Fixture Updates

Please note that this page is updated by 9pm each Wednesday with confirmed fixtures

Sun 16th Feb 2020 Pebbles to collect raffle 

7s – Cymru Caerdydd(H) 10ko at the House of sport Clos Parc Morgannwg, CF11 8 AW 

8s – Cymru Caerdydd/Pontypridd(H) 12ko at the Dome CF11 8AZ

9s – Cancelled

10s – Cancelled

11s – Cancelled

12s – Cancelled

13s – Cancelled

14s – Cancelled

15s – Llantwit Fadre(A) 12ko CF37 1BU pitch nearest changing rooms 

16s – Cancelled

WEEKLY RAFFLE TICKET SALES FOR FOOD(get tickets from Tuck Shop each week)2/2-u12s(59), 26/1-Pebbles(no raffle), 19/1-u15s(100), 12/1-u10s(114), 5/1-u7s(70), 8/12-u8s(104), 1/12-u16s(73), 24/11-u13s(59), 17/11-u12s(154), 10/11-Pebbles(93), 3/11-u11s(23), 27/10-u10s(55), 20/10-u9s(45), 6/10-u14s, 22/9-u13s, 15/9-u16s, 8/9-u7s, 1/9-u8s

Boot Exchange

Attention to all mini players – If you have outgrown your boots would you kindly put them in the “Boot Box” by the club shop so someone-else may use them?  Thank You. 

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