St. Peter’ s RFC is now governed by the Rules of Incorporation.

A copy of these rules are available at the Clubhouse for inspection by members as required.

St. Peter’s RFC Clubhouse
Harlequins Playing Field
Minster Rd
CF23 5AS

Committee Meeting:  August – 2019

Membership Subscription

Further to Committee Meeting of 12th August 2019, membership fees for St Peter’s RFC shall be as follows:

As of 1st September 2019:

(See Below)



Family  £90.00 £7.50
Individual £60.00 £5.00
Student £30.00 N/A
Youth £30.00 N/A
Coffin Dodger £30.00 N/A


Family Membership: This membership category is appropriate to two adults living at the same address and generally applies to members who have children (see below) who then do not pay a brass farthing.

Children: Little people who have parents who pay Family Membership.

Individual: This membership category applies to members who are not paying Family Membership (duh!). All senior players must have their own membership and may not ‘hook up’ with a buddy to get a cheaper rate as a family to save a couple of quid. This category also applies to what was used to be called ‘single parent families’, but is now probably called something else.

Students: Persons of any age not yet making a real contribution to society, but are required to make a Student Membership contribution to St. Peter’s RFC of £30 quid.

Youth: Players in the youth squad. Old enough to go to the shops on their own, have children (but must ask their parents permission to join the army). Old enough to become a soldier, but too young to watch Commando (it’s an 18). Old enough  to get married, but not old enough to vote.   Old enough to pay Youth membership!!!

Coffin Dodgers: The Coffin Dodgers are aged folks who have long since past their teenage years. Folks who did not study ‘History’ in school, as it was known as ‘Current Affairs’ in their day. Many of these buffet sausages (wrinkly things on sticks) are ex-players, or close associates of St. Peter’s Rugby football Club – their time-served boots long since hung out to dry.