very long time   Report by Eurig

18th November:

Away to Penallta After a very successful training session on Friday evening it was a pleasure to watch the Welsh team play, score 9 glorious tries and hammer Samoa ……… at least that was the plan!  Unfortunately the Samoans had a different plan, and theirs was better than ours!  Still, we did have a good training session, and now I know where the floodlight switch is I’ll remember that the last one to finish has to turn the lights out – thanks Denfa.  Not sure how I get back to the club though – I’m afraid of the dark! Anyway, a big thank you to Penallta RFC who hosted us on Sunday since our pitches were unplayable.  We headed up the valley in glorious sunshine, but it was the first match this season where there was a bit of frost on the ground and some ice around the edges of the pitch.  The boys were raring to go and after a constructive chat with the Pitmen’s coaching team we agreed to focus on certain aspects of the game. Match 1 The aim was to put some of the training work from Friday into action, and to be honest, quite a lot of it came to fruition.  Gruff had a wonderful weaving and jinking run through the heart of the Penallta defence and dotted the ball down in the corner to start things off.  Both sides were evenly matched and it was nice to see everybody playing positive rugby.  Thomas scored a further try and by half time St P’s were leading 2-1.  Both teams stepped up a level in the second half and scored some great tries.  Penallta’s came mostly up through the middle and ours tended to come by sweeping it wide and finding the open spaces.  Both teams scored a three tries in the second half, but I was extremely proud of one ouf ours where we went through numerous phases, the ball went through the hands and eventually we created some nice space on the left that we were able to exploit – a true team try finished off by Cynan. Final Score : 5-4 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers: Gruff Lloyd Thomas Williams Tomos Francis Cynan Williams Finlay Hasa Match 2 The second game was a very similar affair with both sides playing some great stuff.  The defensive lines were solid and the attacking play was of a very high quality.  I think the Welsh team should come and watch us for a few tips before next Saturday!  By half time St. P’s were 3-1 ahead having scored some nice tries.  Again the second half was a closer affair with both teams really giving it their all.  Again everybody was really getting involved, and this was reflected on the score sheet – six tries with six different scorers! Final score: 6-4 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers Maxime Lodge Dewi Slomski Gruff Lloyd Gwyddien Edwards James Bettinson Tomos Francis   St Peters’ Man of the Match Finley (onme) Hasa – for a taking the responsibility to organize and lead the defensive line. Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Difficult to pick out individuals this week as it was an all round team performance with everybody playing their part.  All coaches accept a little pat on the back for that! Having said that, the following are worth a mention: Joseph (getstuckin) Connolly – for all round effort in attack and defence along with some nice line breaks Dewi (finisher) Slomski – for some great tackles on lads more than double his size, and for finishing off a lovely try to boot Cynan (alltheway) Williams – for some good tackling, running and an all round performance capped off by a first try of the season James (spreadout) Bettinson – for playing heads up rugby and finding the space for others   Report by Eurig


11th November:

Away to Llanishen In the aftermath of the debacle that was the Welsh performance against the Malvinas, we all turned up to play in a round robin with Llanishen and St Jo’s.  Unfortunately St. Jo’s were a no show, but no matter since both Llanishen and ourselves had plenty of willing players.  I noticed a good few parents arriving incognito with hats pulled down especially low as they passed under the shadow of tax towers – did someone not complete their returns in time? When we arrived, Llanishen were busy at it training and warming up, which is never a good sign for us given our now legendary slow starts! Before the game started all the sides respected two minutes’ silence – ‘Lest we forget…..’ Match 1 Sure enough, our lackadaisical approach to the first period of play continued despite warming the lads up with some ‘in the mud’ time, and Llanishen cut us to ribbons in the first half.  We backed off tackles and seemed to be more intent on a stroll in the sunshine than playing rugby – sound all to similar to the Welsh display on Saturday!.  By half time it was a well deserved 4-0 lead to Llanishen.  After an opportunity to re-focus at half time, we went out determined to win the half at least.  I’m glad to say we did, but it was still a close run thing with both sides playing expansive and attractive rugby, though our defence tended to get drawn in towards the ball, leaving expanses out wide for Llanishen to exploit. Final Score : 7-4 Loss St Peters’ Try Scorers: Thomas Williams (4)   Match 2 The lads were fully awake by now, and it was nice to see some of our good play come to fruition.  The boys cut out the unforced errors, pressed well in defence and started offloading very effectively in the tackle.  This fluidity led to two unanswered tries in the first half.  The second half was a very tight affair with both teams playing fluid rugby with some great link up play – far more than we saw at the MS on Saturday!  This was a game that showed how evenly matched these teams were, which made for a great game. Final score: 4-2 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers Thomas Williams Tomos Francis Sam Turner Rhys Bulmer   St Peters’ Man of the Match Sam (tiger) Turner – for an all round performance with plenty of support running and a fine try to crown it all. Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Thomas (therehegoesagain) Williams – for the effort and breaks that led to his first game tries Tomos (cutback) Francis – for some great incisive running in a crowded midfield.   Report by Eurig


4th November:

Home to Llandaff After a week of rain, wind, rain, hail and a bit more rain just for luck, it was with some trepidation that we were waiting for confirmation on whether the pitches were fit to play on.  Sure enough, the call came down the line – they were fit, but only in parts, so there’d be a series of staggered starts for the minis and juniors.  The U9’s were scheduled for a later kick-off and duly rocked up a little later than usual only to find that the choir boys had been there for some time.  We found a patch of ground on the training pitch that was in decent condition and set up, avoiding the areas where 9 year olds could easily be lost or drowned. Both Llandaff and ourselves had a good turn out with about 16 lads apiece, so the scene was set for two games. Match 1 Having had so many slow starts this year, the coaches were determined to wake the lads up, so press-ups and a little mud wrestling was ordered as a warm up and it seemed to work a treat as St P’s powered into a 4-2 lead by half time, playing a nice brand of powerful and expansive rugby.  Following the break Llandaff came at us with more purpose and some very committed tackling and before too long they’d hauled back our half time advantage and things were neck and neck.  Both teams were making the most of the fine conditions and were playing a nice brand of rugby in a great spirit.  By the time the final whistle came the score was a fair reflection on both teams. Final Score : 6-6 Draw St Peters’ Try Scorers: Gruff Lloyd Thomas Williams (5) Match 2 The second game started as a very tight affair with both teams attacking with width and purpose and defending with tenacity.  At half time the score was 4-3 to Llandaff, so it was time to gee the boys up a bit and see if we could raise our game.  I’m glad to say that we did, but it was nip and tuck all the way, and to be honest either team could have won at the end.  As it turns out, this time is was the Rocks. Final score: 6-5 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers Gruff Lloyd (2) Thomas Williams (2) Tomos Francis Dylan Murphy   St Peters’ Man of the Match Gwyddien (full-on) Edwards – for a great all round performance full of committed tackling and some great attacking runs Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Thomas (breakthrough) Williams – for some wonderful breaks, particularly in the first game. Gruff (flymo) Lloyd – for tackling lower and harder than Dan Lydiate. James (bossit) Bettison for controlling the tackle area and organizing the back line   Report by Eurig


28th October:

Home to Pentyrch Reporter was away on holiday so didn’t manage to upload a report. Suffice to say it wasn’t our greatest performance, but all good teams have the odd off day! Onwards and upwards.  

21st October:

Away to Glamorgan Wanderers The morning started out grey, very grey, almost 50 shades of grey…..but then again, maybe it wasn’t quite that grey! It was however, a bit on the chilly side –  I could tell this since all the parents were huddled together clutching their teas and coffees and wishing their kids had taken up indoor bowls or something.  For those of you who don’t know, indoor bowls is played on a nice flat dry carpet, which is just about as far as you can get from the cabbage patch that is the Wands’ training pitch following the awful recent weather.  The pitch may have been a bit iffy, but the welcome was warm and the boys of both sides were roundly encouraged in a great positive manner and applauded by both sets of parents. The 8’s, 9s and 11’s were all squeezed onto the same patch, which meant that the pitches were a little narrower than the norm, so between this, the heavy going and cold fingers it was a day for stuffing the ball firmly up the jumper and playing good old fashioned Pooler style rugby! Before the games began, a minute’s silence was held following the tragic incidents in and around the Ely area on Friday afternoon.  All the boys were impeccably mannered and respectful and marked the time with dignity. Match 1 A slow start to a Sunday is fast becoming a St P’s trademark.  The Wands started full of guts and thunder and we were dropping off tackles and shying away from a couple of their bigger lads.  What do you feed ‘em on by the way?  By half time we were trailing 3-1.  But towards the end of the first half a few great low and committed tackles were made by several of the boys on some of the Wands’ man mountains (Gruff and Gwyddien’s efforts stick in my mind), and lo and behold with a shout of ‘T I M B E R !’ down they went.  With the tackles and the half time chat came the belief.  The second half was a much better display all round from St P’s and Thomas burst through their line with some powerful running to score a couple of great individual tries, but sadly it was just too little, too late. Final Score : 4-3 Loss St Peters’ Try Scorers: Gruff Lloyd Thomas Williams (2) Match 2 By the time the second game got underway, we’d started to find our form and were getting on top of things.  A positive first half saw St. P’s ease into a 3-1 lead, though there was some stern tackling from some of the Wands’ boys.  To be fair, the Wands didn’t have any subs, so tiredness may have been a factor, but the Rocks pushed on in the second half to open out an impressive and unassailable lead.   Dylan’s try was memorable for me as he charged over with about four lads hanging on to him to score. Final score: 8-3 Win St Peters’ Try Scorers Gruff Lloyd (2) Woody Facey Thomas Williams (3) Finley Hasa Dylan Murphy   St Peters’ Man of the Match Woody (getinthere!) Facey – for an all round performance full of committed tackling and running   Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Thomas (choochoo) Williams – for all his committed tackling and punching through the gaps in the defence, and also for creating Fin’s try. Dylan (cantstopme) Murphy – for a powerful performance full of commitment. Gruff (howdidhesqueezethru’thatgap?) Lloyd – for finding the gaps when they didn’t seem to be there. Callum (piston) Blackmore – for keeping his legs moving with tacklers hanging on. All the parents of both sides – for enthusiastically cheering both teams in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.   Report by Eurig  

14th October:

Home to Rumney The sun came up all smiley and the remains of a burst bag of PG Tips in the bottom of my morning brew promised a good day for rugby.  It was also the day of the ‘Diff half marathon, which meant that we were short a few of our regulars who had been dragged off to watch their parents red faced huffing and puffing their way up Albany Road (uncannily like an international day if you ask me!). For me, a half marathon was something to share with your best mate after you’d spent your dinner money in the corner shop on the way to school and I must say I never quite understood the point of running unless there was a ball involved, but each to their own and congratulations to all who made it round. The rain earlier in the week meant that the pitch was very heavy underfoot, particularly the training pitch, but we were there and the game was on……  Rumney had arrived about two hours early and were well warmed up before we’d even parked the car. Match 1 Rumney’s early start meant they were fully up to speed from the off as they took the kick-off and ran straight through the St. P’s line untouched to score.  From the restart St P’s went through a series of phases and some strong Rumney tackling to score.  After that the boys fell back to sleep and Rumney rattled in 4 more unanswered tries before half time – it looked like we were in for a hammering.  Following a fairly stern half time talk, the boys started to wake up and things were much more competitive.  Our tackling improved and the ball was starting to go through the hands a bit more.  We won the second half (4 scores to 3), but giving Rumney a 4 try head start was a little too much to pull back in the time available. Final Score : 5-8 Loss St Peters’ Try Scorers Sam Turner Thomas Williams (2) Tom Francis Maxime Lodge Match 2 The second game was a much closer affair with both sides playing well and scoring some great tries. It was 3-3 at half time with everything to play for.  The second half was a much cagier affair with defences on top.  Both teams managed one more try each.  The ref (yes that was me!) took a firm stance on a pre-try celebration and disallowed the score – as they say ‘this is not soccer’.  Mind you, given the final result I may have been a little hasty! Final score: 4-4 Draw St Peters’ Try Scorers Finley Hasa Efan Hoogendoorn (2) Woody Facey   I think that having last week’s game at St Jo’s called off by Cardiff Council’s pitch nanny’s – by the way what’s all this cancelling matches for a bit of rain about? – We live in Wales mun ! Get over it and let the kids play! Rant over! As I was saying – having last week off meant that we were a bit slow out of the gate this week, but once we got going there were some great performances all round and some good commitment from many of the boys.   St Peters’ Man of the MatchBen (ifitmovesi’lltackleit) Ingram – for an all round performance full of committed tackling and running Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Efan (showhimagapandhe’sgone) Hoogendoorn – for a number of scintillating runs and looking for the open spaces Elliot (keeponrunning) Styles – for some good positive running Woody (ouchthathurt) Facey – for taking a full on accidental Glaswegian kiss to the hooter and getting back into the game and scoring a great try   Report by Eurig  

30th September:

Home to CRICC It was nice to have our first home game of the season after our journeys to such far flung and exotic destinations over the last two weekends – that Rumney stamp in my passport will take some living down!. Great also to have twenty players available which meant that we were able to field two completely different sides. CRICC were able to do the same, which made for interesting and close games and everybody had plenty of opportunities to get their hands on the ball. Match 1 The first half was a very close affair with defences gaining the upper hand. Both teams tackled well and opportunities were few and far between. CRICC scored just before half time to break the deadlock and the Rocks managed to squeeze in a reply just before the whistle. It was all change at half time and those expecting a similar affair were disappointed with a veritable try fest. Both teams taking turns to force their way over the line with some outstanding individual performances. Final Score : 7-6 win St Peters St Peters’ Try Scorers: Thomas Williams (5), Sam Turner, Finley Hasa Match 2 The second game was a very tight affair with both sides playing well and it was nice to see real structure being developed with the ball being recycled time after time. Half time ended 2-2 so it was all change again and the other sides came on. Not as many tries this time, but still excellent play all around with the Rocks eventually coming out as victors. Final score: 5-3 win St Peters St Peters’ Try Scorers: Woody Facey, Dylan Murphy, Thomas Williams (3)   All in all it was great to see the development in many of our individuals, but more pleasing was the structure that we’re starting to get to grips with. Plenty of good positives to take forward to next week. St Peters’ Man of the Match Sam Turner Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Joseph (takeiton) Connelly – for several positive runs with plenty of go forward Thomas (therehegoesagain) Williams – for some storming breaks and positive running Sam (getstuckin) Turner – for some great link play and passing that created space for others to exploit Cynan (upthemiddle) Williams – for some good straight and hard running from the restarts Gruff (twohandsonitplease) Lloyd – for some scintillating individual breaks   Report by Eurig    

23rd September:

Away to Llantwit Major RFC Well Saturday morning dawned as glorious a day as you could hope for in September.  Unfortunately we were playing on Sunday, and by then the big guy upstairs had decreed that it would be wet………….. very wet…………. in fact so wet that we passed several rodent lifeboat types hunting for their drowned friends. Fair play to those who turned out and made the trip out to the beachsiders, some 13 hardy souls with parents and guardians as well.  Llantwit had a full compliment of 20 or so players, and fielded two separate teams. We just got wet in the first game and kept running, rotating the lads in as we could to save them getting too cold on the sidelines. Match 1 With the conditions such as they were, handling errors were much in evidence, with spills and minor knock-ons the order of the day.  We started quite strongly and scored early on, but once the Twits got going we struggled with some of the tackling (though ours were mostly low enough) and they soon built up a bit of a lead.  St. P’s managed one more try and a fair few last gasp saving tackles by some of the team helped immensely. Final Score 6-2 Win to Llantwit Match 2 By now most of the lads resembled the drowned rats mentioned above and many had lost all feeling in their fingers and other extremities, but Rocks are made of …… well ….. Rock, so they wiggled their fingers and wrung out their wet kit and heroically got on with the job. This game was a much closer affair with St. P’s opening up a nice 2 try lead before being gradually hauled back by the Twits as tiredness and coldness began to take its toll.  With a minute left, we were losing by 1, but the boys found a whole lot of steel and stepped up their intensity.  As the tackles creeped higher, the Rocks creeped ever closer to the line before finally dotting the ball down at the final whistle. Final Score 4-4 Draw   St Peter’s Try Scorers Dylan (ThePlough) Murphy (2) Maxime (I’lldoitall) Lodge Efan (Longwayround) Hoogendoorn (2) Finley (Charger) Hasa   St Peter’s Man of the Match: Maxime Lodge   Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Tomos – for several great runs and at least one outstanding cover tackle greeted with applause from all sides Woody – for some excellent fully committed tackling throughout both games Griff M – for really getting stuck into the game when he came on and some dazzlingly good weaving runs . Ben D – for good positive forward running Dylan – for still charging on after tacking a good thunk on the hooter Everybody who made the effort despite the weather and got wet through to the crack of their ………. (I’ll leave the last word to your imagination, but in my mind is starts with an a). Report by Eurig




16th September:

Away to Rumney RFC Sunday morning dawned grey with a slight autumnal feel – not surprising really seeing as its autumn and all. The U9′s were part of the Rocks’ mass deployment up the hill, then down the other side to the Rumney levels, otherwise known as Tredelerch to those who speak the language of heaven.  You never know quite what you’re going to get underfoot down by the river, but a reasonably dry week meant that conditions were good and firm enough for fine running rugby. A big thank you to the U11′s who vacated some handy car parking spaces closer to the pitches when they realised they were supposed to be in Penarth.  Eyebrows were raised boys…….. This was our first game of the season, having taken the opportunity to train for a week or so longer than most to ensure that all of the boys had at least a basic understanding of tackling.  The coach needn’t have worried as most of the boys took to it like a duck to water.  Rumney had a full contingent, and we also had 17 players who’d made the trip, all looking resplendent in their new green and black kit.  Great too to see some of the new boys who’s registration cards haven’t come through yet (and were therefore ineligible to play) there to support their team. The format for the morning was to be two full games of 10 minutes each half.  The boys were warmed up and raring to go. Match 1 Both sides seemed very happy to get their hands on the ball and were confident carrying up through the middle.  The tackling was a little hesitant from both sides at the outset, which meant that St. P’s scored straight from the kick-off following a nice six or seven phases.  Rumney replied in kind following the restart, and so the tit for tat scores began.  We tended to get pinged for straying offside at the tackle area – a little something for the coaches to work on over the next few weeks.  The sides were very closely matched, and as the game progressed the tackling became more convincing.  Rumney made good use of some big lads punching holes through the middle and the Rocks tended to look for more space out wide. Final Score 5-4 Win to St. Peter’s Match 2 Everyone had settled nicely into the swing of things by this point and both sides were much more aggressive in the tackle area, which was great to see.  It made for a very hard fought and close game with both sides sweeping around the defense or punching their way up the pitch only to be stopped by some staunch tackling and more than a few wonderful try saving tackles at full tilt, which left the coaching staff a little dewey eyed at the sight – or maybe that was just the effects of Saturday night …… All in all a very tight game, stolen by Rumney at the death with a last gasp try, which proved to be the final play of the game. Final Score 2-1 Win to Rumney Overall, honours even was a fair reflection of the two games, and given that Rumney had played a few more games than St. P’s and had in fact won a tournament the previous weekend, I’m happy to report that things are looking quite positive for the season, and with some good work in training, I’m quietly confident that we’ll have a successful season. St Peter’s Try Scorers Thomas (Sherman) Williams (2) Gruff (Swivel Hips) Lloyd Maxime (Putitdown) Lodge Efan (I’llgethim) Hoogendoorn (2) St Peter’s Man of the Match: Efan Hoogendoorn Coach’s Honorable Mentions in Dispatches: Dewi – for taking his first handoff on the end of his conk with very little fuss and manfully getting back into the game at the first opportunity. Efan – for two or three of the best high speed, try saving tackles I’ve seen in a while. James – for manfully getting up off the floor after being flattened a couple of times and refusing to go off, preferring instead to get back into the fray. Thomas – for hitting more tackles than Dan Lydiate in the heart of the defense and being all but unstoppable once up to speed Dylan and Ben I for getting stuck in, running straight and making some good hard yards up the middle of the park. Report by Eurig

Under 10s

Louder than thunder 
Stronger than ox 
St Peter’s, RFC 
Rocks rocks rocks!

Faster than lightening 
Smarter than fox 
Who are we, who are we 
Rocks rocks rocks!

Sunday March 10th  Home to Llandaf North

Team: Josh J, Adam, Zak, Jim, Owain, Ben, Kaid, Ieuan,Dylan,Jac W,Rhys, Joel,Tomos,Dante, Jac L

Game 1    1st Half LLandff 12 -5, 2nd Half St Peters 22 – 10. (St Peters 27-22)  – overall in terms of points at end of 4 qtrs – draw

Game 2     1st Half St Peters 12 -0 2nd Half Llandaff 17 – 0   (Llandaff 17 -12)

Try Scorers – Ieuan(2), Jac L (2) Kaid (2) and Jim – I think


On another bitterly cold day ( I thought it was supposed to be spring) but dry day, LLandaff North came back to Harlequins a couple of months after their previous narrow 1 point victory and after the previous weeks performance the St Peters boys were hoping they could sneak a win this time around.

The early optimism had an early dose of reality as North strode into a early lead courtesy of sloppy tacking and trying to over complicate things in attack leading to turnover of possession.

Another Pep talk was called for and again the boys responded with some strong running by the forwards committing the North tacklers and some quick ball then to the back and the good team work led to 4 tries to which North responded with two. The game was a physical encounter with neither team holding back but penalties for high tackles and hand offs started to mount up and slow down the pace of the game, after a talking to by the ref both sides knuckled down again and some good rugby was again played.

St Peters had now built up a lead over three qtr the boys were feeling buoyant and were sensing a 2nd win  but North were not in a mood to give up. The rocks started to loose a little focus and you could sense that everyone wanted the ball in hand rather than doing the rucking and gritty work and that led to losing the contact area and inevitably conceding late tries.

The conclusion was a draw overall and both sides had played some excellent and spirited Rugby and again the Rocks haka was sung loudly.The results show that hard work in training is definitely paying off – Well done boys


Sunday 3rd March 2013 Away to Rhiwbina

Rhiwbina Stats

Team: Josh c, Josh J, Owain, Zac,Dylan, Jac W, Ieuan, Iwan, Adam, Jim, Ben

Game 1:  1st half Rhiwbina 14 – 0, 2nd Half Rhiwbina 19 – 7 ( Rhiwbina won 33- 7)

Game 2    1st half St Peters 7 – 5, 2nd Half St Peters 35 -12 ( St Peters Won 42 -17)

Try scorers Zac (2) Jac (1) Ieuan (1) Adam (3). Man of Match Jac Wyatt


On a cold day, St Peters turned with only 11 players to the Squirrels 17 but were up for playing 2 full games. In the 1st game the boys were a little sleepy and were caught napping as Rhiwbina dominated the contact area and used space and pace in good combinations to give 4 unanswered tries. A late consolation try showed that the Rocks were waking up and gave a hint of what was to come in the second game.

In game 2 after inter game Pep talk!, the rocks realised that they were a better team than their 1sthalf performance and upped their intensity and physicality especially at the ruck and tackle area and inspired by chants form the touch line “ they don’t like it up em – Cpt Mainwaring” (I will let you guess who)  the boys got stuck in.

With increased possession the team started to move the ball through the hands and the wingers started to enjoy plenty of possession which eventually led to tries and lots of them

The whole team were fantastic and worked well together and to celebrate their 1st well deserved win of the season the Rocks Haka was performed with a little more oomph than of late. Therefore all went home cold tired but happy – and that was just the coaches and parents.


Sunday 24th February 2013 Away to Caerphilly


Ieuan, Owain, Iwan,  Josh Collier,  Jac, Zak ,Adam, Tomos, Jim, Dylan, Rhys, Dante, Joel

Tries:  Ieuan 1

Man of the Match: Zak

For       Against Result

First Half          0            30                     L

Second half      5            10                     L

It was quite mild in the Cardiff area, however our game was up in Caerphilly    , the wind made it icy cold! Not having played Caerphilly before was an eye opener. The first half was one way traffic, St Peters didn’t adapt quickly and continued to crash up the middle and the ball never got through more than one pair of hands. Caerphilly could tackle all day long, won the turn overs and passed the ball wide, running out 30 – 0, no real surprise.
The second half saw the team adjust their play, the pleasing aspects were that rather than letting their heads go down the team got stuck in. They also passed much much more and had far better territory keeping Caerphilly in their 22. Hopefully the boys can merge the best bits of the last two weekends of second half rugby and press on!!!
The score in the second half ended 10 – 5 to Caerphilly. Ieuan was the try scorer with a strong determined run. Man of the match went to Zak, his clearing out in the ruck was impressive and his determination was clearly visible. Dante continues to show some of the best tackling technique nice and low.
Ever present at the ruck were Josh C and Iwan. Adam and Owain got some good inter passing down the wing. Joel is progressing quickly making some telling runs. Dylan was twinkle toes side stepping the giants. Jim sold an outrageous dummy and made good yardage. Tomos and Rhys worked hard in the forward battle presenting the ball at the break down just like in training. Jac saw a little more space out wider in the second half, where his string runs were more effective.

Sunday 17th February 2013 Away to Sully


Ieuan, Owain, Iwan, Josh Collier,  Josh James, Liam, Kaid, Jac, Zak ,Adam, Tomos, Jim, Dylan, Rhys, Dante, Joel

Tries:  Ieuan 2, Adam 2, Kaid 1, Dylan 1, Josh C 1

Conv: Jac 1, Adam 2


Man of the Match: Kaid

For       Against Result

First Half          0            45                     L

Second half      41          21                     W

This game epitomised the phrase “a game of two halves” look at the scores and you soon understand. Sully had a wide pitch and a massive slope, this worked wonders for them in the first half with some real speedsters and a disjointed St Peters defense. The second half saw St Peters playing down the slope and holding a much better defensive line. This resulted in a lot more go forward rugby by the whole team, so having nullified the Sully speedsters it was our turn with wave upon wave of strong running. Well done to all…..

Sunday 10th February 2013 Away to Barry Atoms


Liam, Owain, Iwan, Josh James, Jac, Zak ,Adam, Kaid, Dante

Tries:  Adam 1, Dante 1, Liam 1

Conv: Jac 1, Adam 1

Man of the Match: Kaid Pippen

For       Against            Result

Game 1           19          38                     L

Atrocious conditions but not to stop an eager bunch of players from both teams. Most other age groups had cancelled!!!! Away at Barry with a great referee, who understood the conditions and allowed the kids to get the most out of the game. Barry had a large squad and St Peters borrowed a few to make up for half term shortfall. Right from the off Kaid was in the mood to rumble and he showed great pace and made many hard yards, Iwan backed this up with some strong rucking, Dante recently man of the match showed two of the best tackles that day, pure technique and no one gets hurt, also scoring a try at the end. Josh James ran strongly a number of times as did Liam earning another try. Zak and Owain had a cold morning out in the backs but still made some telling runs. Adam showed his billy whizz ability carving through the tightest of gaps. Jac (Cho Cho) also helped crashing the ball away from St Peters try line particular in the second half running up hill. The kids should be proud of how they are progressing and more importantly for the spirit they are showing week after week.

Sunday 3rd February 2013 Away to Pentrych


Liam, Ieuan, Owain, Iwan, Josh James, Josh Collier, Ben,  Jac, Zak ,Adam, Tomos

Tries:  Ieuan 2.

Conv: Jac 1, Adam 1

Man of the Match: Ieuan Rudling

For       Against            Result

Game 1           14          38                     L

Driving along the bottom of the A470 it was damp with no wind. On the top at Pentrych it was rain, wind and poor visibility so the boys were going to have to get stuck in!!! Which like a Welsh International took a while for them to get going! Conditions were so bad you could hardly see the other end of the pitch. Considering the weather there was great determination from the team and Ieuan lead from the front earning him man of the match. Josh C wasn’t far behind with Tomos running strongly and almost scoring at the end. Iwan’s always there at the rucks, Zak, Owain and Adam are starting to link at pace passing the ball but not conditions limited their ambition….Liam and Josh James tooka number of strong drioves into the heart of the opposition. Ben is making a good habit of popping up as scrum half and moving the ball away from the contact area.

Sunday 13th January 2013 Away to St Joes (Pool)


Liam, Ieuan, Owain, Iwan, Jim, Josh James, Josh Collier, Ben, Dylan, Jac, Zak, Rhys, Dante, Adam, Kaid

Tries: Adam 2, Liam 1, Ieuan 1.

Conv: Jac 1, Adam 2

Man of the Match: Dante Strong

For       Against            Result

Game 1           19           26                    L

Game 2           7             24                    L

The snows never came! It was safe to say conditions were boggy from the previous weeks rain. That said, it didn’t stifle any of the rugby. When writing this report and considering the previous encounter with St Joes, which resulted in a 58 – 7 loss, you will have seen a massive improvement which has been the theme of the last number of match reports. I hope the team realise how well they have improved and with more of the same and closer team work the 2nd half of this season promises to be very rewarding.

The games themselves were played well by both sides and it was a close run affair. We knew they had some big guys but improvements in tackling took care of this notably Josh Collier, Ieuan, Kaid, Liam and Dante who actually got man of the match for overall improvement (and tackling their giant on his own!) Ben had a great turn at srum half realsing the importance of moving the ball away from the break down. Iwan, Josh James and Rhys rucking well. Jac, Jim, and Tomos carrying the ball well. Owain, Adam, Dylan and Zak showing well balanced running and an eye for the open spaces (spaces not faces!)  There is plenty more that could be written but overall it was the team performance that was so pleasing.. Great Stuff!!


 Match Report by Simon Fells

Sunday 6th January 2013 Home to Llandaff North



Liam, Ieuan, Owain, Iwan, Jim (taken ill before kick off), Josh James, Josh Collier, Ben, Dylan, Jac, Zak, Rhys, Dante, Adam

Tries: Ieuan 2, Jac 1, Zak 1.

Man of the Match Ieuan Rudling

For       Against            Result

Game 1           17           21                 L

Game 2           5             21                 L

A Happy New Year to all, last weekend saw a return to    Penarth   St Peters   Game 1 10   0 L Game 2 10 5 L Game 3 25 0 L Game 4 0 5 W Man of the Match: Josh Collier      

Match report Simon Fells

Sunday 2nd December  St Peters vs Rhiwbina

At last a dry spell and game on. Rhiwbina were the visitors and they looked a well drilled said watching their warm up routine. It soon showed as well. In the first of 4 games they ran out 31 – 0 winners.. St Peters were asleep dreaming that Santa was wrapping their presents early!!! However from then on in it was a close run thing and the players seemed pleased with their improvement as were the parents and coaches. If only they could start in the right frame of mind who knows what they could achieve.. So the following three games went as follows 12 – 0 St Peters, 7 – 5 Rhiwbina and 5 – 0 Rhiwbina. As you can see far more competitive. Ben got man of the match with some good tackling, determination and passing the ball. Josh C went rampaging and off loaded to Adam in turm passing to Owain… Wow the ball went through 3 pairs of hands. More of the same lads. Iwan and Joseph were getting stuck in around the fringes rucking and offering themselves as support runners. Jac, Josh J and Tomos ran strongly. Zak found his mojo and was running at full speed again. Liam had some good breaks, Ieuan well, they struggled to fell him…Dylan and Jim showed how versatile they are playing in a few differet positions. Well done guys, more of that attitude in training and it’ll get even better.




Sunday 11th Novemeber St Peters vs Llanishen

Report to follow:


October 28th St Peters Vs Pentrych

A big thanks to Gareth Baber who stepped in to referee. One period of the game ran for about 8 minutes in the last half when he didn’t blow once just kept the game going.

2 matches   score was 42 19 both times to Pentyrch  but there was lots of good passing and rucking.
We need to keep switched on at all times and make those big front on tackles when it matters and react quickly.

Tries-  Adam Baber 3, Jac Wyat, Ieuan Rudling, Dylan Williams and Liam Richards.

Man of the match to Jac Wyat for support – but only narrowly form Josh James who also did great runs and support.
Josh Collier did well tackling and rucking
Adam for good determined runs and all round effort.
Great running from Dylan, Jim and Caid
Good rucking from Iwan and powerful runs from Rhys
Tomos some good tackles and so close to a try  with a great powerful run.
Ben some good nifty scrum half moves getting in there to retrieve the ball.
Joseph Dean and Zak for effort, support and  getting stuck in and tackling.

Match reporter Pete Gregory


30th Sept  Venue: St Peters v CRICC

Coaches: RichSi, Dave and Matt.

Squad: Josh J,  Iwan,  Ieuan, Jac. Owain, Dylan,  Adam, Kaid, Liam, Ben, Joseph Rhys, Tomos, Jim

Score: 10 tries – 4 tries To CRICC

CRICC turned up with a very strong team and it was an age before St Peters got going. For a while all that had been taught on the training field had been forgotten but there was a period were the team rallied and all apects improved. Kaid and Liam put some great tackles in. Ieuan, Rhys Josh J and Jac running strongly, Owain and Dyaln swapping around at 10. kept CRICC on their toes. Adam and Ben had spells on the wing and scrum half  capatilising on what ball we could get. Iwan is getting the hang of rucking. Tomos and Joseph popped up here and there set the ball up for the second phase. Man of the Match went to Jim who carried out all the skills needed at under 10′s with good tackling but good strong running into space going forward.

The team should also remember that Josh C, Zak and poor old Sam were not available. So with good attendance and hard training the improvement will come..

23rd Sept Venue: Llantwit Major Away

Coaches: Rich, Si, Pete, Dave and Matt.

Squad: Josh J,  Iwan,  Ieuan, Jac. Owain, Dylan, Zak, Adam, Kaid,  Ben, Liam, Joseph

Score: 50 – 40 to Llantwit Major

The weather was horrible and St Peters got off to their usual slow start. Floodgates looked ready to open but our boys seem to like wet miserable days and they dug deep. Once St Peters scored their first try it was end to end stuff and very pleasing for all involved and watching. The defensive line was strong, for long periods Llantwit were held on their own line.

14th Sept Venue: Rumney. Round Robbin with Rumney and Llantwit Vadre

Coaches: Si, Pete, Dave and Matt.

Squad: Josh C,  Iwan,  Ieuan, Jac, Jim. Owain, Dylan, Zak, Adam,  Josh J, Kaid, Liam, Ben,

Score: 35 – 0 to Llantwit Vadre

Score: 19 – 7 to Rumney

Llantwit Vadre were a really impressive team being well drilled and using speed and size far more effectively. St Peters despite the scoreline near the end of the game started to put more than one in the tackle. This is new to the kids but they realised the benefits against such a big bunch of boys.

Rumney was an altogether different game and St Peters started off strongly with 1 converted try by Zak keeping us infront until half time. There was much more effort in the defensive and attacking ruck. The second half saw Rumney beef up their team and get three tries. St Peters battled hard but could not recover. It was only small things that made the differece. Good promise and if a few more players put their hands up for tackling then the only other aspect would be presenting the ball to help win the ruck. Look forward to seeing you all at training on Friday.

Should also send out a BIG GET WELL message to Sam.

Pete, Adam and Zak thanks for sorting out his card. Sam, today was one of those game you would have fitted in perfectly. Look forward to seeing you back.

Match Report.Simon Fells


Welcome back everyone. New Kit, Sunshine and Rucking…What more could you want on a Sunday morning…

7th Sept Venue: St Peters

Coaches: Rich, Si, Dave, Pete and Matt…

Squad: Josh C, Rhys, Iwan, Sam, Ieuan, Jac, Jim. Owain, Dylan, Zak, Adam, Tomos, Joseph, Josh J

Score: 21 – 14 to Pentrych

This Sunday saw St Peters entertain Pentrych. It was agreed to use the first game as a development session for both teams.

A final 20 minutes was used 10 minutes each way for a game with only the referee on the field with the kids (coaches no longer run behind).

The main changes this season are the introduction of the ruck and kicking from inside the 22. St Peters went down 3 converted tries to 2 (21 – 14). Only one try in it and our boys momentarily switched off when Pentrych took a free pass and our boys were day dreaming. That said, the coaches and I think the parents were pleased with all aspects of the game. Strong runs by Josh C, Rhys, Iwan, Sam, Ieuan, Jac and Jim. Light and elusive on their feet were Owain, Dylan, Zak and Adam (Only available for the training game). solid play by Tomos, Joseph, Josh J  doing all the basics presenting the ball in the tackle.

Pentrych Home

Match report by Simon Fells

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Blues Cup Final: St Peter’s 43 Penarth 17

Back by popular demand…… a Match Report

 I was born by the river in a little tent

Oh and just like the river I’ve been running ever since

It’s been a long, a long time coming*

Okay, okay, the bit about the little tent isn’t true, or the river bit……and I rarely even break into a jog these days, BUT it has indeed been a long time coming.  This was the last chance for the boys to win the Blues Cup and, after defeats in the final and the semi-final in the last two years, they finally claimed the trophy.

I didn’t know that Patsy was going to ask me to do a match report, so please forgive me if I’ve missed anything of consequence.

As I recall the game kicked-off and the Rocks immediately put Penarth under pressure.  From a scrum mid-way in the opposition half the ball was sent wide to Tom Meehan, who put in a mighty hand-off to round his man and score in the corner.  Ben Thomas put over a magnificent conversion and the Rocks were 7 – 0 up after only a few minutes.

Penarth then came back strongly with an excellent counter-attacking game.  They were certainly winning the tactical battle, pinning St Peter’s in their own half with some howitzer punts and running the ball back every time that the Rocks kicked in field.  Indeed, it was from a loose kick that the Penarth wing collected the ball on the left and scorched into the corner from distance for an unconverted try.  Throughout the period defending, Rock’s full-back, Ioan was…erm….a rock under the high ball.  When, eventually, the Rocks got a bit of field position towards the end of the first period, the ball was recycled to Ben Thomas who went on a jinking run from 30 yards to cross the try-line and touchdown under the posts in casual, if inelegant, style as the Penarth defender made an admirable attempt at a last-ditch tackle.  Daf converted that one and after a few minutes more of defending, the boys went in at half-time leading 14 – 5.

As has become customary, Patsy and Don (and maybe Dai, too) relayed some forthright views on how the team might improve their effort and tactical awareness in the second half, only for the opposition score moments later with a magnificent try.  14 -10 and everything to play for.

Maybe the coaches’ sage expletives were just taking a bit of time to permeate the young minds, maybe it was the impact of Rhyds and Rami coming on at half-time, or maybe the team just collectively woke up, but a devastating period of play was to follow.  Forwards and backs were dominant and through waves of attacks, with Joe Miles and SPO to the fore, the points began to flow.  Good handling put Ben Thomas over for his second try and shortly after the conversion was missed, Ben was teeing up a successful one after the forwards went marauding up the left and Sion Williams appeared from nowhere on the cut-back to glide in near the posts.  Ben then turned generous provider for Rami to round off another flowing move from the backs.  Daf converted.

Penarth were not finished, however, and a long and mazy run from their winger culminated in a score under the posts to bring some hope that they could get back into the game at 33 – 17.  It wasn’t to be though, as the Rocks forwards were increasingly dominant, bolstered by further substitutions and playing front-foot rugby that was great to watch.  Rami fielded a loose kick with his foot 25 yards out and was as surprised as anyone when a gap opened up and he was able to pick up and sprint in a straight line to score.  That one went unconverted, as did the final effort – a deserved hat-trick score –  from Ben Thomas after a bone-crunching double tackle from SPO and Joe had stripped the ball to set the move off.  The final result of 43 – 17 was a little generous, as Penarth were much more competitive than the gap would suggest.  All credit to the Rocks, though, for the ruthlessness of the second-half spell that changed the game.

A big thank you to all the parents and supporters who came to watch yesterday and it was great to see friends from other clubs on the touchline.  It was also good to have our newest squad members with us as non-playing subs.  Hello, also, to Phil from Llandaff RFC who I know will be reading.

Congratulations Boys and Coaches

Link: http://www.cardiffblues.com/news/6388.php


Ben Thomas x3

Rami x2

Tom x1

Sion Williams x1


Daf x2

Ben Thomas x2

* For the benefit of the junior pop-pickers, the musical quote is from Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come”.  Sam Cooke is a bit like Jay Z, except that he is good and worth listening to.

Match Report by Gwyn Williams


Blues Cup Draw – Semi-final – Pontypridd (Home)

Date: Sunday 21 April

KO: 11.00

Full draw

St Peters RFC v Pontypridd RFC (21/4)
Penarth RFC v Llandaff RFC (28/4)

Blues Cup Draw – Third Round – Treorchy away

Date: Sunday 14 April

KO: 11.00

Full draw

Tonyrefail RFC v Pontypridd RFC
Brecon RFC v Llandaff RFC
Treorchy RFC v St Peters RFC
Penarth RFC v Cowbridge RFC

Blues Cup Draw – Second Round

We have Mountain Ash away (to be played by 6 January)

Full draw

Rumney RFC v Pontypridd RFC
Pentyrch RFC v Llandaff RFC
Mountain Ash RFC v St Peters RFC
Aberdare RFC v Tonyrefail RFC
Penarth RFC v Gwernyfed RFC
 Ynysybwl RFC v Cowbridge RFC
Brecon RFC v Merthyr RFC
CRICC v Treorchy RFC


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News – October 6th, 2012

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District Tournament @ Llanishen is OFF

October 1st, 2012

Blues Cup

We have a bye in the first round.  The draw will be on the Cardiff Blues website from tomorrow.


Tonyrefail RFC V Llandaff North
Treorchy RFC V Rhiwbina RFC
Beddau RFC V Merthyr RFC
Penarth RFC V Dowlais RFC
Llantwit Fardre RFC V CRICC
Barry RFC V Pentyrch RFC
Treharris RFC V Mountain Ash RFC
St Josephs RFC V Llandaff RFC

BYE: Cowbridge RFC, Aberdare RFC, Rumney RFC, St Peters RFC, Pontypridd RFC, Gwernyfed RFC, Ynysybwl RFC, Brecon RFC

September 20th, 2012


DVD’s of the Llanishen game are now available to order from Pat O’Brien at a cost of £5 each.  All proceeds go to the Tour Fund, so please support by purchasing a copy.  Many thanks to Pat for the time and expense that goes into filming and producing the DVD’s

Please can those who have not yet paid for shorts, give Gwyn £15 at the Pencoed game on Sunday. 


September 18th, 2012



Wednesdays at 5:30 until further notice

Contact Details

We are updating the contacts list for Teamer.  If you have not given to Gwyn or Patsy, please send any changes to your email and mobile phone numbers to stpeters.gwyn@gmail.com


Details of the next fixture (with advice on time and directions) will appear on this page and


For the full fixture list, please check the Fixtures Page: