St. Peter’s RFC Juniors

From Pebbles to Rocks! St. Peter’s RFC Junior Section is one of the largest in Wales and works with children from Under 6s to Under 16s following the WRU Pathway to success introducing rugby for fun and enjoyment.

Interested in Joining St. Peter’s RFC Juniors? Contact Denfa for more details.

Alternatively, check here for contacts and training times.


Age Group Coaches  Position Training Day & Time Contact Details
Pebbles Dave Moran Lead Coach email
Under 7 Mark McDonough Team Organiser email
Duncan Clark Lead Coach
Under 8 Leo Attwood Lead Coach  Sunday: 10.30-11.30
Paul Beckon Lead Coach
Mark Parsons Team Organiser email
Under 9 Vee Jop Team Organiser Sunday: 10.30-11.30 07896967455
Under 10 Claire Fahy Head Coach  Friday: 6.00-7.00  07870277995
 Under 11 Jon Welch Head Coach Tuesday & Wednesday: 6.00 – 7.00  07811 106259
  Mark Denning Head Coach
Dan Morgan Team Manager
Under 12 Owen Ruttley Head Coach  Wednesday: 6.30-7.30  07585 968220
Under 13 Jon Saunders Head Coach  Thursday: 5.00-6.15  07738 359904
  Chris James Coach
Under 14 Denfa Davies Head Coach 07701030304

  Cris James, Aled Rees, Ant Davies Assistant Coaches
Under 15 Eurig Williams Head Coach  Friday: 6.00-7.00
Ilona Williams Team Manager  07912 600513
Under 16 Richard Gauregui Coach
Richard Jones Team Manager 07958406354
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