Fair Play Policy

St Peters RFC Junior section observes the Welsh Rugby Union’s Fair Play Policy from Rugby Pathway.

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It is absolutely vital, particularly during the development phases of young players in the playing of the game, that Acknowledged Standards of Sportsmanship are encouraged and maintained. The following elements are therefore to be regarded as the minimum standards necessary to ensure that rugby football in Wales is played by young players in a manner befitting the National heritage and traditions of the Welsh Game. Coaches, parents players and spectators should therefore:

  • Display courtesy, friendliness and sportsmanship to the opposing team and the referee at all times.
  • Applaud the opposition for good play.
  • Deplore foul play and abusive language. Report all incidents to the appropriate body.

Young players value highly the fun and enjoyment of the game and their membership of a team. Whilst they should always be encouraged to play with a strong, competitive spirit, they must also be coached to play within the laws and rules of the game and always with respect for their opponents. Coaches of young players should encourage and concentrate on enjoyment and development of skills – results are of secondary importance. Young players only enjoy competition on their terms and when it becomes too serious or intense, the outcomes can diminish their enthusiasm for the game.
It is strongly recommended that coaches and referees are sensitive to the scores so that one side is not overwhelmed. Enjoyment and development must be the priority at this stage.

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