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Under 9s 

Sunday October 11th

Llandaff North 0 St Peters 11

The Game  

With the weather looking like it was mid August (Cold, Wet & Windy). We knew we had to start the game fast and with a good warm up behind us, we did just that, with the tackling being so good, that when the tackle was made it allowed  the support players to power over and clean out the contact area.

(Which was to set the tone for the rest of the match?)

 We scored within the first 2 minutes’ through Ryan Spragg running in from the half way line through some weak tackling from the North.

 The North tapped off and we pressured their attacking line with confidence and drove them backwards, with them being under a lot of pressure forced them to make mistakes by dropping the ball and with referee play advantage we passed the ball well and crossed the line, again Ryan Spragg grabbing his second.

 The pressure continued throughout the game with St Peters playing some fantastic rugby and The tries just kept coming with Tackle of the Match award winner Beau Rutherford getting 2 tries with Ben Adam-Jones, James Kennedy, Aaron Ramsay & Joshua Gould all running in with one try each and all through good team work, passing and pressure, and with Ioan Lloyd making his usual jinking runs scoring 2 tries. We made it look easier than it actually was with the North players continuing to show some lovely moves and runs but was unable to breakdown the defensive line, this allowed Ryan Spragg to pick up again from a spilled ball and run in for his third try of the match…

Final Score:  Llandaff North 0 St Peters 11

 Try scorers Ryan Spragg x3, Beau Rutherford x2, Ioan Lloyd x2, Ben Adam-Jones,  Aaron Ramsay, James Kennedy &  Joshua Gould

Team: Ryan Spragg, Ben Adam-Jones, Lloyd Smith, Joshua Gould, Beau Rutherford, Aaron Ramsay, Ioan Lloyd, Joe Davies, James Kennedy & Joel Coughlin          

Second game.

Llandaff North 2 St Peters 4

Still Cold, Wet & Windy!!

The boys did well to keep warm in what was horrible weather, but when they went on performed fantastically. They played with the tactics as the first game with pressure in defence and the same pressure being applied around the contact area. We as coaches were pleased to see that we started the game, where the first game finished and were committed to doing the things we had practiced in training, and with a special mention to the boys who were playing for the first time. It just shows how well these boys are doing in training.

The first try was a good team effort with passing in plenty and was finished off by Ieaun Price in the corner for his debut try for St Peters. The second came from a powerful run into the defence from a maul which seen Luke Parker pass to Dylan Cuddy to run in.

We let the North Boy’s & girls back into the game with a couple of silly mistakes with 2 quick tries. But to see the boys pick up the pace with Tackling from Ieaun, Daniel Harley & Luke Parker was great to see and  a turning point, with the likes of Luca Bishop, Ioan James & Jay Morris all making goods runs into the North’s Defensive lines.

With these breaks and some excellent team work we had Llew James go over for his first try for St Peters and our third of the match to us back in front. We continued to play good rugby and wore the opposition down and gaps began to open, these lead to Farrid Waffi passing to Daniel Harley close to the try line and Daniel scored St Peter’s 4th Try to win the game.

Final Score:  Llandaff North 2 St Peters 4

Try Scores: Ieaun Price, Dylan Cuddy, Llew James & Daniel Harley

Team: Jay Morris, Daniel Harley, Ioan James, Llew James, Joseph Noon, Luke Parker, Luca Bishop, Ieaun Price, Dylan Cuddy &  Farrid Waffi  


Sunday 4th October 2009.

 St Peters U9′s V Llandaff U9′s

I believe before we start a big well done to all the team.  The training that you have undertaken over the past few weeks has really paid off with driving mauls, clear outs and playing the ball back.  The passing, well that another story, but guess what we will be doing next training session boys!

Anyway here we go, we started off going in fast and furious and continued to do so until the very end.  A good run by Beau Rutherford, off loading the ball to Ryan Spragg led to St Peters opening try.

Then Llandaff restarted the game and within moments a lovely deep deceptive run from Charlie Williams resulted in our second try.  The boys had really fired up at this stage which seen some awesome tackles made by Ben Adam-Jones, Beau Rutherford, Ryan Spragg and Aaron Ramsey.

The final try of the first half was by Joe Davies, a nice try finished off after concentrated pressure.

Second half.

The second half started with what looked like a disillusioned opposition.  After a entertaining first half we were off again and within minuets our fourth try by Beau Rutherford. It was a lovely darting run from back of ruck laid back beautifully by Lloyd Smith.

We were definitely cooking on gas now.  Again amazing tackles continued to follow and we managed to get the ball out wide to Joshua Gould who powered through the Llandaff defence with great surging runs.

Then came our fifth try by James Kennedy, a great snipers finish after good pressure in defence from the boys.

Ioan Lloyd scored our sixth try after ripping the ball from a Llandaff player, again great deceptive pressure.  Would have scored again from the off but for a superb tackle from one of the Llandaff players it was not to be.  James Kennedy scored our seventh and final try after a slick planned move from tap penalty.

Final Score St Peters 7 Llandaff 0

Team Sheet: James Kennet, Ryan Spragg, Lloyd Smith, Joshua Gould, James Kennedy, Beau Rutherford (Capt.), Joe Davies, Aaron Ramsay, Ioan Lloyd, Charlie Williams & Ben Adam-Jones      

Reporters Gareth Davies & Rob Melhuish 

Second game.

The second game seen a full squad change and a concerted effort from all St Peters players against what appeared to be a stronger Llandaff team than in the first game.  This game could be summed up as “hard and fast”.

The game started off with a nice break by George Eddins which took a strong tackle to bring him down.  This lead to a Llandaff attack which was stopped by a try saving tackle by George Eddins. Dylan Cuddy scored our first and only try of this game by running half the length of the pitch, head back and gripping onto the ball for dear life!.  This was supported by the whole of the team. Luke Parker gave a strong run which when tackled took several of Llandaff’s players to do so.

Team Sheet: George Eddins, Sonny Facey, Daniel Harvey, Joel Coughlin, Sam Houlston (Capt), Luca Bishop, Liam Melhuish, Jay Morris, Dylan Cuddy & Luke Parker, Ben McCormick            

Reporter Rob Melhuish 


16th September 09

 Rumney U9’s V St Peters U9’s

This game was arranged for the sole purpose of giving the team some game time, prior to our first fixture. The main objective was to put into practice some of the work we did in our training sessions, especially around the contact area and tackling for the first time in a competitive game, whilst also being tackled.        

The Game 

We started the game with tackling and supporting each other well, but on occasions we lacked the ability to string a couple of passes together. Both sides huffed and puffed through the first half with some good runs and equally good tackling, especially a try saving tackle from Charlie Williams who chased down a clear scoring opportunity and drove their player into touch on the stroke of half time.

The second half was a bit more open with both sides relaxing after an intense first half, with a couple of missed and loose tackles we allowed  Rumney to score the first try of the game, which came from a powerful push-over close to the line. But with a pep talk from the coaches, we began to be a bit more aggressive around the contact area and started to rip the ball away from the opposition players.

We continued to be more competitive with Josh Gould and Ben Adam Jones making some good strong runs into the defence which made way for Ryan Spragg to make a powerful run through the defence from the half way line to score our first try. Rumney lifted their game up another notch, but we withstood the pressure again with some great defensive tackling from James Kennedy, Luke Parker and George Eddins to name a but a few and some good driving in the mauls from the whole team, which got us close to the Rumney try line, this was to allow Lloyd Smith to make a sniping run in for St Peters and a second try.

Result 1st Game 1-2 win.  (Tries: Ryan Spragg & Lloyd Smith) 

 In the Second game we were a bit slow off the mark with Rumney scoring 2 quick tries, both from long distance and from our mistakes, again in the contact area and letting the ball go to easily and not clearing out at the breakdown area. But again to our credit we fought back and scored through Ioan Lloyd picking up at the base of a maul and driving over the line with help from his team mates.

The second came off a good try saving tackle from Lloyd Smith 20mtrs away from our try line, where the ball spilled out into touch, with only minutes left we had a tap and go deep into our half where the ball was passed to Ioan Lloyd who dummied the defence to run the full length of the pitch to score his second try.  

2nd Game 2-2 draw.  (Tries: Ioan Lloyd x2)

Sunday 20th September

St Peter’s  U 9’s V Glamorgan Wanderer’s

 Well where do I start? It’s the first Sunday of the new season the sun was shining and an air of optimism was around the ground, especially after a good win in mid-week against Rumney. We had a good talk to the players after the warm up and went through some errors we made in the mid week game. This was centred on passing, contact and the tackling area of the game. 

We started well with some strong runs coming from on the day Captain Ryan Spragg and Beau Rutherford. This was being backed up with some effective tackling from the rest of the team. It was from this pressure that James Kennett scored the opening try, with a strong run, breaking through the Wanderers defence.We continued to make some good progress in the contact area, with James Kennedy ripping the ball off the Wanderers players, this again allowed us to pass the ball around and eventually getting to Ioan Lloyd, He looked up and saw a  space to outrun the Wanderers pursuing players to score his first try and St Peter’s second.

 The Wanderers then restarted  the game and drove into a dogged St Peters defence, but were stopped about 15mtrs from St Peters try line and the ball being knocked on and the referee playing advantage. Lloyd Smith picked up the ball and he passed it to Joshua Gould who powered into the Wanderers defence, he was followed in, with some great support play from Aaron Ramsey, Daniel Harvey & Charlie Williams to drive the Wanderers backwards.

With St Peters moving forward the ball was picked up by Beau Rutherford and passed out to Ioan Lloyd to run 3/4 of the pitch for his 2nd try and St Peters third, “fantastic effort by all involved”.

Half Time: St Peters 3 Glamorgan Wanderers 0

During the second half we continued to give 100% with some fantastic try saving tackles from the following players; Beau Rutherford, Charlie Williams, Daniel Harvey & Lloyd Smith (with a great flying tackle) But the Wanderers persistence paid off with a well earned try.

 We restarted from the half way line and began where we left off and got the ball to Joshua Gould who ran through in an attempt to score but eventually he was out numbered by the Glamorgan Wanderers defence. In the pursuing Wanderers onslaught, Aaron Ramsey gave a brave attempt at a tackle and unfortunately at the same time took an elbow to the head. The game was far from over and the defence stood firm and with Ryan Spragg having such a good game, he seemed to be  popping up every where and was really causing Glamorgan Wanderers players problems throughout the game.

 Final Score: St Peters 3 Glamorgan Wanderers 1 

 Team Sheet: James Kennet, Ryan Spragg (Capt.), Lloyd Smith, Joshua Gould, James Kennedy, Beau Rutherford, Daniel Harvey, Aaron Ramsay, Ioan Lloyd & Charlie Williams.

 The Second Game

The Second game was to see a full squad change with the bulk of the boys playing for the first time and with the main game already won, It was an opportunity to give the boys game time without added pressure of trying to win. But with the guys all fired up and the likes of George Eddins, Sonny Facey & Joel Coughlin in attendance we would be fully committed.

We started the game a bit slowly but continued to hold our own. When we started to pass the ball around we looked threatening as Joseph Noon and Dylan Cuddy found out when they linked up well with Liam Melhuish, for him to make a run through the defensive line only to get caught by a Wanderers defender. With Wanderers tapping straight away and the boys not lining up in defence as quickly as normal they allowed the Wanderers to score a try. 

We then restarted from halfway and again panicked with the thought of being tackled. And not securing our ball at the breakdown and allowing the Wanderers to pick it up too easily. They ran the ball from deep and George Eddins came in and committed himself with an astonishing tackle against what looked like someone coming towards him at 100mph right in front of the parents, family and friends! From that saving tackle Luke Parker picked up the ball passed to Luca Bishop to run 10mtrs and off load to Sonny Facey who had gained a lot of ground for his team.

 Half Time: St Peters 0 Glamorgan Wanderers 1

 The second half was a bit messy to say the least with the ball being spilled by probably everyone including the Wanderers. In saying that, Joel Coughlin gave a good strong run but was unfortunately disrupted by the Glamorgan Wanderers defence. The Wanderers had a bit more luck in the area as they scored two tries from our mistakes in the contact area. But on a positive note, even when the boys where down by 3 tries they still tried to pass the ball with Sam Houlston having to take the ball into the maul on a couple of occasions he didn’t lose the ball once. But again the passing was not quite there and it went to ground too often and we gave the Wanderers another try. It could have been worse without some excellent tackling from Dylan Cuddy, Luke Parker, Sam Houlston & Joseph Noon.

 Final Score: St Peters 0 Glamorgan Wanderers 4

 Team Sheet: George Eddins, Sonny Facey, Joel Coughlin, Sam Houlston, Luca Bishop, Liam Melhuish, Joseph Noon, Dylan Cuddy &Luke Parker.

Under 10s 

15th November 2009

St. Peter’s v Llandaff North RFC played .


ST Peters WIN 38-72 x 15min games for Cup: 1 x 15 mins for friendly

An Early pitch inspection due to heavy rain allowed play to start. The team started well with an early converted try from Ioan that set the tone for the rest of game. With some great game play around the park Ioan scored a second but missed the conversion. Sam scored a great try sniping out of the side of a break down which Dan L converted. In the second half Ioan and Sam both scored again and converted them selves. Tom Y came on and made a great break down the wing with Sam on the end of the pass for an easy run in over the line. Llandaff North battled hard and had a try towards the end of the game.

St Peters have had several new players in the last few weeks and the friendly final 15 mins allowed them to have a run out. Connor B was very exciting in his second game for the team. They was some very impressive play with tries from Connor L x 2 one of which was converted, Dan L played a great scrum half through out the games and had a converted try. Ioan had another jinking run from deep for another impressive try, Sam finished off the scoring with another great try up front.

Connor B was man of the match with some good rucking and forward play, a great display for his only second ever game.

Following the game we had a team outing to the Cardiff Blues to watch play London Irish. We had a great time but the rugby on the pitch was some what lacking. Several members of the team did feature on the Sky rugby show, running round in the background.

8th November 2009

Pentyrch v St. Peter’s .

St Peters LOST

No match report has been supplied for the game!

Come on Parents, I wasn’t there ……

1st November 2009

CICAS v St Peter’s

No Game Training Session

Unfortunately CICAS did not have enough players to make a team, so in the wind and rain we had a training session and a game with some of the U9s joining in to make up the numbers. They all played very well with a storm at the end bringing things to a rapid halt.

Away to Penarth RFC on 25-10-09, 4×10 Minute Games

ST Peters LOST

We are still waiting for Mr Damsel to supply the match report!

25th October 2009

St. Peter’s v Penallta RFC

St Peters WIN 45-7 4×10 minute periods

Stuart is busy writing the match report and will follow soon.

18th October 2009

CRICC RFC v St. Peter’s

St Peters LOST 63-33 4×10 Minute Games

On a beautiful sunny morning St Peters were all geared up for a win after a brilliant game last week.

A strong start from kick off for CRICC who appeared to be in good form. CRICC scored two converted tries in the first quarter despite some great tackling by Ioan and Connor L.

St Peters were more impressive in the second period despite an early converted try by CRICC but with some great support from all the team Connor scored a great try but missed the conversion which hit the post. Sam took possession of the ball to the line and Tom scored another try which Sam then converted. Great tacking by Ioan led to Sam scoring another try and Ben making the conversion this time. St Peters still in control went on to steal another try by Ioan which Connor then converted making the score at half time 21-26 St Peters.

In the third quarter pressure was applied to the St Peters defence and CRICC went on to score a further 5 tries which were all converted making the score 56-26 despite some great tackling and good runs by St Peters.

In the final period there was a line out and a couple of scrums which led to Ollie scoring the last try for St Peters which was converted by Daniel L. CRICC then went on to score the final try of the game making the score 63-33.

Although the game ran away from St Peters they held their heads up high and continued to make a game of it. Man of the match went to Johan for his great tackling against the team that he used to play with.

Thanks to Jan Loddo for the match report.

11th October 2009

Llandaff North RFC v St. Peter’s

St Peters win 14-33 3×10 Minute Games

In the drizzly rain away at Llandaff North, St Peters had their first win of the season.

Following some great play and tackling by Jac, Ioan made a great jinking run from deep in our own half to score the first try. Ioan just put the conversion wide. Tomos went over for another try that was converted this time by Alex. Ioan added another try which Josh converted.

In the second period, more impressive play by St Peters, Henry with some great support running scored a great try, which he converted himself.

In the final Period Jac scored and converted his own try following several phases of strong play. Llandaff North scored two tries in the last few minutes of the game.

Over all a good win in the rain. Man of the match went to Henry for his great tackling and support running.

Thanks to Ian Gregson for the match Report.

4th Octover 2009

St. Peter’s v Llandaff RFC

St Peters Draw 14-14 4×10 minute periods

A hard fought first quarter that ended scoreless.

In the second quarter Landaff almost scored off an easy run through. Dan scored a try from a blind side dart off the back of the scrum with a 25m dash to the line. He converted the try for a 7-0 lead.

In the third quarter Llandaff scored 2 converted tries with lots of good running rugby.

In the final quarter with some great rugby and tackling, Sam popped of the side of a ruck to score a last minute try. Sam converted the try with the last kick of the game under great pressure to level the scores.

Dan Richards was man of the match with some great tackling in the final game.

Thanks to Malcolm Bailey for the Match Report

27th September 2009

Rhiwbina RFC v St. Peter’s

St Peters Lost 4×10 minute periods

A strong start from the kick off by Rhiwbina, good tackling by Sam almost prevented the first try by Rhiwbina. A number of breaks by Josh and Alex were stopped by strong tackling by Rhiwbina. The first lineout from Rhiwbina with some creative running by the backs led to the second converted try. Pressure was applied to the St Peters defence led to Rhiwbina’s third try. By the end of the first quarter Rhiwbina had added another try from a long curving run. The second quarter saw St Peters defending bravely with Alex, Josh and Ollie making some great tackles. Turn over just after a scrum led to Rhiwbina’s 5th try. A try saving tackle from Connor led to St Peters being over stretched to allow Rhiwbina’s 6th try. An excellent kick out of their own 22 led to Rhiwbina’s 7th try. Rhiwbina added an 8th try to end the quarter. The third session was more impressive by St Peters with good runs made by Connor and good rucking from Sam. In the final quarter Josh made a strong run and tackling by Dan and Connor prevented additional tries. The game was lost without St Peters scoring and lessons learnt going forward to the rest of the season.

Thanks to Greg Chamberlain for the match report.

Under 12s 

Sunday 8th November 2009

St Peters lost Pentrych    10 – 25

Tries Sam N (2)   

Sunday 25th October 2009

St Peters lost to Penarth  5 – 15

Tries Regan  

Sunday 18th October 2009

Glamorgan Wanderers  v St Peters

 Match abandoned due to behaviour of home parents   

Sunday 11 October 2009

St Peters beat Llandaff North

24 points to 7 Tries Owen ,Ryan , Harrie 2 Conversions Mathew 2  

Sunday 4th October 2009

 St Peters lost to Llandaff  – 19 to 26

tries by Harri , Sam N , Reagan Conversions Elis 2

Under 13s 

1st November 2009

St Peters (U13) v Llanishen (U13)

 Following a week break for most of the boys the question was could the side pick up from where it had left off against Glamorgan Wanderers?  With conditions particularly difficult it was always going to be a question of who scored first.

 Llanishen started strongly from the kick-off and put the Rocks under all sorts of pressure.  However, the fact that the defensive line held firm is testament to the new attitude being demonstrated by all the players.  Once again mention must go to Will B who seems to have found a new relish for contact.

 After withstanding this pressure St Peters finally got their hands on the ball and showed what they are capable of with a well taken try by Tommy S.  Not to be outdone by the glamorous backs the forwards took control of the ball and set up several driving mauls inside the Llanishen 22.  This close quarter play was rewarded with tries for second row Zac, prop Leighton (who showed surprising strength from a standing start) and scrum-half Jake.

 The final try of the game was reminiscent of the first with great hands shown by the entire back line to put Max away out wide.  Whilst there was still a lot of work to do Max showed great strength in breaking the first tackle and then great pace in out-sprinting the cover defence to score in the corner.

 Final score – St Peters (U13) 27 – 0 Llanishen (U13)  


18th October 2009

St Peters (U13) v Glamorgan Wanderers (U13)

 This week the boys displayed a much improved performance against a team that beat them convincingly only a few weeks ago.  Whilst the game finished 7-12 in Glamorgan Wanderers favour the Rocks led 7-5 for most of the match but succumbed to a well taken try late in the game.

 The pack put up a resolute display with a man-of-the-match performance being put in by Will B.  This forward effort was more than matched by an excellent back-line display in aggressive defence and attack epitomised by the powerful runs of Christian P at inside centre and Joe D at scrum half.  This was complemented by the usual resolute tackling of Jake D who was called into emergency action at outside half when the regular No. 10 became unavailable at short notice.

Under 14s

U14s Awards

Player of the Year – Callum Sheedy(307 pts – 28 tries)

Most Improved Player – Owen Davies

Most Promising Player – Rob Lewis(28 tries)

Blues Cup Final MOM – Jordan Viggers


Sat 8th May

Tour Match v Mold u15s. Lost 29 -12 

St Peter’s finished the season with an excellent performance against a very good Mold u15s side up in North Wales. The home side were very big and strong and much too powerful for the Rocks in the scrum and contact area, however, when the game broke up the 14s used their superb handling skills to attack at every opportunity. The game finished 29 – 12 to the home side but this was of no disgrace as this side hadn’t been beaten for a couple of seasons and have proved too strong for most sides at their own age group. Oustanding performers for St Peter’s were Jordan Viggers, Rob Lewis, Josh Thomas and Callum Sheedy. Mold gave us all a brilliant welcome and we hope something can be arranged for next season against the u16s. Jack Pattison scored a try for St Peter’s and Sheedy added a conversion.

Tues 4th May:

Blues Final v Beddau: Arms Park. Win 22-5

St Peter’s 14s managed to finish their season in excellent style by winning the Blues Cup by 22 – 5 in a tough final against a big and aggressive Beddau side.

The first half ended 0 – 0 and nerves were obviously playing a part with numerous handling errors stopping any worthwhile attacking moves. Fullback James Mclean showed glimpses of his fluent running style by making a number of breaks but the Rocks couldn’t quite finish any of them off. The St Peter’s scrum was under severe pressure against their larger opponents but the forwards dug in and repelled a couple of close range scrums with captain Jordan Viggers putting in an excellent hit on the enormous Beddau N08 to stop one such attack. Outside-half Callum Sheedy also showed his defensive qualities by turning over the ball from another attack and clearing the danger with a fine kick. Any ball St Peter’s did get was usually quite slow as the Beddau forwards fought for every scrap of possession and this resulted in pressure being put on the outside backs. Centres Jack Chambers and Owen Davies coped well in this environment using their strength to run good angles and create targets for the forwards. At half-time the 14s were given the orders to up the pace and tire out this big Beddau side and they responded immediately. After a couple of attacks down the right-hand side the ball was passed back inside to second-row Joe Sweeney who ploughed over from 10 metres, carrying a number of Beddau defenders with him, to break the deadlock. This score was even more remarkable due to the fact that Joe had broken his jaw playing for the side barely three weeks ago and defied general opinion to perform magnificently in the final. Straight from the kick-off the Rocks created a powerful driving maul and progressed 20 metres to re-assert their authority. As the pressure built Beddau changed tack and tried to move the ball but pressure on their backs resulted in the ball falling to Sheedy who kicked through and looked certain to score. He was tackled without the ball and the ref had little hesitation in awarding a penalty try under the posts. Sheedy also converted this and stretched the lead to 12 – 0. Plucky Beddau came back strongly and gained a little bit of hope when their N08 forced his way over after a series of tap penalties near the line. From this point onwards there was only going to be one winner as the 14s seized control of the match by launching attack after attack and the lighter St Peter’s forwards began to recycle more ball. Sheedy controlled matters superbly at 10 and proved his match winning drop goal in the semi-final was no flluke by expertly repeating the feat from 30 metres out. Fittingly, hard-working N08 Rob Lewis scored the final try by bursting clear from the half-way line and powering over. Sheedy added the conversion to make the final score 22 -5. The front row of Josh Thomas, Jack Beere and Ryan Hill did extremely well, with second-row Conor Tonkin and Flanker Ryan Farrah also making their presence felt around the park. Andrew Corfield played tenaciously at scrum-half in difficult circumstances, while wings Shannon Lane and Luke Williams were solid in attack and defence. Substitutes Ben Parker, Jack Pattison and Lee Ford maintained the standard when they were introduced to the game. It was also satisfying to get the other substitutes Conor Meehan, James Dunne, Dan Jones and Geraint Witts onto the pitch just before the end of the game as all 22 members of the 14s squad have contributed to a fantastic season.

Sun 2nd May:

Report from Training Friday 31st April

Andries Pretorius from Cardiff Blues came down on Friday to do a session with the boys before the Blues Cup Final. He was excellent with the players and taught them some useful tips for Tuesday. All the coaches and the players would like to say a big thank you to Andries for giving up his time to help our cause. The u14s age group has been strong for the past few seasons winning ten tournaments over the years in such places as Aberdare, St Peter’s(3 times), Worthing, Maidenhead, Guildford and Thornbury. At u12 they captured the Cardiff and Vale District title as well as qualifying for the finals of a Gulliver’s Sports Travel competition hosted in Nottingham which resulted in an appearance on Twickenham before the Guinness Premiership final, an experience that they will never forget. However, this year has undoubtedly been their finest ever season. The under-14s will be looking to end an excellent season on a high by winning the cup. They have already won the Cardiff and Vale District Tournament this season, as well as a high quality tournament at St Peter’s consisting of teams such as Bridgend Athletic, Pontypridd, Hereford and Swansea Uplands. They have played 24 games winning 22, drawing one and losing only once to the strong Caerleon outfit early in the season. This loss was then reversed later in the year and followed up with a high quality draw against our nearest rivals. In the Blues Cup they have beaten many of the strongest sides in the competition such as Pontyclun, Pentyrch and St Joseph’s and are looking forward to meeting Beddau, a side they haven’t played for a few seasons. Coaches Matthew Sweeney, Peter Viggers, Frankie Fedeli and Paul Thomas(Conky) have worked hard with the squad and are proud of the disciplined way that the team play rugby. High quality rugby is consistently produced but respect is always shown for opponents and officials. Lots of tries have been scored with speedy fullback James Mclean(29) leading the way, closely followed by powerful centre Jack Chambers(28) and quality outside-half Callum Sheedy(28). Another big try scorer has been Rob Lewis(27) at N08 who has consistently managed to get over the gainline. Other big players for St Peter’s have been prop Josh Thomas, second-row Conor Tonkin, Ryan Farrah at blindside, scrum-half Andrew Corfield, centre Owen Davies and wing Luke Williams. All 22 players in the squad have contributed to producing high standard of rugby on a regular basis with lots of skill and pace on show. However, perhaps their greatest quality is their commitment and this has been evident in the close team spirit that has developed over the past few seasons. This is demonstrated week in week out against bigger and stronger opposition and is summed up perfectly in the following two examples. Firstly, the side has been superbly led by Jordan Viggers who has returned this year after missing virtually the whole of last season with a major shoulder injury. Jordan had to have ligaments from his wrist put into his shoulder and has shown tremendous mental resiliance to come back and tackle as hard as he has all season. Secondly, Joe Sweeney, who had been playing to a very high standard all year, broke his jaw at St Mary’s OB on April 11th. After spending a couple of nights in hospital and having his jaw plated everyone thought that would be the end of his season. However, Joe has made a quick recovery and his determination to help the boys out will see him play in the final. This will be coach Frankie Fedeli’s last match assisting with the team as he is standing down at the end of the season. Could I say a big thank you to Frankie from the other coaches and all the players for all his efforts over the past seven seasons and his enthusiasm will be missed. I would urge everyone associated with St Peter’s to come and support the boys on Tues 6pm ko at Cardiff Arms Park, hopefully they can produce some of the quality rugby that has been on show all year.

Sun 25th Apr

Penallta(Home) won 44 – 10

St Peter’s eased to a 44 – 10 victory against a plucky Penallta side on Sunday. Tries were scored by Shannon Lane(3), James Mclean(2), Callum Sheedy(2) and Jack Pattison, with Sheedy adding 2 conversions.



Sun 18th Apr

Tournament at St Peter’s

St Peter’s managed to keep up their good form by winning a good quality tournament at the Harlequins on Sun. Bridgend Athletic, Pontypridd, Swansea Uplands and Hereford made up a strong five team round-robin event, with the top two teams playing each other in a final. St Peter’s 14 Swansea Uplands 3 – this was a tough start and tries were scored by James Mclean and Jack Pattison with Callum Sheedy converting both very well. St Peter’s 10 Pontypridd 3 – in this game Shannon lane scored twice. St Peter’s 31 Bridgend Athletic 7 – tries were scored by Rob Lewis, Owen Davies, Andrew Corfield, Sheedy and Pattison, with Sheedy converting three. St Peter’s 5 Hereford 5 – this game ended in a draw with Lane adding the touchdown. St Peter’s 26 Hereford 5 – in the final the Rocks played some wonderful rugby with a hat-trick of tries from player of the tournament Sheedy and the other from Davies, Sheedy also added three conversions. This tournament provided an opportunity to use the full squad and the rugby produced was of a very high standard. Other players to stand out were Rob Lewis, Jordan Viggers, Owen Davies, James Dunne and Shannon Lane.


Thu 15th Apr

St Joseph’s(H) Blues Cup Semi-Final won 17 – 10

Having not met for the last 18 months this fixture was eagerly awaited between these two local rivals and it didn’t disappoint. Both teams seemed a little unsettled at the beginning and mistakes were common, however, the home side drew first blood with Luke Williams going over in the corner. Crucially, Callum Sheedy converted from wide out against a stiff wind to move the lead to 7 – 0. St Joseph’s always looked dangerous from broken play and after a couple of chances they finally managed to score near the posts, although their kick was missed, making it 7 – 5 at half-time. Turning around with the wind at their backs the Rocks now appeared to be favourites. The forwards began to gain some dominance and with Sheedy controlling territory with his kicking game pressure began to build on the visitors. James Mclean finished well after some good phase play and with Sheedy converting from wide out again the score was now 14 – 5 with about 13 minutes remaining. St Peter’s continued to press and Sheedy yet again came up trumps by dropping a superb goal from 45 metres to make the score 17 – 5. At this point the game was won and with 6 minutes left the boys relaxed and thought they could stop playing, needless to say St Joe’s never gave up and managed a late score to cause some panic in the home side. Once again their kicker seemed to feel the pressure and hooked his conversion to leave the score 17 – 10, with the visitors needing a converted try to progress on the tries rule. Fortunately, St Peter’s managed to dig in and hold out for a well deserved win.This game was a ferocious contest and played out in front of an enormous crowd with the standard of rugby on display at a very high level. All the boys were elated afterwards and played their hearts out. Special mention must go to Conor Tonkin, Ryan Farrah and Jordan Viggers in the forwards and Andrew Corfield and Owen Davies in the backs. However, the two outstanding performers were Rob Lewis at n08, who carried the ball relentlessly throughout the game and Callum Sheedy, who consistently made the correct decisions under pressure and kicked wonderfully all evening. Well done to everyone and roll on the final on May 4th at the Arms Park.

Sun 11th Apr

St Mary’s OB(A) won 50 – 5

This game proved surprisingly easy as the rocks ran away with the contest in the first 10 minutes with tries from Callum Sheedy and a hat-trick from Jack Chambers putting the match out of reach. Unfortunately the victory was spoilt by a serious injury to Joe Sweeney who broke his jaw putting in a trademark crunching tackle and, after spending a night in hospital having a plate inserted, will now be out until the start of next season. Could I say thanks for all the kind wishes towards Joe and we all hope he makes a swift recovery.  Further tries were scored by Sheedy, Rob Lewis(2) and Luke Williams, with Sheedy adding 5 conversions.

Sun 28th Mar

Rumney(H) won 41 – 0

St Peter’s proved much too strong for Rumney running in seven tries to nil to record a 41 – 0 victory. Tries were scored by Josh Thomas(2), Jack Chambers(2), Jack Pattison, Rob Lewis and James Mclean with Callum Sheedy adding 3 conversions. Very good performances came from Josh Thomas, Rob Lewis, Shannon Lane and Jordan Viggers in the forwards and Andrew Corfield, Callum Sheedy, Luke Williams and Jack Chambers in the backs.

Sun 21st Mar

Pentyrch(H) Blues Cup Quarter Final won 62 – 7

St Peter’s moved into the semi-final of the Blues Cup with an emphatic win against local rivals Pentyrch. Tries were scored by Callum Sheedy(3), James Mclean(3), Joe Sweeney(2), Rob Lewis and Jack Chambers with Sheedy(5) and Mclean adding the conversions. This was a very good team performance with everyone playing to a high standard, exceptional performances came from the backrow of Sweeney, Viggers and Farrah as well as the halfbacks of Corfield and Sheedy. Rob Lewis has done an excellent job playing out of position in the centre over the last few weeks with some strong ball carrying and determined defence. Also it was nice to have the pace of Mclean and Chambers returning to the backline which made a big difference in attack and defence.

Sun 14th Mar

Abercynon(A) won 17 – 7

The 14s managed to source a game at Abercynon at the last minute and in a hard fought contest managed to emerge 17 – 7 winners. Tries were scored by Conor Tonkin, Josh Thomas and Rob Lewis, with Callum Sheedy adding the conversion. Good performances came from Sheedy, Lewis, Thomas, Jordan Viggers and Andrew Corfield. It was also nice to see Luke Williams back playing after recovering from a knee injury.

Sun 28th Feb

Caerleon(H) drew 20 – 20

St Peter’s played their third match against this strong outfit from Newport and this time the game ended in an exciting 20 – 20 draw. The home side started well and after some early pressure Callum Sheedy slotted over an early penalty. As the half neared its close Caerleon began to get the upper hand and scored two tries to lead 10 – 3 at the break. The rocks began the second half strongly but once again conceded a long range try to trail 15 – 3 and things started to look worrying. However, from this point onwards St Peter’s showed their character and commitment by scoring tries from Rob Lewis and a long range effort from Jack Chambers, with Sheedy adding a conversion, to level the scores at 15 – 15 with 5 minutes to play. Caerleon kicked long and pressurised the clearance to score in the corner with what looked like the winning try but the home side refused to be beaten and after numerous phases Lewis ploughed over again to level the scores. Sheedy failed narrowly with a difficult conversion to win the game but a draw seemed a fair result with two very good sides playing high class, competitive rugby in the correct spirit. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the next match between these two. Special mention must go to Conor Tonkin (wing) and Lewis (centre) who both played very well out of their usual positions in the forwards.

Sunday 21st Feb

Rhiwbina (H) won 52 – 0

St Peter’s played Rhiwbina at home on Sunday and ran out winners by 52 – 0. Tries were scored by Jack Chambers(2), Callum Sheedy(2), Joe Sweeney, Ryan Farrah, Rob Lewis and Josh Thomas, with Sheedy adding 6 conversions. Excellent performances came from the front row of Thomas, Beere and Hill as well as the back row of Farrah, Sweeney and Viggers with St Peter’s dominating possession. This good ball was well used by Corfield and Sheedy at half back who constantly set the strong running centres Lewis and Chambers against the Rhiwbina defence.

Sun 14th Feb

Pontypridd (A) won 40 – 25

St Peters were happy to come away from Pontypridd with a 40 – 25 win. Initially it looked like it would be an extremely comfortable victory as the Rocks were 40 – 8 up with only 10 mins to go but some of the boys relaxed and failed to finish the job allowing Ponty to come back and score three late tries which distorted the final scoreline. Tries were scored by Jack Chambers(2), Rob Lewis, Josh Thomas, Owen Davies and Andre Corfield with Callum Sheedy maintaining his excellent kicking by converting 5. Excellent performances came from Conor Tonkin at openside, Ben Parker at Lock and Jack Beere at hooker. Corfield and Sheedy provided good control at half-back and Davies and Chambers were strong in attack and defence.

Sun 7th Feb

Pontyclun (H) (Blues Cup 2nd round) won 29 – 7

St Peter’s moved into the quarter finals of the cup with a good 29 – 7 home win over Pontyclun. The game was keenly contested throughout and was only made safe in the last couple of minutes when the home side scored two converted tries. Good performances came from Ryan Farrah, Josh Thomas and Rob Lewis in the forwards and Callum Sheedy, Owen Davies, Jack Chambers and James McLean in the backs. Tries were scored by McLean, Ryan Hill, Lee Ford and Conor Tonkin, with Sheedy adding 3 conversions and a penalty.

Sun 24th Jan

Llandaff North (H) won 53 – 12

St Peter’s were in good form against Llandaff North and ran out comfortable winners by 53 – 12, tries were scored by Callum Sheedy(2), Joe Sweeney(2), Jack Chambers(2), James McLean, Owen Davies and Jack Pattison, with McLean(3) and Sheedy adding the conversions. Outstanding performances came from Sheedy, Davies and Chambers in the backs with Sweeney and Farrah shining in the forwards.


Sun 17th January 2010

Caerleon (H) won 23 – 17

The U14s finally broke their duck against Caerleon winning at the fourth attempt by 23 -17 at the Harlequins. This was another excellent game of rugby by two well matched sides and I’m sure both sets of players will already be looking forward to a third game this season on Feb 28th.

St Peter’s managed to turn early pressure into points with Callum Sheedy leading the way with a try, conversion and penalty to open up a 10 – 0 lead. A good backs move allowed James McLean the space to show his pace and score in the corner. The pack had started really well and a reshuffle of the backs was also going well with Jack Chambers looking dangerous on the wing. Back came Caerleon who scored an uncoverted try by their impressive N08 and this made the half-time score 15 – 5. The rocks put their poor second-half performance at Porthcawl behind them as they continued putting the pressure on the visitors straight from the restart. Pressure was turned into points with a good finish in the corner from Jack Pattison to make the score 20 – 5. A couple of handling errors cost the home side the chance to move clear and once again Caerleon came back and scored a nice try in the corner. Midway through the second-half Sheedy kicked a superb long range penalty to make the game safe at 23 – 10 and this ensured that even though Caerleon scored right on the whistle St Peter’s had won by 23 -17. The rocks played some superb rugby on Sunday but without doubt the most important factor was their attitude in defence. Every player put their bodies on the line against a very big side and deserve praise for the quality of their tackling for the whole 60 mins.

3rd January 2010

Porthcawl (A) won 36 – 21

The 14s managed to beat the big freeze on Sunday by playing Porthcawl away at the extremely open venue behind the car park at Rest Bay. The very strong wind caused temperatures to drop to absolutely freezing and this definitely affected some of the players.

An excellent start resulted in an early try for Jack Chambers which followed some brilliant handling and numerous phases. This was soon spoilt by some poor defence which resulted in a long range try from the Porthcawl centre. Back came the rocks with tries from Ryan Hill(who showed great strength), Callum Sheedy and Jack Pattison which took the score at half-time to 22 – 7. A good start to the second half offered the chance to put the game beyond doubt but, from a scrum on the Porthcawl line with a St.Peters put in, the home side managed to win the ball and score up the other end. Once again the common theme of weak tackling had allowed Porthcawl a foothold in the game. This definitely gave the home side confidence and a disallowed try for a forward pass could have brought the score to 21 – 22. However, Shannon Lane stretched the lead to 29 – 14 by wriggling over after some pressure but back came Porthcawl who once again found the St.Peters defence wanting. Crucially the boys managed to finish the game stronger and a final converted try by Josh Thomas made the game safe at 36 – 21. This was a hard fought game throughout with Callum Sheedy outstanding in attack and defence, others to catch the eye were Ryan Farrah, Owen Davies and Jordan Viggers in the first half and Josh Thomas and Joe Sweeney in the second half. Rob Lewis was his usual excellent standard throughout. A worrying factor throughout this performance was weak defence and something that needs to be tightened up in the coming weeks.

13th December 2009

Talywain (A) won 50 – 5

After two postponed attempts due to the weather St.Peter’s u14s travelled to play Talywain and ran out comfortable winners by 50 – 5. Try scorers were Jack Pattison(2), Ryan Farrah(2), James McLean, Joe Sweeney, Rob Lewis and Callum Sheedy, with Mclean adding 4 conversions and Sheedy 1.

The whole side performed very well and some of the phase play and ball retention was of a very high standard. James Dunne, Geraint Witts, Conor Meehan and Lee Ford all put in committed performances and others to catch the eye were Sheedy at outside half , Farrah at hooker and McLean at centre.

22nd November 2009

Pontyclun (H) won 14 – 5

This fixture was switched at the last minute from Pontyclun due to their pitch being waterlogged but unfortunately the only pitch available was the training pitch which was boggy and extremely narrow. Pontyclun also provided the referee who managed to control the game well in a fiercely contested game of rugby.

St.Peters dominated the first half and scored two good tries to move into a 14 – 0 lead. The first came after an excellent break from the impressive Shannon Lane, who made 50 metres before off loading to Owen Davies who sold a dummy and scored under the posts. The second try came after the forwards recycled quick ball and Callum Sheedy put in a perfectly weighted chip for James McLean, who used his impressive speed to touch down. Importantly both tries were converted by Sheedy. Constant pressure resulted in a near miss for Sheedy in the corner and, although Pontyclun defended well, the Rocks really should have had more to show for their dominance. In the second half the conditions began to get to all the players and mistakes followed at regular intervals. One such error led to Pontyclun fly hacking the ball 70 metres to score. Fortunately, even after making 8 substitutions, St.Peters finished the game stronger and were camped on the visitor’s line for most of the second half. Once again the whole pack played very well with the front row of Josh Thomas, Jack Beere and Ryan Hill putting constant pressure on their opposite numbers. Joe Sweeney constantly won clean ball in the lineout and the back row of Lane, Jordan Viggers and Rob Lewis were everywhere in the loose. Excellent back-up in the battle for ball at the breakdown came from Conor Tonkin and Sweeney in the 2nd row. The backs are starting to use this ball wisely with Andrew Corfield and Sheedy dictating play at half-back and Davies and Jack Chambers looking rock solid in the centre. James McLean, as always, offers a constant threat from fullback. It was very pleasing that we could maintain pressure even after all the changes that were made in the second half and it clearly shows the strength of this squad. Well done to everyone!

15th November

Glam Wanderer’s (H) (Blues Cup 1st round) won 56 – 5

St.Peters U14′s progressed to the 2nd round of the Blues Cup with a 56 – 5 win over Glamorgan Wanderers at the Harlequins. After a close and competitive 20 minutes the Rocks began to grind the visitors down with excellent scrummaging from the front row of Ryan Hill, Jack Beere and Josh Thomas. Three tries just before half-time settled the game and from this point St.Peters scored at will.

Tries were scored by James McLean(3), Rob Lewis(3), Jack Chambers, Jack Pattison, Luke Williams and Josh Thomas, while McLean also added 3 conversions. Good performances came from Jack Beere, Shannon Lane and Jack Pattison while the rest of the boys once again performed very efficiently as a team

Sunday 8th  November

Aberdare (H) won 68 – 0

The 14′s hit peak performance on Sunday as Aberdare were swept away 68 – 0. The visitors never stopped tackling but they could not match the pace and power of the St.Peters players, as phase after phase from the Rocks ended in a 12 try victory. Callum Sheedy was outstanding at outside half running the show from start to finish. The scrum looked strong and the backrow of Jordan Viggers, Rob Lewis and Conor Tonkin had a really balanced look about it. Centres Jack Chambers and Owen Davies are starting to build a really good partnership, while the back three of Jack Pattison, Luke Williams and Jame McLean are scoring tries at will. At half-time when changes were made the standard was maintained and the squad is starting to look stronger than ever.

Tries were scored by Sheedy(3), Chambers(2), Davies(2), Pattison, Williams, Lewis, McLean, Dan Jones. Sheedy added three conversions and McLean one.

Sunday 1st November

Llanishen (H) won 49 – 5

St.Peter’s entertained Llanishen on Sunday and ran out comfortable winners by 49 – 5.

Both teams started with mixed line-ups in order to give game time to squad members but St.Peter’s proved to have the greater strength in depth by running up a half-time score of 44 – 0. Llanishen made a better fist of it in the second half by using the very strong wind at their backs but the Rocks should have made more of the numerous chances they had to add to the single try they scored in this period. However, poor decision making and execution let them down at vital moments and in the end Llanishen managed to score with the last move of the match. Tries were scored by James McLean(3), Luke Williams(2), Rob Lewis, Joe Sweeney, Conor Tonkin and Owen Davies with Andrew Corfield adding two conversions. Excellent performances came from Ryan Farrah, Tonkin, Sweeney and Lewis in the pack. While it was great to see McLean back from injury and scoring tries again, Lee Ford was efficient at scrum-half, Davies was very effective at inside centre and Dan Jones continued his run of good form on the wing.

Friday 23rd Oct

Templeogue College, Ireland (H) won 50 – 7 (A) won 51 – 29 (B)

St.Peters played an A and B game against Templeogue College from Ireland on Friday night at Rumney RFC winning both comfortably.

The B game was played first ending 51 – 29 and the side was made up of a large contingent of U13 players who all acquitted themselves very well against their older opponents. Stand out players were James Grindell, Jake Donovan, Chris(who played flanker and winger) and the excellent Will Beeching, who also managed a try. Other tries were scored by Jack Chambers(2), Shannon Lane(2), Lee Ford, Joe Sweeney, Ryan Hill and Alex from the U13′s. In the A team game the score was 50 – 7, with Chambers(2), Sweeney, Rob Lewis(2), Callum Sheedy, Andrew Corfield and Jack Pattison scoring tries, with Sheedy adding 4 conversions. Top performances came from Ryan Hill, Joe Sweeney, Rob Lewis and Jack Chambers with some high quality rugby being played in both games. Well done everyone

Sunday 18th October

Glam Wanderers (H) won 34 – 12

The U14′s beat Glamorgan Wanderers by 34 – 12 in a keenly contested match at the Harlequins ground. Tries for St.Peters were scored by Callum Sheedy, Andrew Corfield, Conor Tonkin, Luke Williams, Josh Thomas and Joe Peckham, with Sheedy adding two conversions. Notable performances came from Ben Parker at prop, Joe Sweeney, Conor Tonkin and Jordan Viggers in the back row, Jack Pattison at fullback and Sheedy and Corfield at halfback.

Sunday 11th October 2009

District Tournament  –

The U14′s won the Cardiff and Vale District Tournament held at St.Peters on Sunday in excellent style.

In the first game they beat Glamorgan Wanderers 22 – 5, with Jack Chambers(2) Jack Pattison and Rob Lewis scoring the tries and Callum Sheedy adding a conversion. Next up were Rhiwbina who were beaten 24 – 7, Chambers, Lewis(2) and Andrew Corfield scored the tries and Sheedy and Corfield added conversions. Llandaff North were beaten 39 – 7, with Sheedy(2), Luke Williams, Josh Thomas, Owen Davies and Chambers scoring tries and Sheedy and Corfield adding conversions. In the final pool game Pentyrch were dispatched by 19 – 0, with Chambers(2) and Lewis scoring and Sheedy adding two conversions. In the semi-final St.Peters scored an early try through Pattison but then conceded a long range effort to trail 7 – 5 at half-time. However, further scores from Luke Williams and Lewis sealed the win in a hard fought contest. Once again Sheedy added two conversions. The final against Rumney started badly with St.Peters conceding a try from the kick-off. However,from this point onwards the Rocks dominated the game to run out 17 – 7 winners. St.Peters scored three tries through Owen Davies, Sheedy and Ryan Hill, with Sheedy adding one conversion to run out 17 – 7 winners. This was a thoroughly deserved victory with some excellent handling on show. Standout performers for the home side were Rob Lewis, Jack Chambers,  Josh Thomas  and Callum Sheedy. While Joe Sweeney, Jack Pattison, Ryan Farrah, Andrew Corfield, Luke Williams, Owen Davies and Conor Tonkin  all had very effective performances.

Sunday 27th September

Caerleon (A) Lost 38 – 17

This proved an excellent game of rugby between two evenly matched sides. Caerleon finally ran out winners by 38 – 17, but two late scores gave the scoreline a rather flattering look as the score was 24 – 17 with about four minutes to go and St.Peter’s were attacking in search of the equaliser. Rob Lewis at No8 was outstanding, along with Callum Sheedy and Jack Chambers in the centre, who simply would not stop taking the game to the home side. Others deserving of praise were Joe Sweeney and Conor Tonkin in the backrow and Lee Ford and Andrew Corfield at halfback. Tries were scored by Lewis, Tonkin and Sheedy with Ford adding the conversion.

Friday 18th September

Pentyrch (H) won 56 – 31

The boys showed good character in this performance as they quickly went 19 – 5 down. However, once they got their minds on things they ran Pentyrch ragged and finished 56 – 31 winners. Ten tries were scored, James McLean(4), Jack Chambers(2), Luke Williams, Jack Pattison, Conor Tonkin and Andrew Corfield, with McLean adding two conversions and Lee Ford one. James Dunne, Ryan Hill and Ben Parker deserve special praise for their efforts in the forwards.

Sunday 20th September 2009

Pontyclun (H) won 53 – 5

St.Peter’s blitzed Pontyclun by 53 – 5 but had to work hard to wear down their big opponents. The half-time score of 10 – 5 showed that it had been a real tussle at first but after the break the rocks ran riot scoring 7 tries and dominating the contest. Tries were scored by Luke Williams(3), James McLean(3), Conor Tonkin, Robert Lewis and Callum Sheedy, McLean added 3 conversions and Sheedy one. Williams, McLean, Sheedy, Lewis and Tonkin all had brilliant games throughout.

Sun Sept 13th

Bridgend Athletic (H) won 36 – 7

Got off to an excellent start to the new season by overwhelming Bridgend Athletic 36 – 7 at the Harlequins ground on Sunday. There were oustanding performances throughout the side with the front row of Josh Thomas, Jack Beere and Ryan Hill setting the tone at every scrum by putting their bigger opponents under extreme pressure. The lineouts also went well with Joe Sweeney and Jordan Viggers winning good ball regularly and St.Peter’s soon rushed into a 24 – 0 lead by half-time. Try machine James McLean picked up another two, Ryan Farrah scored a brilliant opportunist charge down, but the best of all was scored by Jack Pattison who danced over in the corner after the ball had gone through numerous pairs of hands straight from the restart. After half-time Bridgend replied with a try from their speedy flanker but once again back came the rocks and a fine individual effort from Callum Sheedy and a deserved try for Robert Lewis, from yet another bullocking run, confirmed their distinct advantage.

Sheedy(2) and James McLean added the conversions.

Under 15s

Sunday 14th March 2010

Glamorgan Wanderers  v St. Peter’s

The game was stopped early in the 2nd half against Glamorgan Wanderers at Ely Racecourse yesterday, after some spectacular rugby.On a pitch the coaches had to look hard at before the game, to let it go ahead, the U 15 boys showed their brilliance with and without the ball. We have been waiting for the weather to turn and get some dryer ground to show this type of form. What makes this win even more special is the fact we were missing 6 or 7 key players and turned up with just 2 subs, but the boys went on to play some terrific stuff which the crowd really enjoyed.

A special mention to a few of the boys. – Ryan spriggs our hooker had to fill in at 10 and played a near perfect game. Elliot Regan scored 4 fantastic tries and was probably man of the match. And Jordan Lane split the defence on several occasions and scored probably the best try of the game. Score 53 0
Well done to all players, nobody went missing.
William baird also scored a dazaling try, dancing passed most of the wanderers team.
Well done to the wanderers for not giving up, and showing some exellent skills at times.

Sunday 20th December 09

Rhiwbina v St. Peter’s

Game away at Caedelyn Park against  Rhiwbina , Please go straight there and meet at 10.00am. Any problems please contact the coaches.

 If there are any late changes, as soon as we hear anything we will send a text out asap.


Sunday 8th November

 St. Peter’s v Cleve

U15’s played a return game against Cleve at the Harlequin ground and won 35-15.

Tries scored by Jo Fuller, Jack Huntley (2), Aaran Reid , Elliot Regan, Conversions by Jack Hoskins , Jack Huntley and Danny Wardle.


Sunday 1st November

 St. Peter’s v Pill Harriers

St Peters welcomed Gwent Champions Pill Harriers to the Harlequins on a wet and windy day in what was expected to be a very hard game following the one try to nil game in Southport.

St Peters playing into the wind in the first half dominate the early physical confrontation and the forwards start to make some big inroads into the visitors defence following a catch and drive which sent the visitors back 30 yards. St Peters tight 5 dominate the set piece and Sam Parker stealing excellent ball in the lineout.  Minutes later the 1st try came from a sustained pressure with a pick and go from number 8 Elliot Regan which Jack Hoskins added the extra’s before the end of the half.

 Followed a chat from coaches Baird and Khan stressing the game was not won and to play the game down their end of the field.

 The forwards started the second half the same as the 1st and half backs Will Baird and Ed Poynter controlled affairs well using big runners and ensuring the game was played in their half. Next try was followed by a good pick up by number 8 Elliot Regan where he stayed on his feet in contact and off loaded expertly to Jack Haines who slid over for another 5 pointer. The Pill Backs started to bunch expecting more forward assault where St Peters backs saw  the gaps and following an excellent angle by Danny Wardle, St Peters worked the overlap but a deliberate knock on prevent another score.

 Two more tries followed by the excellent Jack Haines and Will Baird who worked tirelessly throughout the game.

  St Peter’s showed their strength in depth by using all subs for this very difficult game.

 Match report by Luke Gibson


Sunday 25th October

 Gilfach Goch v St. Peters

Under 15’s beat Gilf a Goch away 3-0 in horrendous conditions, the boys showed great defensive work.

Penalty was scored by Danny Wardle in the last quarter of the game.

Well done to everyone !!!!


Sunday 17th October

 St. Peter’s v Glamorgan Wanderers

Under 15’s beat Glamorgan Wanderer’s at home  32-7,  tries scored by Araon Reid, Danny Wardle, Jo Fuller, Elliot Regan, Daniel Kilford and Adam Howard. Conversion by Danny Wardle.


Sunday 11th October

 Cleve v St. Peter’s

Under 15’s beat Cleve away 24-5, tries scored by Jack Huntley (2) Sam Parker and Cobi Flowers. Conversions added by Jack Huntley and Danny Wardle.

 Memberships are now due :

 Direct debit each month which works out approx £4.25 for a family membership

£30 for player and one parent

£50 for family membership

Payements to Bernie ASAP for Direct Debit form or to pay in one lump sum.

No child can play without membership.

Rachel is collecting the subs this year which are £25.00 again due by end of October.

(Cash only please).

 A massive thanks to Ian Bishop who organised sponsorship from Whitchurch  MOT’S for the shorts and socks !!!!!!


Sunday 3rd October

 Llandaff v St. Peter’s

 Under 15’s beat Llandaff away  41-0

Tries scored by Jack Hoskins, Jack Haines, Ryan Spriggs, Will Baird, Elliot Regan, Jo Fuller and Jordan Lane. Conversions by Ed Poynter.


Sunday 27th September

 St. Peter’s v Fairwater

Under 15’s beat Fairwater 38-15 at home, in a really good game from both sides. Tries were scored by Elliot Regan, Jo Fuller, Matthew Corfield, Sam Parker and Aran Reid, Conversions by Jack Hoskins

 Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected for Cardiff Schools U15’s :

 Danny Wardle, Jack Huntley, Cobi Flowers, Greg Hill,  Ed Poynter,

 Will Baird,  Sam Parker ,  Matthew Corfield , Jack Haines, Elliot Regan,  Adam Howard , Ryan Spriggs (Capt) ,  Jordan Bishop and Jo Fuller.

 Well done to all the other boys who trialled !!!!

 Congratulations to Aaran Reid on being selected for the Vale U15’s Schools !!!!